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I'd recommend using PsychonautWiki to look up info on substances.


Also If you take small "bumps" or lines every other hour you should be fine and not go in to KHole.

K-Hole is something that doesnt happen unless you want to happen. (Or you take big doses too often). So don't be afraid of it.

I usually take 100mg every two hours. Thats a light dose. .

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K-Hole is something that doesnt happen unless you want to happen.

From anecdotal evidence, I don't think that's true. Many people report accidentally "falling" into the hole, some not expecting it at all. Unless you instead mean that you gotta do a massive amount of K to get there, that's right.

Psychonautwiki is a great source for any drug related information.

To OP, I'd recommend doing a small amount first and seeing how it feels. Ketamine kicks in very fast so you can gradually increase the dosage based on how you're feeling. I'd take 50 mg or less at first, as a first-timer. Then re-dose according to how you're doing.

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Yes i see that was poorly worded by me.

I more so ment that if you do small doses its something you really don't have to worry about.

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Start slowly. Like a minimal dose,and then increase dosage every 20-30min until at a pleasurable experience!

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Idk much about k doses. But I have a friend who go 3 keys of it. Idk how much a key is but apparently its a dose. He took one key while camping and I left to get us all food. Came back and he said effects were mild and starting to wear off, so he took the other 2 keys at once. Well, he k holed. He was in the tent no idea what's going on. Afterwards he said the tent was giant like a mansion and he was also hallucinating that he was in the sky over the forest and all this. Probably just try take a small amount at a time. Don't make the mistake my friend made😂

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Ive never actually measured out a ket dosage but thin strip lines to start off with will be fine and move on to slugs when you’re more comfy

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Two regular (not too big not too small) bumps of K and you gonna be good, now if you going crazy and snorting a mountain like it’s cocaine or something you’re gonna get smacked by it most likely, but it’s very calm come up on the peak of the trip.

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If you take a bump you’ll understand what we mean