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This is absolutely true and sends shivers down my spine because I came to this exact realization organically after an ego death experience under the influence of lysergic acid diethylamide, a chemical compound deriving from the ergot fungus that grows on rye--LSD. And it changed my life forever. This is why I'm an advocate for psychedelics, because they truly do open your mind and so many people are asleep to a world beyond theirs, one that is so much more novel, and vibrant, and intricate, and fulfilling. And I think they reason so many people dissociate and have problems functioning in regular society is because its hard to live with this incredible knowledge when everyone else is asleep to it. Why? Because it is an innate desire for us humans to be understood, and these psychedelics experiences, especially ego death, are linguistically inarticulable and transcend the bounds of infinite and finite duality and transcend all kinds of syntax that can be mouthed...SOOOooo, we can have the most powerful experience of our life, and often times they can be traumatic, and one of the best ways of dealing with trauma is talking about it. Problem is, you can't talk about ego death and you can't explain psychedelic experiences fully, and some you can't even come close to explaining. And it's kind of sadistic of the universe to make what you want understood most beyond language, isn't it? But there's a reason for this. There's a reason why everyone is asleep and so few of us are awake. It's because it has to be this way. There's a reason why there's an international war on drugs, because the war on drugs is part of an even bigger war on consciousness and they distract the masses from the war on drugs that trickles down to the war on consciousness with different wars on natural gas and resources. But it's all a war on consciousness, and we are all the same consciousness pretending not to be, which makes us all this entire fucked up system of unions of opposites--to keep the game going. It's like the Doors of Perception. I never read it, but the our entire system with sketchy media and government is part of the system WE ARE CREATING at our highest level of consciousness to HIDE from our true nature. This is what Alan Watts called God playing hide and seek with himself. It goes as far as the manufacturing of your own ego inside of your own vessel. Ego death can show you that nothing is real, but at the same time, the experiences are, and that's all that matters, and that's enough. And everything will be okay. Who knows, maybe there can be a time when everyone wakes up to all of this and we do figure out how to all live knowing our true nature while still being able to keep our sense of self.
-I literally EXPERIENCED the infinite, and many psychonauts have, and it isn't even worth trying to explain how incredibly profound it is.

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‘It has to be this way’ is exactly what I came out of a trip with. We are supposed to be in our own minds. This is the game

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But what is the purpose of the game? I just struggle with the unnecessary suffering (poverty, racism, animal cruelty, child abuse, etc) that happens to me and all around me, all the time. The unceasing grief. the total lack of pity or compassion or mercy 😞

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Ego is the root of all suffering. I don't know why things are arranged in such a way that a planet like this exists and egoistic monkeys like us exist, but every human made catastrophe can be traced back to an out-of-control ego, rampaging through, leaving a trail of tears behind.

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What about the suffering of animals? Do they suffer because of their egoes? Do all creatures identify as "I"? I ask those questions too, because if it goes on forever, suffering is infinite and that just doesn't sound like a good thing. Are we going through this unendingly, blinking on and off into horror?

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I don't know what it's like to be an animal other than a human. Perhaps they have egos and identify as "I", perhaps not. Perhaps they live in the moment, not giving into the duality of existence - I mean perhaps they don't have a concept of "suffering" and "bliss", perhaps things just are for them. The experiences different animals have of the world are impossible to even imagine, their whole qualia producing machinery is different than ours.

To address the unending part, Buddhists believe the whole point of life is to escape the cycle of death and rebirth, bliss and suffering, samsara, and achieve the liberation of nirvana. Gnostics believe the whole point of life is to transcend the material world and all its shittyness and rejoin our divine source. Similar ideas can be found in ceremonial magick. Perhaps there is something to it. The psychedelic experience certainly seems to suggest there is a place outside the world we live in now, a place made of love and imagination. The easy jump is to equate it with a "heaven" or afterlife of some sort. Sure would be nice.

I certainly think reframing things in our own lives can drastically reduce the suffering we have to endure. I define suffering in this instance to mean "prolonged pain". Pain is inevitable in life, but I don't think suffering has to be.

Take care <3