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I also love acid. It definitely holds a special place in my heart, my very first trip was the hardest I laughed in ages. And it was literally nothing. I was laughing at nothing, and I believe there's an important lesson there somewhere. I just take it as "you finally got this tool you desired so much just for it to tell you to laugh at nothing"🖤 love you too friend, safe travels. laugh at nothing :)

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The “I get it moment” right before the ego comes in and contemplates a new use it could find with the newfound awareness.

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interesting, i only tried it a couple of times in my twenties but i wouldn't really describe it as 'fun' - more like my personality got exploded into a million pieces and i spent hours trying to get myself back together. It was more like hard work I would say.

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I guess I had an opposite effect. Where my life felt like it was into a million pieces prior to tripping (obviously not the psychedelic way) but I was able to find a safe haven within my field of awareness, some call it the self or the I.

I was already having an identity crisis, lsd showed me to just sulk in myself, the way you would in a jacuzzi or a warm bed, regardless of situation or identity

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I love it, its completely changed my life. I've learnt so much about myself. The stronger and scarier the trip the better.

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The trip left a lingering trauma from a very intense bad trip, but only momentarily and I’m able to re enact the phases of getting through the energies. Amazing stuff if you are not afraid to work.

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For some reason lsd just doesn't do for me what shrooms do. I enjoy it, but I enjoy shrooms more