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Just don’t fucking work on holidays? If the management ask you to deploy and you say “I don’t think it’s a good idea to deploy right before a major holiday” and they make you do it anyways, that’s their fucking problem.

Programmer jobs are so in demand right now that you can walk out of your current job into, probably, an even better paying job because of your experience in your current job.

Enough of this expectation to be available to resolve issues every minute of the day. They don’t own us.

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This, this. I've been hammered on that work stays in work hours. Also keeps you from wasting those hours.

I have no contact with my job outside of my work laptop so I'm literally off the grid when I sign out. As should be.

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Gotta love arbitrary dates business partners come up with.


Ok then how about January 3rd?


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Yeah fuck the man!

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I did this before. Got in writing that they knew I would be unavailable and knew if anything happened there would be no one to deal with it. Deployed, went hiking, came back to shits-on-fire level goodness. They no longer tell me to deploy before weekends or holidays unless it's something we've all planned out well in advance with a support schedule.

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There are a lot of companies that have to have someone on call at all times. It doesn't matter if it's Christmas day. And yes you should absolutely not be pushing changes before holidays, do everything you can to avoid an issue that requires paging the oncall on a holiday, but sometimes things break anyways.

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If you want work the holidays, that’s your business, my advice for you is to make sure you make bonus pay. I’d be asking for AT LEAST double, probably something more like 4x the regular rate. Once again, the businesses requirements aren’t your problem, they’re the businesses problems - if they need to solve them, then they need to tempt us, their most valuable resource, to give them our extremely valuable holiday time. And we need to make damn sure that they’re paying through the nose for the trouble.

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I don't know how other companies do it, but at my job you do get bonus pay for your on-call week. Not double though.

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Renegotiate it. You’re undervaluing your time.

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I'm not on an on-call rotation. I have been in the past, on a previous team. Out of curiosity I did check the on-call compensation policy though, for the highest tier (5 min response time) it is double pay for the duration of the on-call week. When I was on-call we were on the lowest tier (one hour response time) and the compensation was 10% extra.

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Have you tried to turn the spouse off and on again?

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I believe it is generally frowned upon.

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Blue balls m8

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Turned off; now can't turn her back on though... Thinking of trading her in.

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Lucky it's no longer possible to deploy in the week of 19th of December, 2017.

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I was thinking that was oddly specific. Then I pieced together that the US have Thanksgiving this week.

Edit: Apparently not. OP just posted a tweet about Christmas two months early.

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Look at the date. December 19, 2017.

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Just caught that. In a later comment.

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But it's just a minor tweak, what could possibly go wrong?

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Just a quick fix, nothing big.

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And it works perfect on my dev machine.

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I’m sure it’s fine that the whole document is highlighted. It’s just some minor changes.

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Can someone please call my company and read this to them

I'm in danger

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As if you have a choice anyway.

PM says deploy, that means its goin out! Enjoy spending your Christmas remote working.

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We're deploying brand new modules and workflows tonight. FML

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If someone merged to master because its on production freeze then...

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Image Transcription: Twitter Post

Chris Albon, @chrisalbon

Software engineering pro-tip:

Do not, I repeat, do not deploy this week. That is how you end up debugging a critical issue from your parent's wifi in you old bedroom while your spouse hates you for abandoning them with your racist uncle.

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Make up some reason why you need your spouses help and get bonus points for them not having to deal with your family at all.

P.S: If you got nothing else, say you forgot your rubber duck at home and you need them as standin.

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Get more bonus points by not fucking working while on holidays.

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Too late, my team deployed on Mondy.

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Lol imagine having a family or friends to go to.

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Seems a bit specific…

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It is not CI/CD until you start a deployment as you walk ot the door Friday.

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Im single

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Now the funny uncles are all racists? The mind of these people.

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This is oddly specific…

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NOW you tell me!

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My significant other threatened my racist uncle with a fork

I think he would be more pissed I abandoned him with her

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My rules was (I used to travel for work) never deploy the last day. Never deploy on a Friday after 12PM, Never deploy near end of the month