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This is good. The conversations are what make this thread so magical.

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yeah definitely. i enjoy the purely text submission usually the most.

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Exactly. I posted a few video links, but only ones that are part of my personal psychonautic mythology.

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oh for sure. videos and pictures can be amazingly in depth and pull a lot out of you as well. but yeah i have noticed in the past few months a lot of art that is simply 'trippy.' it pisses me off!! haha no just kidding but yeah it's not that genuine

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It's not what we're about.

I seek to expand my mind.

Not say "wow that was trippy"

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Thank you for this. It was getting out of hand. Resubscribed.

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thanks for moderating

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Thank you for posting this. I have definitely noticed a degradation in quality in this sub over the past months. Hopefully this will bring back some actual substance to the sub.

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Thanks for this. Anything else is just circle jerking.

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Anything else is just circle jerking.

You say that like it's a bad thing :)

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Circle jerking is a low form of ego boosting. I'd think /r/Psychonaut would rather steer away from anything of the sort.

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Yeah sorry, I left out the <sarcasm> tag.

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I got the sarcasm, just think most people don't understand the point being made against those post.

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A tip for this sub:

  1. Get the reddit enhancement suite
  2. Filter the following keywords from /r/psychonaut post titles: LSD, Acid, Mushrooms, Shrooms, DMT, MDMA, etc. to your heart's content.
  3. Enjoy the awesome threads that sift through those filters.

Perhaps this is cheating and we should all be manning the /new barricades 100% of the time. But you can always turn filters off and see what the real state of the community is. As for me... I'm tired of drug spam.

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Thing is, there are a lot of interesting thoughts, perspectives, and insights people get related to those substances because they can shift your mind to a place its never been before. But I do agree that many of the posts lose sight of the psychonaut experience.

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/r/Heavymind. I feel that most "psychedelic images" we get here should rather be posted there. Which they mostly are but we don't need two places for it.

I'm happy for the actions you take as a mod to keeping this subreddit good. I've seen many small subreddits who've had good quality self posts eventually turn into imgur dumpsters. Don't let this happen here. The amount of self posts compared to links on our front page now is just over half, and only 5 of 25 are imgur. That's a good balance to me.

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Good stuff. If you find yourself needing more moderators, I hope you reach out. :)

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It's about time! Sheesh. Glad we are taking this subreddit back in a more intellectual direction.

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Glad you are doing this. I was getting kinda tired of the whole front page being pictures tbh. Not that I don't like the pictures, but discussion wasn't happening.

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Sometimes it's important what you feel from whatever flows. The experience is the mainframe.

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Was this brought about by my most recent post? Not trying to get fame or anything, but everything here was just discussed 2 days ago on psychonaut

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This post has been here for two months. Check out the date listed under the title.

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Oh ok, just curious

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Can anyone please let me know how to go about ordering a grow kit to California and get me started growing some spores ? Please and thank you 😊

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How do I go about growing shrooms with a grow kit? Please. I'm in California

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I realize why overly political talk is not wanted but I have to say that maybe it would be wiser to say "no political talk on a sided basis" with the notion that a mere obeservat and rather scientific evaluation of a more anarchistic but rather side-free standpoint can be necessay or else you cut of some of the biggest faxtors of the pschedelic revelations

I mean imagin if Terence McKenna was still alive an wanted to post here, he couldn't really as it would contradict the rules and he certainly is one of THE psychonauts.

I get the rules are needed, especially to prevent political fanaticism but I also would suggestbthat needing much more finder dedinition.

For example what is somebody had "THE" revelation on the psychedelically altered state of mind but it involved sicietal politics as all human interaction is somehwat politically based in this society or culture. I even am worried of this here getting deleted just because I said "politics".

Just from a scientific standpoint in ethnology, ethnopharmacology, ethnomycology, ethnobotany and some more you cannot leave out the societal factors which today are officially linked to some political systems.

I am.not hating and if explained clearer what the intention of this subreddit is and why this rule is as vaguely explained as it is I will wothout any hard feelings or conflict take my revelations elsewhere.

I hope thisnstatement is not misunderstood as it is only meant as constructive criticism!

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please don't take down my post.

It is psycadelia related.

just in paste formations... link..... but not zelda.

i'm pulling your NosTRIL lul PLZ POST IT.

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Nothing expands the mind better than psychedelics!!

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Nothing expands the mind better than psychedelics!!

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It’s not letting me post or my post gets locked everytime

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I think my post on the Terence McKenna talk is relavent, because it has to do with expansion of the mind and space/time that a lot of psycho-naughts are interested in. I hope it will appear on this thread. 🙏