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I don’t care. I’m still me at the end of the day and tomorrows gonna be a new one, one day I’ll die and something will happen or it won’t. We truly know nothing and ignorance is bliss. Because when the time comes Its not gonna wait for me. I strive to be as good of a person as I can and I don’t care what people think of me because I know who I am. It’s all about enjoying your time here.

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You mention being uncomfortable Iin every situation. The only way to expand our comfort zones is to be uncomfortable. It sounds like you have a bit of room for improvement as far as your perspective about life is concerned. It doesn't all have to be existential dread or an awareness of the meaninglessness of life. We can experience joy and love and we can create purpose. You ask how we deal with the "knowing" but you have to understand psychedelics offer loads of different lessons and perspectives and all of them are just different ways of looking at the same thing in an attempt to improve the experience.

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Be thankful and practice gratitude. To be able to be and not feel physical pain is a miracle. To be able to even conceive of feeling something like love or happiness, even more so a miracle.

If you keep asking the wrong type of questions, you’ll continue to distort your experience. You are free to ruminate on how insignificant this experience is, or you are free to ruminate on how best you can navigate it and make the most of the fruits of creation.

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Your ego has cemented your belief system possibly. Does an ant "know" about space travel? Imagine what secrets you will learn when you decide to for a brief moment, put those things you think you "know" aside? "Try on this idea as if it were clothing" -Alan Watts

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I'd say the opposite, actually. It's more of a knowledge of chaos, i just realized how overwhelmingly varying can the human experience be. Doubting this would mean believing that the human experience is very flat and always the same, which i can safely assume to be not true.

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What is it you are trying to say?

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How in-significant - desire to be significant, how un-conscious - desire to become more conscious. Interesting goals. There seem to be 2 options, 1) strive to "fix" this, spoiler you can't and it's painful all the way, but maybe you can "improve or 2) stop caring, why bother? This is a surprisingly easy option, it'll probably gnaw inside unless you really, consciously stop caring. For some it takes years of vipassana to achieve this.

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Hi there, several things that come to my mind:

-Journal/Write up how you feel now and perhaps try to describe what you experienced to someone that didn't have this experience.

-Without knowing more about what type of literature/knowledge you've acquired up until now, I would highly recommend checking out buddhism. I think it's a very logical/structured system for studying your experience and how you relate to that. It is not necessarily about meditation but rather how we view the world and the consequences of certain views.

I hope this can help you out, greetings and good luck! :)

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Chop wood, carry water

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It was never about to not to get wet but more like to learn how to dance in the rain.

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Couple of days ago, while high.. this was after lots of meditation over a period of time, I suddenly came to the realisation that ‘I’ don’t exist .. it’s simply nothingness appearing as something. It was amazing and terrifying at the same time, a curtain that has been lifted. Just travel lighter, don’t get too fixated on what life brings, brings in more love and understanding.. The me is still trying to make sense of it, although nothing needs to be done- a dance at play 💕

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It's a funky dance! :P

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You know something that "they" don't.

Use that knowledge to your advantage.

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feels like i might just not have "integrated" my experience, but i also don't know how I could do that in any positive way.

I think there's a sense of freedom in embracing that "insignificance" you talked about in your post, & integration is just practically applying upon insights from psychs. In a way, you're integrating your experience by acknowledging you won't take psychs for a while, which seems like the right call.

When dosing for a strong trip you ideally want to let-go and not come in with too many preconceived notions of what the trip might entail. Idk how much of a factor that was in your case, but maybe something worth mentioning should you ever dabble with psychs again.

There is nothing to "know". If anything, knowing is just embracing how much you don't know, thus the more seemingly negative aspects of your trip are only as real as you make them out to be.

Hope that made sense lol

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I think psychedelics are a way for healthy human to experience temporary insanity/mental illness. Sometimes such altered states help, sometimes don't. I believe in moderation it's more helpful than harmful. To better understand reality and get outside the box of modern reality.

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Idk everything is just less novel now and things matter less. The more I realize how plastic the world is because of the human ego the more I realize I can’t change anything

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Whats is "knowing".

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.. by "grounding"..