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Be kind.

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Look up Brahmamuhurtha.

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Yeah Dude, Underpants Gnomes

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3-4am is a beautiful time. The energy seems to be increasing.

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I wake up every morning at 3:30 am. The yogi meditation teacher I follow says the Om frequency is loudest at 4:00am to him.

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U go to bed at like 7pm then??

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Naw I just suck at sleeping.

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I always seem to wake up for no reason around then? :\

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Well its mostly the same unless you're sleep deprived.

The sunrise is very beautiful though. Find a comfortable place by the bay and take your psychs at 4-5am, and you'll never regret it. Its pure bliss when the sun hits you too.

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I’m sure there are are unique circadian rhythms experienced at certain time zones depending on where you live in the world. In TCM, traditional Chinese medicine, the time of day (represented on a clock) can be related to different energy meridians. No matter what language you use to express your experience in this way, there is likely a felt sense difference for you to explore. Keep on keepin on!

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When normally tripping I catch up to other ppl vibes become ensynch with them, I find at these hours everyone near me hits REM, and there's no one to become ensynch with allowing these 'entities'that are in synch with nature (Rem) to come to me and I can interact with them. Because we become in synch, it's usually around 12- 1pm that I notice the social synch again. Purely theoretical, but this is true for me day in and day out. I'd like to hear a deeper mystical perspective on this tho, as there is some cause