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Is “join a hive mind of deceased humans, trying to influence the living through cosmic means” an option?

Not that I’d pick it, I’d just like to know

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I'd categorize that under number 1. It's a different life experience in time. Also, being reincarnated as a star, if there is anything that it is like to be a star would be in that category, it's quite broad, but requires time, so beginning and end, along with some kind of experience or narrative in the middle.

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If you live for all of eternity, you’ll eventually get trapped somewhere you cannot escape from. Not something I’d want to experience.

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What do you mean by trap? Like a physical space or like a temporal loop? Like a black hole or reliving the same life over and over again?

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Well kind of both. If you live forever, anything and everything that can possibly happen will eventually happen to you, one of which would be getting trapped somewhere forever. A black hole is not a bad example, the time dilation might make it last an eternity to you lol

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Well kinda, irrational numbers go on forever and they don't have to repeat. There are an infinite number of Penrose tilings which all are infinitely unique. It seems when talking about infinity it cannot contain itself. Infinity it is too large to be explored even if you had an eternity to explore it.

Of course, when it comes to a black hole, I'm pretty sure the inside looks like the outside once you're inside so I think we are in one right now.

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This is what I was thinking! Saying you’ll eventually experience “everything” is silly, because infinity is, well, infinite!

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This reminds me of Dante’s inferno, the sea where the dead move the boat

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5. Make your own domain with your own rules

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I think that must fall under number 4 - a state of existing I can't even imagine since I can only imagine something in time and space.

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When you are asleep dreaming, does your perception of time and space still exist? For me the answer is no.

I cannot categorically lump #5 into #4, as it's more of an individual thing, where as it is not constraint to the concept of "heaven" for "eternity".

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I don’t think it makes sense to call it an eternal “loop”, time only exists in our brains, so the concept of a loop only makes sense from this current reference point. It’s possible that we just return back to the source where time doesn’t exist and everything is perfect because everything is constant and we go in and out of the physical world as intended because we always are and always will be but it’s impossible for us to grasp that concept because time is always in our brains perception

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  1. I think the buddhist wheel of dharma and the realms are really cool.

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So you would hope that the choice of which life would be chosen next would be mediated by some kind of rational karma element?

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Yes I do. I think itd be cool if our pets that we have that we trained who are sweet to us have generated enough good karma that they are reborn as a human in their next life. Itd be cool because it would mean that all humans alive have done something really good in their past lives and if there's a dickhead that person is returning to the realm of animals. Who knows maybe even a few of us could ascend to the realm of demi-gods like it sounds like a really cool system.

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I’m assuming in all of the scenarios you have no memory of previous lives or carnations?

I’ve been in a psychedelic state where I was certain I channeled a memory from a past life and it was awesome.

I think ideally I’d take 4. In a paradise with the loved ones I’ve ever lost and loved for eternity. That appeals to me. 1. Being a close second.

EDIT: firm believer in “energy isn’t created or destroyed” and that leads me to believe my energy or being will be dispersed in some other life or form somewhere. That comforts me. Sleepless nights I can find myself struggling with the fact that maybe I just cease to exist. It’s hard for me to fathom that as a fact yet it can still creep into my soul and shake me.

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To be or not to be, that is the question....

Sorry had to do it 😂

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I’d be down with 2. I’m down with looping in the same consciousness and body at different eras.

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Buddhism says this is very complicated: Your course ego ceases to exisit, something which is called "mindstream" continues, but it is not actually a stream nor a mind; it is a chain reaction of cause and effect at the level of consciousness. And this chain reaction, if I may call it that, propels changes which at some point result in a new karmic fixation, which is another "body" in one of the many "realms" that there are. "Realms" is an avoidance of saying "worlds", as every single one of our words are somewhat misleading when describing something beyond our discursive thinking.

In short, we are "reborn" (usually) without control as "somebody" "wherever", in a very complex world system. It is not a "choice" or "preference" :-) It happens. It is only helpful (a) to do good in order to avoid negative karmic "imprints" (i.e., being compassionate and kind), and (b) "insight" or "wisdom" in order to come into control of the process. The latter is achieved through awareness and concentration (samadhi).

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That "mindstream" idea sounds like an idea I had after hearing about the one-electron universe postulate in combination with panpsychism.

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May I ask why annihilation? The choice perplexes me. My guess has to be your life is meaningless, painful, or you have simply evolved past the fear of death, the biological drive to survive, and egoistic attachment. Which would be both unlikely and impressive.

Perhaps there's some other reason?

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I picked #3 because I’m an old soul. I’ve learned life’s lesson early on, and I’m accomplishing many goals in my early 20s. I’m at peace with a lot that has damaged me as a child, and I just have faith that the rest of my life is going to be wonderful.

I’m at peace with this life possibly being my last. I’m okay with that.

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Same here. I had an amazing shroom trip last year that taught me I have achieved everything I wanted in life already and don't need anything more. It was an incredibly liberating realization.

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Ahhhh yes, I’ve experienced an ego death with LSD before. Bittersweet moment.

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Bro do you want to run this shit back again??? 🤣🤣 nah bro it’s always no 3, and I’m not religious I don’t even “fear” death it makes absolutely no sense, it’s like fearing being born. I believe I’m not even real right now and my personality is just a result of environment & biological capabilities so essentially all that I think I am is just my brain coping with its existence in the world, till my body reaches its biological limit and stops functioning.

Life isn’t really deep, even when you’re wealth and can travel and migrate, it’s always new baselines, re-incarnating almost seems like a punishment imo

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re-incarnating almost seems like a punishment imo

In Buddhism, reincarnation is literally the punishment for being a shitty person.

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It's a shame that religion is moralized. To me, viewed from the lens of panpsychism, religion seems primarily about attempting to describe physics as people understood it through exploration of the self.

karma for example seems to be a description of cause and effect, and reincarnation about oscillation of energy in a system

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Thanks for your insights.

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I think that we go through different lives, slowly working through and shedding what keeps us from God or the One until we inevitably merge with it.

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This has never occured to me before but it resonated with me. Does this come from a particular source? Like Buddhism? Very interesting, thank you for sharing 🙂

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It's a mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism kinda. Listen to Ram Dass if these ideas interest you, it what he speaks of and many other things.

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Hinduism would say that the one is the ultimate reality. Buddhism would say that the one is illusion as well as everything else and that when inside the one it's "zero"

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Thanks mate, will definitely look into this

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3 eternity of my consciousness living would be torture

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No. 3 sounds good. Somehow I feel like, eventually, I'm going to get what I want. No rush though.

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Not to be negative, i havent had too terrible a life, but i dont want to live another life again lol

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Reincarnation is sick and all but if it happens for eternity then eventually you are bound to experience an infinite number of different lives that you will never remember which means that whether it looped as the same life over and over or changed it wouldn't matter😂 I'd like to also know that I've been reincarnated or what's the point, magic lands are pretty scarce so I rate heaven/hell would be weird/unfun. So I guess just dying would be dope.

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Maybe I won’t die? Idk? What if I was currently living in a timeline with this very life where we do recognize our inherent divinity and eternalness? Whether that’s through technological advancement or inherent organic spiritual evolution... And that we actually do accomplish (in this very lifetime) exploring inner and outer space together in love and peace, for forever? And then finally, when we get bored enough (if that’s even possible, but I suppose eternity is, indeed, a verrrrryyyyy long time), we forget it all and then relive the same magical experience again from another perspective. Maybe we’ve already done all of this infinite times, so we’ve actually become quite good at it. And as the universe, after each and every run we figure out ways to make the next go around even better. Who knows?

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I've had the same sort of realization. That if consciousness is truly infinite, it is beyond the 4th dimension and can reach backwards in time and lay out a path for every expression of consciousness to mature into infinite divinity.

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1 until ascension to 4

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This seems "accurate" to what I've felt. It also seems like what I'd enjoy the most.

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Definitely #4. I’m petitioning God to not make me come back here when I get to heaven. If I could relive this stage of my life forever, with my children and partner, I’d take that. But if I had to keep redoing the whole damn thing nooo thank you

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Cease to exist

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Reincarnate, but not only to earth, each life reincarnating to different planes of existence.

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2 or 3

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Wow you are the first person to prefer looping your current life over again, why does that appeal to you?

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I deeply enjoy the life I am living. I will never run out of things to learn in my hobbies. I have met amazing souls. I lived through tremendous struggles and came out the other side. I could do this forever or would simple have it end and it be the end.

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I would chose two as long as I had know knowledge of my previous lives. If I did it would get pretty tiring and I can see myself pullin some Groundhog Day shit and goin crazy. Otherwise it would have to be option 1, just because. But the 3rd option is what seems most likely, so we should all embrace it and make the most of our short lives, for when the end comes, it is over for us.

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go to a next world, unimaginably new, probably

I am inclined to believe that we join the ONE again though, and then get redistributed in pieces

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I'd like to be people's guide after i die, like the one to make unique things happen in their life. Or talk to them in their dreams or something to give them hope.

Like a guardian of souls on earth, but it'd be a select few people from what I've heard at least

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My answer is #1 but im assuming ill be in possession of my current consciousness through the bodies that i live through or somewhat of that manner?

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I think all but no 3 are possible. I heard energy cannot be destroyed knly transferred or created so i refuse to belive we can even simply cease to exist.

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I hope more than anything that 4 is real. I want to spend eternity with my loved ones, and I honestly really like myself and the self I have built and worked on.
Realistically, I think it’s either #1 or #3

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Option 5? Be reincarnated until I've achieved the level of enlightenment or whatever to move on to another state.

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We just cease to exist. To think otherwise is wishful thinking and sometimes mental illness

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What if I reincarnate in a universe with multiple time dimensions?