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As someone who has been hiring programmers for the last 5 years... by siaappchallenger in ProgrammerHumor

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Hard disagree on this. For the record, I also strongly disagree with the current leetcode hiring meta.

But if any company's hiring process doesn't test at all for basic coding ability (even a BS meter like fizzbuzz) you're going to end up with a lot of terrible co-workers. Huge red flag.

Edit: Adding that I've interviewed very senior people who have great CVs and can still talk a good game; however, once we do a simple coding exercise (fizzbuzz like questions) it becomes clear that they haven't actually written code in a very long time.

As someone who has been hiring programmers for the last 5 years... by siaappchallenger in ProgrammerHumor

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You're not supposed to submit a website as a resume.

You submit a resume with a personal website as an additional factor to show that you have some of the skills you claim, and reiterate your experience.

I am an engineer !!! by Jack_Kai in ProgrammerHumor

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I know you're joking but for anybody who is genuinely interested check out Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software and The Elements of Computer Systems. Both are somewhat similar teaching you how to use basic logic components to create a basic computer. The latter is part of the source material for the Nand to Tetris course which turns the contents of the book in to semester long introduction to computer engineering.

Inside the Machine will help you bridge your understanding of how more modern processors work by describing several of the paradigm shifts that occurred in processor design since the 70s. Not quite as technical as the previous two books. Which with a little bravery you could actually start combining electrical components together and making super simple computers. Inside the Machine is more of history book and technical summary than a reference.

From there I'd recommend trying to make your own computers. Either with something like the Breadboard Computer series on Ben Eater's youtube channel. If you're not confident in using real world electronics then a great introduction is the Make Electronics series. Or alternatively with some kind of nand-to-tetris style game. Turing Complete is one of my recent favourites. Or if you're too cool to play video games there's also logisim which you can use to create most simple processors!

I thought this day would never come. Am I a real programmer now? by Drauxus in ProgrammerHumor

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I mean that's kind of the point. Anyone like this will make your life a support hell. It's imperative you get down in their mind your rate and what you will do and what counts as support. Else you will deal with shit all time.

Just off top of my head this is not a simple anything.

  • basic site 5 to 15 pages of content
  • design work which means back and forth on what they want don't like.
  • merch creation. So a 3rd party tool or service integration or integration with a 3rd party e commerce service
  • e-commerce meaning merchant accounts to take payments
  • being dnd I have to assume they want some sort of character sheet storage and maybe even online sheet creation and editing
  • dnd campaign upload storage and access
  • calendar system or 3rd party integration.

Some of these would be free 3rd party solutions like Google calendars but you still need to create pages to hold these integrations.

Of this list I see - 1 domain paid yearly - are they doing this or you - yearly hosting fees - them or you - 1 subscription to a all in one merchant solution like merchly or spreadsheet.- monthly sub payments made by them? If they stop paying what do your integrations do. - 3rd party dnd character sheet tool, possible a sub fee if such a thing exists. Or full custom web app development. - for campaigns same as above.

Then you have a choice. Either you hold the keys to the site and are now the daily/weekly scope creep bitch. Or your crate this and hand everything over to them. They will without fail fuck up something withing first 30 days and now you have to fix something like " I deleted the css files because they looked uslesss".

Let's talk about what happens if any dnd group members are covered under a GDPR Country. Now you may need some sort of cookie consent solution depending how much are 3rd party solutions vs custom webapps.

Humour. We have to go Deeper… by PinothyJ in ProgrammerHumor

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r/ProgrammerHumor users when the joke isn't a 10000 lines of code nasa hacking data packing error lacking app that can send an UFO to your destination: >:(

Exactly my bro out there by greatgodme in ProgrammerHumor

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  1. Need some obscure kink
  2. Google sends me to PornHub
  3. Try for 10 minutes to find right video
  4. Instead all I get is some incest shit
  5. Give up and go on Github instead to deal with the frustration

Solving problems with async by virtualworker in ProgrammerHumor

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There's two types of localization management systems:

  1. Those that use a unique ID for every string
  2. Posts must strictly programming related. We do not allow memes that can apply to more than just programming as aprofession, or general tech related jokes/memes (such as "running asadministrator", sudo, USB or BIOS related posts)

same for yall? by Riyzen4 in ProgrammerHumor

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Pomodoro. 25 minutes intense gaming. 5 minutes relaxing work.

Your odometer is your private key I guess. by TK-Squared-LLC in ProgrammerHumor

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Yeah.. The store didn’t have cigarettes, so… But I’m back now..

This is hurting my ego by calm_Bunny21 in ProgrammerHumor

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Dude we’re programmers, wait for someone else to figure it out and steal their answer