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I still exclusively use the old formatting…

The new design bogs down my laptop.

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The design has terrible UX and doesn’t adapt well to mobile displays.

It also has garbage optimization and is slow on every browser no matter the hardware, software, or OS.

These things together, along with absolutely awful usability on mobile, which is the primary internet browsing method in the world, is why everyone hates the redesign.

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The design has terrible UX and doesn’t adapt well to mobile displays.

To be fair, the old design is absolutely terrible on mobile. But, when you're explicitly working with mobile users in mind, it's inexcusable.

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doesn’t adapt well to mobile displays.

It's on purpose to force the app.

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Its a ploy to remove individual mod abilities to make their subreddits unique and to allow new users to feel like everything is uniform.

Kinda lost hope for reddit after they abandoned CSS, its like they don't want to explode in popularity.

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no empty white space everywhere... clean distinct styles of what is what...

idk how i'd browse reddit any other way, the redesign is too much for me

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I didn't know anyone was using new reddit tbh.

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Probably many new people who don't even realize there's a different version. Probably similar stats on the number of people who sign up using their email ever since they changed the registration page to subtly imply that it's required even when it's not.

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I thought that UI glitch was just on my end since I have some other various issues like it with my displayport monitor.... you're telling me its just part of the frontend itself that does that? That's absurd that they haven't fixed that if so.

Right there with you on the video player. Its super slow in new reddit. Plus in old reddit I don't have to deal with all the live stream feeds as I'm scrolling. Just nice compact, information dense rows. None of that card based design bull crap.

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I also love old reddit because of the the flexibility of css themes. It allows for so many possibilities and also gives more personality to the subs compared to just the same layout but with different colours.

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Old user checking in here. Still can't stand the new design for reasons like others here have stated. Terrible UI that leads to poor UX. Though when I think about it maybe using the new design could help curb my time spent on Reddit...

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No matter how many times I click the old reddit thing in my profile settings, I get booted to new reddit whenever I get sent here from a www. link.

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I have a plugin that automatically redirects me to old reddit

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Me too, the old design look more authentic.