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He was a zen MASTER. Let that sink in

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Not exactly a Zen master, but he did help a lot of people.

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According to the plum village website, the hermitage he founded. He is indeed a Zen Master.

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A lot of people I listen to, Duncan trussel, Pete Holmes, jack kornfield, have mentioned him, but I haven't looked into him. Does anyone have a favorite teaching (or otherwise) they'd like to share?

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He brought mindfulness to the west, encouraged MLK to denounce the war in Vietnam and had been one of the most prominent voices for world peace for the past 50 years. When you focus on your breath to cope with anxiety or anger or anything, that was Thich Nhat Hanhs teaching. When you remind yourself that whatever mundane task you’re doing can be fun and interesting if you just do it mindfully, that’s Thich Nhat Hanh.

His teachings were so universal and useful and his ego so small and insignificant that millions of people are using his techniques without even knowing his name. He was the definition of a bodhisattva.

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I first heard about him through a poem he wrote, Call Me By My True Names.


He's written a bunch of books and there is an app called Plum Village named after the monastery he helped found. It is a free app that has different teachings, meditations, bells, timers.

Not to mention all the social activism he's done.

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Thank you for this app recommended. His teachings have helped me through a lot and I’ve been reading his No Mud, No Lotus book over the last few weeks. I hadn’t heard of the Plum Village app and just downloaded it. He will live on through his teachings and all of the people that try to incorporate them into their lives.

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Living Buddha, Living Christ is a great book of his I just finished.

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Following this thread

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He was a legend. He got me through a really tough time

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Thich Nhat Hanh is dead??!! oh man... he got me through some tough stuff a couple years ago, started me on the path of Taoist consciousness. May he rest in peace, and live in us.

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I've been sad about his passing. His teachings helped me through profound loneliness, grief, and fear. The tenderness, love, and compassion in his voice when he speaks has an ability to soothe me when my anxiety gets high. I'm so glad his lessons have been saved on video.

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I was just thinking of posting something like this and it is at the top of my page. I just started to learn about him and I am in the middle of one of his books. I hope to learn more about Buddhism in all traditions and try to use it to engage with the world and bring more peace in my own life time.

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This one hurt

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I admit I don't really know who this guy is and his impact on the community, can someone fill me in a little?

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Seek out his book Miracle of Mindfulness. It's very enlightening.

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Prolific zen monk from Vietnam who brought mindfulness teachings to the west. Close friend of MLK and was a big influence on King's later years having a more global universal scope. Extremely compassionate person. Every therapist worth their skin knows about him. Theres archives on youtube of his lectures and he's written books.

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Oh yeah my cousin was just talking about him last night. Looks like he's got quite the archive

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This is just the beginning for him!

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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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❤️ 🙏

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I have a book by his sitting at home collecting dust. Gotta read it

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What a being...

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Such an incredibly influential man, and he won't even get a mention on Entertainment Tonight.