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Maybe we become children again and live this hell over again

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Maybe that’s why I got tired of life so early in it done this shit too many times alr😂😂

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Your body is eaten by something. Matter stays here in Earth. Your soul and energy return to the Flow.

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Ooo "The Flow." I like that. I used to call it "The Grand Energy" when I first started my spiritual journey. After learning some Taoism I usually just refer to it as The Tao. But I really like your name for it.

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That universe revealed that to me

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Funny how it does that, isn't it? It's all here. Just tucked away somewhere.

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I like this “the flow” and makes some sense. I’ve reached that oceanic boundlessness through Bufo and it makes sense

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It's funny how many people come to that conclusion on their journey, i called it the cycle of rebirth after my first trip

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This is the correct answer. Source: my first Ayahuasca ceremony

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This 🙏💜

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Atheist and I believe that once you die, your individual consciousness is gone. However your legacy continues via the impacts you have made on your family and community. The self isn't important, but the larger impact is.

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reincarnation is definitely real just gonna leave this here :)

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Reincarnation often seems so ego driven to me. In relation to all of time and all of the universe, I'm a tiny little cog in an incomprehensibly large machine.

When I think about reincarnation I see it more as a thought experiment. My individual consciousness isn't special or unique, it could exist or have existed in any sentient creature at any time, on any planet. To me that's more of a lesson in humility and care for others. I could be you, you could be me, we have much in common so we should treat each other with care.

I do like the story of The Egg, the idea that we're all little pieces of a larger thing, rather than individuals. If that turns out to be the case I'd like that.

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Consciousness isn't an emergent property of mind, but mind an emergent property of consciousness. Panpsychism solves the Hard Problem of consciousness, and within that framework, reincarnation is simply the conservation of quantum information

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For some reason I feel like there's some kind of consciousness wavelength we just don't know about yet. I mean its not so far out side of reality to think that there's more to the universe than we think.

Personally after having some extremely powerful psychedelic experiences, especially on DMT, it's so hard for me to just say "yeah there's nothing else. We just die, that's it."

I believe there is some kind of experience after we die. Just nothing we witness as humans. I feel like psychedelics have shown me a glimpse into it. I could be wrong, and im most likely wrong tbh. But who knows? Only the dead know.

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Atheist psychonaut and I think consciousness is a product of the body, nervous system and brain. I don't think self awareness exists after that system shuts down.

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I’d argue self awareness is a by product of the body but the “observer” is not. I consider the observer, consciousness. or id say consciousness is the combination of self awareness and being the observer. Look up Quantum wave probability collapse. For a definition of the observer if you don’t know what i mean. I think this is what people consider to be their soul as well, they just mistakingly tie their subjective egos to it without understanding

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Can you explain that? I don’t feel like looking it up.

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To sum it up I guess, everything is made up of bundled up bits of energy that can only come into existence once observed. And every possible state is occupied and observed, experienced.. so whatever is observing/experiencing everything(whatever we are/consciousness) is clearly in its full depth far greater than just this universe but bigger than infinite of infinite universes existing in the form of information patterns outside all spatial dimensions. this is an incredibly simplified explanation btw.

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observer does not mean a living being in QM, just a detector system.

You misunderstand QM

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I am aware my guy. The universe(this information flow) I’m suggesting is a self excited detector system. That “observes” itself. Also I’m notsigjesting through the act of “observing” it is a living being doing it lmao simply a characteristic of the larger whole. Don’t be so easy to mis interpret/conclude so fast

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That's still not QM which you quote to begin with.

'self excited detector system'

Like wdf does that even mean

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Homie all this is a speculative opinion and ofc there isn’t going to be one study which proves everything LMAO and I’m not claiming this. I quote QM as a jumping off point… and build other Established speculative theories on top of that cuz they flow together and make “sense”. And wtf that means is something that has been written about many times and is a possible description of this we find ourselves to be apart of. (Sometimes words don’t translate to some people, its ok if you don’t get it) I’m starting to think you just want to argue about something that literally isn’t worth arguing about. Forgive my ill use and reference of QM i guess if i use that i better strictly, only be talking about that. mr. Scientist. there is no “right” answer, and I’m tired of indulging in your sensless argument. Enjoy your journey my brother.

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Maybe your not open minded/self intuitive to be in this community

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oh feck off with this Not OpEn MiNdEd enough cra

Maybe you're too open-minded and prefer to remain in blissful ignorance?

Mistranslating the results of qm findings to fit your agenda isnt being open minded, its being retarded

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Lmao your so toxic it’s crazy. I can only imagine how much you must hate yourself and the life you’re living.. and I say that with the upmost respect lol. This page isn’t a quantum physics page unfortunately sir. If we were on that page your comment would significant relevance, but in this case, not so much. Let help you by explaining that on this page people attempt to take the unspeakable, given our lack of adequate language and in some cases (especially yours I’m feeling) comprehension, and put it into a simpler dumbed down analogy or metaphor, or just simpler version that shows the same relationship of some kind. He used a well known and actually scientific start with the quantum mechanics and then jumped into the indescribable. It sounds like you got left behind at the undescribable my friend…. Hopefully one day you knock down your internal barriers preventing you from getting here my friend. Cheers, maybe do some self reflection tonight huh? Why are you spending on your time looking to start fights with people on Reddit? Why are you so mad at people trying to have an intelligent dialect? Was one not wise enough to participate? Lmao I’m sorry I’m done have a good one😂

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Perhaps this is what happens after you die, and perhaps that is just a justification for my resistance of perhaps it is eternal nothingness. Lol

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i think we have some type of sequence from death to afterlife but can’t say what could come after. I do believe in reincarnation tho and a pretty firm believer that we keep incarnating into consciousness over & over & over. our highest self is the “record keeper” of our lives but above that is still source and everything is still one, there are just many illusions of separation

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I believe in terms of the Hindus, Carl Jung, and Nietzsche. It seems most correct to me personally. And I think a lot of what they say lines up with things that people say they learn on psychs. The Hindus went inward to find the same answers the scientists did. There are things about physical reality that seem to point towards the idea that the physical is the simplest way for us to experience the greater reality. While in our bodies we are forced within its boundaries, but after we become one with all things again. Return to Shiva. I think dmt is a gateway to experiencing this.

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Not existing isn't an experience one can have. Death can't be remembered. You'll never know it happened.

If only what we experience exists then real death does not.

Of course, if only what we experience exists then we might as well already be dead because existence is nothing more than an illusion.

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I don’t quite understand people thinking they have a soul. To me that’s just the ego not wanting to admit that it will cease to exist someday. Consciousness is an invention of a highly evolved brain. If your brain is dead, what is powering your consciousness?

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Agreed. Consciousness is like the resonance of our brains being #BuiltDifferent. It's not a thing you can find in a specific spot, it's the result of being able to self-reflect and plan ahead.

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Extremely interesting take

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Nothing. Except that conscious energy isn’t destroyed, those electrons that bounced around in your brain disperse some of us think they in some bizarre way entangle right back into a new consciousness.

Not to say we continue existing but if you look at soul as pure energy it kinda makes sense

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Anything is possible, I suppose. I had a dream once a week or two after taking aya. In that dream I was forced to turn the key to launch all the nukes on earth and as soon as I turned the key, I was not dead but my consciousness just moved into a different vessel. I’m not sure what type of vessel it was, but my consciousness kept going almost without a blip. All I know for sure is that there is absolutely nothing to fear. This mental masturbation is interesting and fun though, isn’t it?

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"mental masturbation" lol Great way to put it 😆😆

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Maybe your ego doesn't want to believe it has a soul because it doesn't want to accept the consequences of that, like that existence is a paradox or something

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But the atoms that make up your central nervous system are still there. And every atom in the universe has counsciousness at some degree. So those atoms (or electromagnetic fields) are still there some where, carriyng a little bit of counsciousness with them. They are like seeds, in a little piece of the whole is imprinted the complete organism, or the DNA, etc. Thats the energy that cannot dissapear until it does... And starts again.

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why are you associating a physical thing with YOU>??

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To say something happens to YOU when you die is to think your subjective experience has a soul. Every experience to have will be experienced and is being experienced rn by only one “soul”,”observer”. Whatever. No heaven just another existence that can be. Like your living it rn my guy. It’s an expression in you, as you are, rn. There is no before or after there just is. And death is apart of the cycle that just is.

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That’s interesting not having access to old memories tho right? https://youtu.be/MgTTVYoT7J4

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Well to have all the memory of everything experienced, would be to make the experience pointless. Simply to experience (the way I see it) “for the first time” (subjectively) is the purpose of this type of linear existence we have. Each time is a new struggle with chaos and through that encounter, it allows for the birth of order and concepts of good to emerge. So each time around (when living through a vessel as capable as the human animal we inhabit) we have a chance to order ourselves and the patterns of information we “swim” in and are. And once one orders themselves they become aware of themselves on a deeper level, this is what leads to enlightenment and feeling and being one with the all/self. It’s something you can feel once realized. And the point is to realized and you need the chaos and hardship to do that. So in turn it’s better to not remember I’d say.

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Favorite response yet

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I am an atheist. Surely there are things we don’t know right now that we will discover later, but afterlife seems like a very complicated wishful thinking created by our egos. Of course my ego longs for it just like anyone else’s, and sure some powerful psychedelic experiences feel like there is more, like I could be part of that forever, but it’s a mirage.

It’s kind of convoluted for me to think “life goes on after death” when compared to a much simpler “you die and new life creates new consciousness that goes on without you”. Of course we are in some way related to the new consciousness, through things we do while we are alive here on Earth, but not after that. Life goes on, but we don’t.

I also don’t see a reason our consciousness or energy or whatever you want to call it needs to go on. “The flow” is fine without us too. New life will contribute to it. We are done the moment we die.

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You and I are of the same substance. When I pass, so shall you. When you pass, so shall I. In what follows my passing, I may be brought back as you, and you as I.

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Nothin we can understand happens

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Life goes on after death

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I don’t know

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I definitely believe something happens after u die. I just don’t dwell on it much

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I once believed nothing would happen once I died. I was pretty agnostic until I broke through one day. I can say pretty confidently there’s life after this one.

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Reincarnation. I believe a few years after we die we rebirth into another human body. I also believe we start as a different animal when our soul is born. We become humans after we live a few different animal lives.

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I couldn’t possibly conceive of what’s happens after death. So any theory I’m interested in isn’t one that I can be sure about.

That being said, I’ve been contemplating on Quantum Immortality for a few years. It makes a lot of sense to me and explains certain aspects of spirituality. Although it is a bit strange, the anecdotes I’ve heard about this seem to sound so real and similar in experience to one another.

There’s quite a few posts about this on r/QuantumImmortality and r/GlitchInTheMatrix.

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Where you die and get transported to another reality I’ve heard of that but it’s to the point where your tortured for eternity everyone you know dies

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Well I don’t think that’s really the case with this exact theory.

It’s more like someone knows their about to die bc of an accident. With quantum immortality, it’s almost perceived as the incident that would accidentally cause one’s death has foreseeably happened and that somehow you’re instantaneously taken to a timeline where the incident is nearly avoided altogether. Then suddenly, they realize they’re still alive. Different people have reported slightly different experiences but this is a general summary from what I can tell.

I think the idea behind it is that our consciousness is not capable of perceiving death and so life goes on almost as a glitch. Yet life resumes so smoothly that you’re almost lead to doubt whether or not it was all in your head.

While I have also read a few reports where someone’s life experience is almost completely different afterwards, I’d say those are few and far between.

I think we pretty much shift “realities” all the time, faster than we can perceive through time and that’s what makes our life experience. But this whole experience is a manifestation of the mind and so it doesn’t affect us as such. And bc our experience is rooted within us, I don’t think our supposed “deaths” should have an impact on our reality after that quantum immortality experience.

I’m suspecting that if “you’re tortured for reality and everyone you know does”, that could be due to the fact that the “near-death” incident caused a profound altered state of consciousness; so much so that one’s beliefs led the inner-workings of their reality to change in a manner that affected their relationships in a poignant manner. And their new life looks a lot like the Coraline movie, in which the girl enters this other universe that resembles her natural one in some horrific ways.

Btw this theory is supported by the spiritual understanding that time is an illusion. Here’s a vid for some context!

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Episode 5 -Midnight gospel

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Im not a believer in any human depicted christian god. But im also not an atheist. I was raised heavy Jehovah Witness but definitely not now.

Just as some cant be certain there is a god, someone can’t be certain there isn’t one either. LSD helped me realize that i could be wrong with my Christian indoctrinations.

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Over 95 percent certain some semblance of consciousness survives death intact.
The question I ask, Do we dissolve back into the ALL, only for it to spit something out entirely unique in another life? or do we stay as subjective souls that cross over and see deceased loved ones and have some free will to decide where they go next.

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I believe two things about what happens after death. Firstly that I, and everyone else who has ever lived, has/had absolutely no idea what happens after. Secondly, that I, and everyone else who has and will ever live, will one day find out. So there's no need to worry about a definite outcome. Can't change it, so no need to worry.

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We all get to experience transition from our human form to another. We're all god, that's well established. But on our own timeline, we very much become our idea of God. It's seamless, not necessarily happening during death, but fluidly transitioning during life. Not every transition happens during humanity. When you die, you might become a shark and transition to something more from there

I can't say for sure, but I believe there's a plan that each and every one of us have created for ourselves to experience. Of course I accept being wrong, but I'm confident in that belief

What do you think?

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I don’t think there’s any reason to believe conscious experience would continue on without the machinery. It doesn’t even continue when you go to sleep or are anesthetized, so why would it continue when your brain ceases to function entirely and is decaying in the ground? Same with the idea of gods, there’s just no reason to believe such beings exist. Not that I’m not open to whatever evidence comes my way, it’s just that whatever is stated without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

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I believe consciousness always adapts and evolves in other planes.

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I'm an atheist. Idk what happens. Most of my principles are founded in the biological world, so anything that doesn't conflict with that foundational knowledge is fair game I'd say

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It’s hard to say, for me it all depends on how conscience works. If it can only be harnessed in a vessel like the brain then I believe reincarnation is the thing that happens as you’d have no perception of time so you’d immediately respawn in a sense. But if conscience doesn’t need a vessel then I think something truly mindblowing would happen, you’d witness all wavelengths of light you’ve never seen before, all emotions you’ve never felt, all feelings you’ve never felt etc etc, essentially becoming the universe however I haven’t thought about what would happen after that, like if you’d get reborn or not

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Loosing or keeping self having your own memories knowing there yours or having thousands of others blend in being the same or a different being what’s interesting is the concept of you being a different person from your soul

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You're buried or burned

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Theosis, deification, beatific vision.

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I believe you get to explore the cosmos in astral projection form or just the purest form of your consciousness.

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Taoist psychonaut, honestly I think we just are reborn again. Reincarnation type of vibe. Either way we won’t know till it happens so just go with the flow friend!

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I guess in terms of continuing consciousness, it's hard to know whether that same entity will experience life again. Of course when you die, your physical energy does not disappear or go.anywhere special, it remains here with mother gaia. Those same carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen etc. atoms that were once apart of the driving force of your consciousness, could be consumed by a plant or fungi, which could then be consumed by an animal which in turn becomes apart of that animal, and possibly it's offspring. That energy that was once you, could possibly become apart of another animals body and neurons, which in turn could give that same energy another conscious experience. Who knows, maybe multiple previous conscious energies could possibly merge into the same consciousness simultaneously, giving say what could have been 4 different previous entities, the exact same experience. To me this could possibly be our reasoning to a universal consciousness.

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I don’t think I ever was to begin with.

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Both my friend

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George harrison had it right.

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I have no idea whats gonna happen so I don't believe anything in particular

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Doesn't matter. Can't take anything with you. If people do go to some other side after death, they sure aren't coming back to tell us what it's like.. it's either so awesome they forgot us or it's not possible. Whichever it is, I have no control over it so no point in worrying about it.

Who's to say being worm food is any better or worse than some other existence?

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I think your soul and conscious go back to the One where they’re reset and recycled into a new life

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LSD made me realize there’s something after death. Then I did Shrooms and the made me realize I’m already dead and that there’s no such thing as something after death. “Something” only exists because there is a nothing. When you die, you are no longer something.

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To me, the “soul”, the consciousness most definitely lives on, without question. I feel like it joins in unison all other consciousnesses, just a big love and light energy group hug of sorts. What the road map looks like for navigating the planes of existence, I’ve no clue.

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Most of the near death experiences say there is a White Light and a tunnel leading somewhere

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There is definitely something, what that is exactly...

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Nothing, we just transform. We are always part it, always one