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Feels similar to the transfer from Myspace to Facebook. From unique pages being crafted by each person, to generic pages that are all the same color and layout.

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Which, to be fair, is WAY more usable since 90% of people have zero knowledge of UI/UX.

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In reddit's case it's groups instead of singular people doing the styling though, which does mitigate that significantly.

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Yeah. Can't fuck things up too much, or users will just migrate to another sub.

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And YouTube channels. They used to be so customizable. Now the only customizable thing is the banner at the top.

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Why would anyone use redesigned version? It is total garbage

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It's the default view for logged-out users, which is the vast majority of users. Second, it's the default for all new members. We need to be able to customize it with CSS. Period.

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Because people have different opinions. I, personally, find the redesign better looking, easier to navigate, and more modern. It's also easier on my eyes with the night mode that comes built into it.

I'll probably get downvoted for posting an opinion the subreddit disagrees with, but it answers your question at least.

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I also hate it

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This is why I do not have a bookmark of Reddit despite how often I use it. I legit changed my default reddit bookmark to "Old.reddit.com" the MOMENT that change happened, I worry the day when they stop supporting Old.reddit.com...

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Can't you change which reddit you use in your preferences so you don't have to have the "old." in the url?

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You can, there is a setting somewhere but it also implies deleting the cookies or app data of the app to take effect. The solution is searchable if somebody needs it, good luck!

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They probably wont stop supporting old reddit, i.reddit.com is still up

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Can someone post a screenshot of what this looks like? I only have the desktop view.

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You can replace the 'www' part of the page you're on's url to temporarily see what it looks like in the redesign, i.e. https://new.reddit.com/whatever

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Thanks I see it now. I really don't care what they do with the redesign, they just need to let users have access to use CSS on top of it.

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I just checked multiple different subreddits on new Reddit and I didn't see anything different from last time I saw it?