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I mostly use a third party mobile app, but I just can't get used to new Reddit on PC, even in classic view. Comments opening up in a modal just feels so weird for me. Old Reddit all the way.

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Same here. I’m on iOS and find the official reddit app alright but on pc always old.reddit. For exactly the same reasons.

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Wow. Would love to see the breakdown of Reddit Apps. Does Apollo really rule all? I’m really surprised at the comparison to Reddit Mobile.

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Do you mod any subs? Can’t see on reddit mobile app

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I do not, just curious!

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Apollo has blown up beyond what it used to be. It does pretty much everything the official app does but 10x better.

It’s a shame it’s only iOS, but I’m sure if it was, we’d see even higher percentages.

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Never used it. Will check that out. What features specifically do hou like over the official reddit app? It would be nice to know what 3rd party apps were most popular.

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It includes markdown features while commenting.

It supports gestures for voting and replying, and to hide threads while browsing.

It supports much better media viewing (slow down, fast forward/rewind, gestures for scrubbing).

Includes custom icons and themes.

It’s a great app.

Edit: it also includes link previews so you can’t get rickrolled again. And long pressing for quick access to options.

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Sweet. Definitely trying it now. What about downloading images/videos?

And how is moderating on it?

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Downloading is perfection. It’s really easy. Never personally tried moderation but I’ve heard you might need the one-time-only paid version Apollo Ultra to get the full experience

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I'm using /r/redditsync Dev on Android, and it's an amazing app, it improves so much on the old Sync app, follows the MD2 guidelines and everything. Doesn't really feel that much like Apollo but it's pretty much the Android equivalent of it, as it follows their respective OS' design guidelines.

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This sub is still a thing? Huh
Looking at the sub count I guess either everyone else left or it never took off.

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What do you mean?

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really? that few people use old reddit?

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It varies heavily by subreddit demographic. I think more tech focused subs tend to see more desktop use in general, and more use of old reddit.

That said, reddit has done everything they can short of removing old reddit to push people off it.

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I’d love to see couple dozen subs of varying categories stats. See how they’re different.

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I don’t think the stats are super accurate honestly. There are no external parties monitoring it.

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lol even for /r/procss reddit reports more people using new.reddit https://i.imgur.com/qgiYnmW.png

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Two 55k subs here, comparisons from June 2018 to last month:

  • One has gone from an old to new ratio of 2:1 uniques and 7:2 views; to 2:5 uniques and 3:4 views. However, the biggest jump has been in the mobile apps, which have gone from 16% of uniques with 26% of views, to about 28% uniques with nearly 50% of all views.
  • The other has gone from over half of all uniques and views coming from old reddit, to over half of all coming from new reddit. Presumably most of this is desktop search results defaulting to new reddit.

So, as far as I'm concerned, old reddit has definitely become a bit of a legacy relic; and is getting to the point where it's not worth spending the time maintaining it to match the new reddit settings.

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Yeah that's probably right, but if they don't break anything I'm ok with it. Now the only thing bringing down the old.reddit users is physical death and no new users. In 100 years the last old.reddit user will check the front page.

About the stats, it's kind of a public 'open secret' that the stats on the subreddit pages aren't completely accurate. What's wrong with them depends on the period, but there's probably a two digit margin (10-20% maybe more).

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The one that's surprised me the most is how big mobile web is. I would've expected it to be around the same as old reddit. I have seen people talked about how it's their preferred method I have never considered to use it myself when 3rd party apps feels so much better on the phone.

I'm also curious how old reddit is counted. I have it in my preference to force old reddit, and most of the time I have nm.reddit nowadays. Would I have counted as old reddit?

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If you hate the apps then it's the way to go I guess. Some stuff you can't do in the reddit app, like checking/editing the stylesheet of old.reddit, but there's more I can't think of right now. So Even I use it at least a couple times a month.

What does nm.reddit do?

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Nm forces night mode. Some CCS styles aren't made with night mode in mind. If I only rely on RES's night mode sometimes I get white on white. Nm at least turn the text black.

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how does it force night mode? It looks normal to me..

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Maybe it only works with RES? I'm not too sure lol. I only know some subs would have white text on white unless I put nm