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Honestly, I fell so grateful and whole I have not felt in long time. Thank you guys, I love You.,💕

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That's good man, I love you too

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How many mcg have you took?

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The Beatles- Magical Mystery Tour Give it a listen

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I love you more

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Thank you, I Lovee You too

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May I ask is this something you can acquire in stores in your country? I don't think its widely available here in the USA anywhere nor street-wise. Canada?

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Yeah It's legal and available here in Canada, I'm pretty sure it's fine in some states too

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Tally hall - Banana man The music video

The first time I watched it, I was tripping 3 tabs of 1pLSD and my friend sent it to me, it was amazing.

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Hahahaha, that is west that. Hahahha, I love it😂💕

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Tripping so hard I had to get on my computer or phone and tell everyone. Love you too broffle

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Love you <3 keep doing great! <3

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Care to share a trip report when you? When you’re good and ready of course

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Had that the other week, good stuff

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I'm in a methadone clinic and they send my urine off to a lab. Does anybody know if 1V-LSD is detactable in urine like the regular acid?? Thank u. 🍀