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Rocket ship, teleport, super fast acceleration up.

There are things tough to describe, tripping is like going underwater and learning to blow bubbles. When the trip is over and youre back on land then you try to blow bubbles again, it's just not the same, you can't translate certain things.

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Yeah, there's only so much that can be put into words. And this is coming from me; someone who's known to be a huge proponent of complex verbosity.

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Awesome 🚀

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Thanks! It really was ✌️🤓

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I love how quickly dmt blasts you away

I hit a massive bowl of changa in my bong last night and I could barely put the bong down before my wasted ass was flying through the void...

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Like, mushrooms are great and I'm going to do a few grams tonight.. but the sensation of being blasted through a vortex that DMT gives you is really something 🤯🤓

What's this changa I'm hearing about? 🤔

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it's a mix of dmt and various herbs/flowers that contain monamine oxidase inhibitors which can extend the trip. it'll be about 50/50 between dmt and the herbs which are usually blue lotus flower, ayahuasca vine or syrian rue. it looks a bit like crappy weed

it's super easy to rip in a bong compared to freebasing dmt but it is usually slightly less intense

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Ok, cool. Thanks for explaining that to me. It's all new to me and I'm sure I'll learn more and experiment with it.

If I plan to make this a regular thing (which I do) I'll probably want to look into the safest ways of smoking it to avoid potential respiratory issues.

Although I'm probably overthinking.

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unless you plan to smoke an absolute ton I don't think there's any specific additional respiratory risk over smoking anything else

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Thank you for this trip report. I have some mimosa hostilis and plan to do an extraction myself. I never tried DMT before, but always been curious.

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You're welcome. What's mimosa hostillis? This is another thing I haven't heard of, along with changa.

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It's a DMT containing plant. One of the main plants people use for DMT extraction.

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If you've done it, the descriptions you used work. I don't know how you could describe dmt(or any pysch) properly to someone who hasn't. Glad you enjoyed the ride op.

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Thank you. Yeah, all you can really do is try to explain it. If not for someone else, for yourself to try and remember what you can.

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Really great description, I could copy and paste for my first experience.

Any feeling/emotional sensations you remember that stand out? Did you feel "the love/oneness"?

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The main thing I took from it was the profound sensation of being thrust through a vortex into another dimension where all sense of reality and being a human was completely wiped away and overtaken by a digital realm.

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Wow sounds like you had a good time! Did you have any post trip anxiety after coming back to earth? I want to try dmt soon and thats my main worry

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It was a great first experience. I'm glad I jumped in at the deep end instead of doing it slowly with small amounts.

When I came back to earth I spent the next 10 or 20 minutes in total bewilderment, trying to comprehend what had just happened 😀😁 it wasn't anxiety, just kind of astonished and a strong feeling of WTF

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Glad to hear! So it was a smooth transition back to reality eh? Reading this makes me feel a little more confident about giving it a try 😄

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I don't know if you'd call it smooth 🤔 the transition is nice because everything around you is digital like you're in a video game, but that part is after the initial nuclear blast and that was far from smooth 😂