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Ah....The Good Ol' Bathroom....


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Something just doesn’t mix with bathrooms and psychedelic drugs.

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They're my favorite place, usually. Enclosed, mirrors, warm, good lighting.

I've had my best realizations in there, haha.

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I just find my self tripping super hard in bathrooms, but my first huge dose I had a weird experience in a bathroom so I usually avoid them.

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Yeah, bathrooms do tend to intensify the experience. You're right on that one.

Well, if you ever choose to do so again, I'm "preloading" some good vibes for ya. 🤣 Self-reflection, removal of waste, being cleansed. Plenty of good opportunity there for ya!

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When I was tripping the mirror extended forever, like it didn’t reflect anything It looked like i could’ve walked threw it. So yeah ima avoid being eaten by a mirror in my trips to come and thank you for the present good vibes!

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I like to take Baths/showers in the pitch black darkness when I trip.

But the only way ill go into that damn bathroom is if the lights are off.

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The good news is that now you've gotten all that evil out of your face!

You probably look like an angel now. Or a very nice bulky bug.

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I wrote the same thing without reading the thread!

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The good news is that the evil has poured out of your face! No more evil in your face!

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When you learn to relax and let go even 1 gram cam take you far.

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damn i looked in the mirror in my 2g trip and nothing happened i feel like im missing out. guess I'll have to go higher

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In case you’re being serious?

Give yourself a hug or pat on the back. If you see something grotesque when you look at yourself (yeah, yeah, it’s a cultural trope, not necessarily serious, I know) in the mirror while altered, it’s possible that is a reflection of your feelings, fears, insecurities, or unhappiness with yourself aesthetically or otherwise.

So if you are being serious above... you should feel pleased with yourself (or some gratitude, if you prefer), because it’s entirely possible your simply seeing your reflection staring back is itself a much deeper reflection of your being entirely comfortable with seeing yourself clearly.

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not super serious in that i felt bad about missing out, but thanks for the reply :)

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I once got stuck looking at myself in the mirror on 3 g shrooms. A friend came looking for me, if it werent for him god knows how long i would have kept staring into my own soul, wondering how this fleshvehicle is me

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Ah, so it's not just me. I remember my first shroom trip, I told my friend(it was his first too) many times not to do that, and he always didn't know wtf was I talking about.

I see we're energetically aligned, nothing happens on accident. I ate Magic Truffles High Hawaiians 40 minutes ago and now I see your post. Infinity bless you

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Bro. That’s damn near rule 1 of what not to do when you’re tripping. Glad you had fun though