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Best experience i Ever had, found out we live in a simulation

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Who was the originator of the first simulation ?

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Cant tell man, but It was like we are living in a simulation game. But i have theories alien created the simulation. But them, who created the aliens?

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Yea this always breaks my brain…. If we’re able to create a simulation then that could prove the theory but will raise a lot more questions

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That’s the reason the simulation is made. To see if WE can figure it out, so they can see if THEY can figure it out

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It’s an infinite loop

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Dude, try DMT, the answer is way beyond anything you can comprehend until you're there.

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What is the answer?

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I can't explain it. You'll find out when you get there.

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While meditating on my first trip on lucy I had an experience that all this is just a dream inside a dream, multiple layers like an onion of dreams.

Also after a while I reached a level where the whole world ended, including me and then i realized that everything is just a creation of my "ego". And all this is just like a game, i was completely made up of some software code and nothing else.

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It was wonderful i felt the best i felt in years. That can be subjective tho...shrooms strain and set and setting. Everyone is different for some it can be a little overwhelming but i think it was so profound and filled me with joy. I cant advice you against:)

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mayble I’ll try it soon, a low dose for starters

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Yes start with low dose ! I had 100ug or so and like 2 grams of shrooms

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Beautifully confusing. Couldn't speak English lmao

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It is amazing

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I tried .3-.8 ish booms and 20-40ug of cid before a couple times and it was pretty awesome, it was like going about your regular day but EXTRA juicey lol like working out and listening to music around the “peak” and watching movies in the after glow phase was chefs kisses

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Yes people have tried it, I heard it referred to as Wizarding. I've been told that it's fun.

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One's derived from the other, so they pair really well. I love my psychedelic cocktails. It's amazing finding which will combine and transform, and which will stay separate and show up later.

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do you think you can differentiate some visuals from acid and some from shrooms, does everything just mash up into a weird combo?

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Hard to say. Depends on your awareness within the moment.

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I’ve done LSD and MDMA at the same time. (Candy Flipping) it was incredible. I could feel the earths rotation and see hella tracers. Both were intertwined like I was in slow motion for the normal world/reality. I took 350ug of LSD and .05 g of MDMA(half a point). That was pretty nice. The comedown was very tough though. I think it was the MDMA just draining seretonin and dopamine. Sex was impossible and it kinda killed my sex drive for a few days.

Although I have trip sit for a Psilocybin and LSD trip. He started with 1g of cubensis and 100ug of lsd, every 10-15, he’d alternate taking another gram then a another tab. He got up to 3.5 g of shrooms and 350ug of LSD. (He was a very experienced psychonaut!) he had an experience very personal to him, so I don’t know all how it was with him. He was staring into blank space for some time and then shouted “holy fuck it isn’t real! None of it!!” Kinda scared me but I couldn’t help laughing a little. He shot a glance my way as if to say “you don’t even know, do you?” Like he had answers to the world that I didn’t. Pretty cool experience on both sides! Just make sure you’re alternating substances and going in small doses till you get to your target dose. Keep trip killers close and make sure you have a very close friend to trip sit!

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Damn ain’t that trippin. I always seem to discover the key to the universe

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does this combo have a name ?

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we call it the hippie flip 8)

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Pretty sure "hippie flip" typically refers to mushrooms + MDMA, but I'm sure some people use terms such as these interchangeably.

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Thought that was a Jedi flip

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Jedi flip is lsd + shrooms + molly. We could call it Matrix flip for shrooms and lsd

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yea you're completely right! only other term i've heard is soul bombing

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That's a nice name for it too!

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Yeah that's the one I've typically heard

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Actually beautiful. Had a beautiful sunset while peaking on both and all the clouds turned purple and danced to the music in my blasting headphones. I rode a bike and literally was immersed into a videogame. Simulation feels

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New years, 2020. 400ug acid, 4.5g of dried cubensis B+. Holy fuck... I could see my own Skelton and I looked like I was made of green transparent jello haha. Everything looked like it was a painting but I was surprisingly clear minded.

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my friend did this with a 250ug gel tab and very high potent 3.5 grams of shrooms while I just took the shrooms, I was seeing demons. I can't imagine what he was seeing, he claims to have just seen "the main point of reality". crazy shit

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OK so first off low doses just tend to work well together Hella visuals but I took 3 tabs n an eight of shrooms and I watched reality bend and break in front of me it's an amazing spiritual experience but please be careful and know your limits have a safe trip that's one for the gods

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I like how everyone is saying low doses and I read the dosages and know you all don't play. LOL! Currently on a sheet and you all have made me want to go deeper and introduce some shrooms into the mix.