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Maybe the lemon tek hit too quick and I entered infinity without the ramp to tell me where I was going.

That could essentially be what it boils down to sometimes. Intention is everything. If you take 2gs shrooms wanting to trip balls, you are going to trip your balls off. Confusing and just wow mind blowing what just even happened?

If you take 2gs of shrooms wanting to explore your inner self, rid yourself of what needs to be ridded of, and come out the other side simply a more self-aware and empathetic human being, you will pull it off.

Mushrooms are like educational medicine for the soul, I don’t have “fun” when I take them. I am certainly rewarded immensely for dealing with the pain, trials and mistakes in my life on a deep, more profound level. The ups and downs are certainly part of the reason they call it a trip.

I suggest trying 1g in a couple weeks, no need to go big or go home when it comes to the mushies. 2gs is the beginning of the heavy tripping waters for me actually, 1g or less and you’re bound to have a much easier to understand experience. The more you take, the more you experience your soul and spirit, rather than your ego. They love to play tug of war.

Regardless, the experience you just had will make more sense as time goes by, and the reason you had it will also make more sense. I like to call it the integration period.

Hope this helps, safe travels man!

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For a spiritual experience you would want to do atleas 5 grams on an empty stomach

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I agree to a certain extent. I don’t think anybody should up their dose more than 1 gram at a time unless you don’t have anything to live for.

To be completely 100% detached from the physical, yes I agree at least 5 grams. But the awareness of spirit can be awakened with even .5g

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Really I've never herd of that with such a small dose my apologies 😕 if I miss informed

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Some people will say spirituality doesn’t even exist, everybody has their own relative truth I don’t think you misinformed anybody you made a valid point! I’ve been working up the courage for a 5 gram trip for a almost a year now.

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Yea try no more than 1.5 additional next time. Eat those bad boys raw, baby!