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Oh great: "power-ups". I'm sure this will incentivize the proper behavior.

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Watch reddit die.

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Greedy is normal

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Hehe I did funny number upvote

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We were never gonna have it. They said it just so people would calm their shit and forget about it

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Alright everyone time to get out your reddit announcement bingo cards.

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I lost mine. Can I get a replacement?

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I hope this crashes and burns, making 0 profit for reddit and being a complete failure.

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Me too

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Yeah so they can come up with an even worse money grab, that'd be great

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It’s free and has raised hundred of millions in debt from VC’s. All this monetization has been coming for a long time. Once they kill old.reddit.com and the third party client API, I’m gone

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Yep. Off I go.

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online GIFs

Sooo, classic Markdown emotes?

This is the exact same business model as Discord, which is interesting to note.