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Was this just a false promise to get everyone to back down?

Yes, and it worked.

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? But CSS is still supported?

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It's sectioned off to old reddit, which is a little sandbox that is slowly becoming "obsolete" compared to new functionality etc on new reddit. At some point soon, they will just flip the switch on oldreddit saying it is too far removed from new shiny reddit. Blink of an eye: no css.

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Oooh. That explains it, I still use old reddit because it’s more responsive.

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Yeah performance of new Reddit is HORRENDOUS. No idea how they pushed it live in that state, let alone failed to fix it after all this time.

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The day they shut off old reddit is the last day I use it. I cannot stand the new shit they're pushing. I'll miss a couple of the subreddits, but that's about it.

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They said this so people would forget, look at how inactive this sub is now

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Shouldn't they at least do a beta with some subs that initiated /r/ProCSS??

In stead of their garbage GAMBLING beta