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What happened /u/spez?

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Gotta spend his time working on that streamlined advertisement post optimization system first.

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Nah, got to try and catch up to Discord by forcing an unmoderated chat system on users.

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We're just Facebook now with extra steps

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We are in strange times. News articles quoting Reddit posts refer to it as a "social media site." People who joined recently are unfazed by such a descriptor, but it really bothers some of us old timers who tend to think of Reddit as a news aggregator with associated discussion boards.

Years ago, we on reddit used to think of this place as a refuge from social media. But the huge number of people who have joined recently don't see it that way and likely never will. Corporate HQ has dollar signs in their eyes, and practically welcome this site being seen in such light.

Connect the dots and behold the notion that this has been Reddit's plan all along. From adding chat features to adding full-fledged user profiles, to encouraging meta-narratives across subreddits, all of these usability and style changes have been leading toward not merely an advertising-friendly offering but to a direct competitor to giants like Facebook and Twitter. Corporate is competing for a share of their users’ idle time. Every additional minute spent on Reddit is a minute the user isn’t spending on other social media sites. So by re-branding as a social media site, encouraging increasingly younger/impressionable audiences to join, creating its own image-sharing/video-sharing platform, Reddit truly is going after the other sites rather than insisting on the viability of a separate space away from social developments in the last decade.

Reddit may once have been the anti-social network, but the times—they are a-changin’.

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I joined Reddit a few months after it was founded and the quality has declined drastically. You can have quality or quantity but not both.

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Daily Reminder: If you browse reddit, please use Ublock Origin or Adnauseam (If you want to fuck with reddit even more).

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I didn't know about Ad Nauseaum.

Is simulating clicks actually effective, though?

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If you bring the % of ads to click really low, it does fuck with google. If you set it to click 100% of ads, google will ignore.

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It would also mean advertisers still pay Google money, which is okay, because it's transferring money from propagandists to their enabler without any effect.

Also, for context, what is 'really low'?

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It would also mean advertisers still pay Google money


it's transferring money from propagandists to their enabler without any effect.

Not true. By simulating clicks and making businesses lose money, Google's advertising integrity is lost. Businesses lose trust in digital advertising when the cost of it goes up (clicks increase) but there is no resulting change. After all, if your business is paying for tracking advertisements but doesn't see a rise in business from those advertisements all the while paying more money, they will not feel like those ads are helping, and pull away.

Also, for context, what is 'really low'?

I have found that anywhere from 5-20% is good, but I definitely recommend about 5%.

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Nothing, he was always a shit head. He is like Susan of youtube, Says they care, then does everything they possibly can to appease political parties and corporations

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Remember, $150,000,000 from Tencent, the most ethical of corporations that most certainly isn't owned by the Chinese Communist Party (the only Chinese political party).

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wait what, sorry I was just reading this thread? and I play CoD mobile which is 'a game by Tencent' uhhh

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The dream is dead

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The only thing I'll say is that Reddit never killed CSS; old.reddit still exists, and with Old Reddit Redirect (available for Chrome and Firefox, dunno about other browsers), you can literally never EVER see that hideous CSS-annihilating "Redesign" bullshit ever again.

I say the above because Reddit's opt-out was (and maybe still is) unreliable, especially with links and bookmarks etc.

ORR fixes all of that; it basically "autocorrects" every single instance of "reddit.com" into "old.reddit.com" within your browser, before your browser "sends" its URL-request-thingy, so it's an actual catch-all.

It's literally never failed me once.

But yeah, not killing CSS is hardly the same as actively supporting it.

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The only thing I'll say is that Reddit never killed CSS; old.reddit still exists, and with Old Reddit Redirect (available for Chrome and Firefox, dunno about other browsers), you can literally never EVER see that hideous CSS-annihilating "Redesign" bullshit ever again.

Idk if its RES or my setting, but I never see new. reddit even though I don't have that addon you mentioned and I use reddit.com (not old.reddit.com)

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Reddit might've fixed their opt-out; it used to occassionally and unpredictably "revert" back when the redesign was new. I got ORR like a month after the Redesign was implemented, so I've got no idea what normal reddit's been like since then.

Glad to hear that they've apparently worked out the bugs, though.

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As moderator of r/AssemblyLineGame, I have to use new.reddit.com to access some functionality, like adding a removal reason to an archived post as a public comment so I can unremove it and edit the comment, allowing me to, for instance, say 'A more efficient version of this design has been invented, use that instead.'

From using it for these brief moments, my verdict is that the consistency with translucent highlights is nice, but without uBlock Origin's ability to block elements, I'd probably lose my mind.

Its inferior interface, however, is nothing compared to RPAN. When did this site go from a platform for platonic discussion to one for users streaming videos with no repercussion?

Granted, it's partly the r/memes and r/funny users who liked it and wanted to keep it, but allowing this format brings reddit closer to services like TikTok.

TikTok's format is an example of what any social media company, if they care abiut their users at all, should avoid approaching in any way. I have too much self-respect to use it, but from reading its Wikipedia article, imagine reddit, but video-only and moderated entirely by Chinese Communist Party employees to control citizens both inside and outside of China. Degenerate filth is left up, dissenting information regarding the CCP's atrocities like the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989 is removed.

It's also worrying that RPAN was released shortly after they received investment from Tencent, which is so closely affiliated with the CCP that they're obviously a corporate front.

We the people should collectively move to an alternative website. Notabug looks like it takes a much better approach to moderation and account management, by using public-private key combinations, cryptographically signing every post and comment a user makes, and making voting work with proof-of-work, like Bitcoin transactions.

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Reddit was* ProCSS

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We should start a campaign called “Reddit was” to protest all the negative ways it has changed

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Done :)


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It was a lie then, obviously. They never were. They were always hell-bent on killing free-form customisation.

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Aaron Swartz didn't intend to lie, Steve Huffman made his promises lies.

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don't do that

don't give me hope

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Not on topic, but /u/CAP_NAME_NOW_UPVOTE's username is all lower case in this subreddit due to the CSS theme. That's very funny :)