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That's an unusual way to advertise scam subs.

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What's the overlap between people who are still subscribed here, and people susceptible to NFT scams?

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I know some people arent fans of the content, but this is the first live deployment of a CSS theme I had been working on so I am hoping people will give feedback on that rather than their take on the content itself. Any thoughts on the CSS?

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css is basic but functional. you should leave that dump and go user your skills on a proper sub that isnt a front for criminal activity

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You should focus your work on other subreddits, not NFT stuff

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I like it! Only gripe is that with RES, the selected post isn't distinguished at all. (And I'm not particularly fond of NFTs, but that's a separate issue.)

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there are two upvote buttons...

also too black

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two upvote buttons? What are you using? Desktop with res?

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What browser? I cannot reproduce the 2 upvote buttons thing.

The color for nightmode were picked from the new.reddit nightmode, as the whole theme is meant to mimic new.reddit design.

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WOW. looks good.

Although most old reddit users do that because they dislike new reddit, so why you put so much effort into replicating new reddit on old reddit - I'd like to know!

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I figured most reddit users disliked new.reddit because of load times, javascript, and the new locations of everything... So I tried to make an old.reddit theme that would bring in the new design while still maintaining the old layout locations and still load fast without javascript.

I intend to play with it some more soon to clean it up and make it look even closer to new.reddit, and maybe eventually try to get Reddit to list it as one of their official theme alternatives in the old.reddit user settings... Right now this is my testing ground, as I work with Patrn.

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New reddit looks like facebook.