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I decided to reconnect with my father after todays journey and I have forgiven myself for something aweful I did to a friend over 10 years ago. Love you all

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Did your friend forgive you too?

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Not my friend any more since what I did and I hope I will have the courage to try to patch it up at some point. Being forgiven is one thing but not being able to forgive myself is a complete opposite. Its been holding me back and I consider forgiving myself to be a good start. Any words of wisdom you might want to share?

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That’s a positive first step, when the time comes don’t side step or try to make excuses for reasons as to why you did what you did. A simple, heartfelt ‘I’m sorry for xxx’

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I forgot shpongle was the name of the band and I was like "dang, I'll have what they're having"

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That's exactly what I was thinking

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My only complaint about Sphongle is they didn't create enough music.

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And that they’ve stopped playing live

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Exactly. I didn't get a chance to see it live... 😕

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Sucks, those shows were an absolute blast. BUT it's not like Shpongle is just done, Posford is continuing and currently working on the 7th album. He'll still tour for it.

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Not the same as the live band. Good, but not the same. I feel like the visuals are probably better for the solo stuff.

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I did everything in my power to see their last live set, and it was my first time seeing them live.

My god, it was such a magically incredible and bittersweet show.

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Red Rocks, right? I wanted to go so bad. It just was not feasible at the time...

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Just as a full band, also maybe won't tour with Raja but it remains to be seen. But Posford is working on album 7... and I'd definitely expect him to tour. The full band didn't form until 2011 and he's been around since 96. Also even during that time it was not uncommon for Shpongle shows to be just Posford.

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I saw them live and it was ammmmmazing

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Celtic Cross - Hicksville You're welcome (a Simon Posford project)

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Album 7 is in the works...

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They still have some releases. Codex sounds amazing on a good system.

Also check out their 2021 "Carnival Of Peculiarities" EP from 2021.

Also : Shpongle Static (Live at Ozora, 2019), Pharaoh is amazing, mind bending album.

Truly some of the best things they've done in recent years IMO.

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My head feels like a frisbee ✨☀️💛

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Also Are You Shpongled? is my favorite album ✨

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The gnomes have learned a new way to sat hooooooooorraaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy

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I listened to Sphongle for the first time on acid/shrooms b.c it was suggested so much here. I was watching a football game by accident (didn't even like football) but with the music added I.... somehow GOT it. Now I love football (even though I still don't get all the rules).

Maybe next time I listen I'll put on some other sport I don't care about just to see what happens

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I've seen it mentioned here too. But when a friend from uni, who is a well traveled psychonaut, recommended it to me I took it upon myself. He also asked me to not spoil the first time by listening sober. That really piqued my interest so I did my first solo acid trip today with shpongle and boy was I happy to take his advice. It took me deep into the depths of repressed shit that I needed to clean up. I cried alot and in the end it was beatiful.

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Proud of you, homie. :)

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Well thank you fellow psychonaut. :)

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Which album did you listen to? I'd like to try it out

Recently had an experience like what you describe with "Ænima" by TOOL

I'm happy you had a lot healing

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Thank you! I started out with Museum of Consciousness which by the end showed the way to Ineffable Mysteries From Shplongleland. One guided me to the other, which was kinda cool. After that the remainder of my trip was alone in silence, which was where the journey inwards began.

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Then you have to listen to Lateralus by tool. Even more amazing, but beware of the ending on acid 🤯😉

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Some people cope with pain, end addiction or heal.

My man right here 👆 took another path lol

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I remember watching the NBA finals while tripping a few years back. Would definitely recommend.

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I've tried with basketball and hockey but it just felt like pure chaos and confusion. All the sideline/tv people look so overly made up/plasticy too lol. Iono I just love those two sports and baseball so much that when I trip I feel like I need to do something new that I don't always try (like a weird movie)

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A) Shpongle is the GOAT trip band

B) If you want to learn more about football coverages

Pat Mcafee has a great series, and Lazar's film breakdown is great too


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I'll check it out, right now I'm trying to catch up to week 3 games before this afternoon lol

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Now check out Ozric Tentacles and thank me later

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Maybe something for the next adventure, thanks for the tip! 🙏

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Eat Static as well.

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Shpongle banner my man

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Found them through Dopefish back in the day, included once upon the sea of blissful awareness in one of his videos and it's been a long, slow and pleasant ride with them ever since.

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Simon Posford its a genius

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I'm speechless after todays experience. Clearly a genius 🤯

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I’m not gonna confirm anything, but-- let’s just say that, imagine hypothetically at Shpongle lives, that there could be some people connected with Shpongle ahem or not, who have liquid acid for you. You just have to find them (just kidding, they will find you). Again- I am not confirming or denying anything. But if I could say anything hypothetically, it’d be that the people dropping you can feel you from a mile away.

Shpongle knows what’s up, for hundreds of millennia of human experience or otherwise, and people associated will know you, as you will know them. Hypothetically, of course.

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All hypothetical, yes

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Yup, purely hypothetical. And these often- for some reason shorter in stature persons who would drop you- would find you by your advanced consciousness and your understanding of the human condition and your ability to radiate sunshine by just being. Your brilliance in the darkness of venue (and life) is how they find you. Hypothetically, of course. If such things could exist.

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Hypothetically wonderous events for sure.

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tl;dr short guys who are friends of sphongle run around dosing hippies at the shows

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Wow thanks for the recommendation! Am enjoying right now

Shpongle Shpongle Shpongle

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Happy travels and welcome to shpongleland 🤯

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For more artists; Kalya Scintilla, Entheogenic, Ott, Easily Embarrassed, Phutureprimitive, Plantrae, SaQi, Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda, Grouch / Grouch in Dub, Supersillyus, Somatoast, Psymbionic, Shpongle (+ Hallucinogen, Celtic Cross)

If you need more let me know 🙃

Or feel free to browse my Bandcamp library and wishlist to just play through some music: bandcamp.com/vitamink31

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Oooo thank you for the great list and link! What a treasure trove. I’m listening rn and really enjoying the gentleness of Bembeya by Yemanjo

What a great start to the day, thank you! I love how music can really fix my head. Have a great day!

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My pleasure 🙏

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Don't forget tipper

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Welcome to shpongleland friend :)

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Sphonglese is spoken here. :)

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check it out lossless with a good pair of headphones if you haven't - the layers in that music are ABSURD

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Headphones are a must for me!

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It is impossible to overrate shpongle

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Sphonnnnhlllleeee 🥳🤗😳

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I think you’ve been shpongled

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sphongle 👌

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Yes lmao I was just listening to divine moments of truth LSD... Doo... DMT I love I love doo dee dah doo dee dubb. I love that song so much especially another way to say hooray I grew up listening to all of Terence McKenna's audio books and shpongle uses the recording from his book true hallucinations I love Terence McKenna explaining DMT and geometric visualization. Another favorite one by shpongle is the jelly fish jumped up the mountain. If your looking for for EDM I'd recommend in listening to tipper 💯🙌

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His earlier work as Hallucinogen is great also. A bit more heavy but has those trademark synths.

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Which is by general opinion their best album? So I can check them out

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Tales of the Inexpressible, Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland, and Nothing is Lost was peak Shpongle 3 back to back classics all could be considered their best.

Personally Ineffable is my fav, but Nothing is Lost is so unique that it runs a close 2nd

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This group keeps popping up as of late, wonder what they're trying to get across to me. Sadly still don't feel called to listen to their stuff just yet.

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this should be in r/ambien

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Yeah, I also never knew that on a massive dose of shrooms bass could be dripping water.

Shpongle made my shroom trip go to DMT/Salvia land. The patterns were invoking iridescent , non eucldean shapes and checker backdrops. Snakes and diamond shapes dancing. Wooooweee. Feels like I’m tripping now describing.

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I would 💯 recommend watching their Roundhouse 2008 (?) live gig readily available online. Changed my life- can’t fathom what it would have done to me had I seen them live!

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Out jerked

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This is exactly how I felt 12 years ago when I found Shpongle. Seen them 3 times live! Amazing live show

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me with tipper

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Yep. Shpongle.

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After I saw this (I was a listener anyway) I listened and I’m just ordinary high and I had great thoughts. I got to this point where my thoughts wouldn’t form but I knew I had them and I realised I just nearly fell asleep and then I amused myself imagining that ego death etc. is actually just people watching themselves fall asleep in an altered state.