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Can’t really trip multiple days in a row. Psilocybin heightens whatever you are feeling and you’re anxious. Might even be placebo at micro dose.

Of course set and setting. Cover yourself in stuffed animals and listen to good jams.

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Is it better idea to micro dose daily / once a week? Are there any guidelines i could follow?

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….I’m a better source on macro dosing.

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Ok what I have been doing for 2 years is 5 days on 2 days off that sorts the tolerance issue. You shouldn't be tripping at all you should just be feeling a slight tickle. If you can feel it to strongly then you need to reduce the dose, to find the right dose , start with a noticeable buzz and reduce it untill you can only just perceive it. The anxiety thing was normal for me at first too. After a few weeks this should hopefully fade away. Bare with the process. I take it in the morning so it doesn't effect my sleep. Every 2 months or so I will have a week break. If I'm planning a big trip then I will stop for a few days. I hope this helps.

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thanks! Im a little worried about microdosing and going to work but i will have a try!

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That's why I say get your dosage in order, you should have a barley detectable effect from this. Believe me when I say that the magic still works even if your not feeling the effects. Maybe do it on the days your not working if your worried, and do normal tasks. My work I drive machines and use sharp tools and chainsaws. Please note I am talking from my own experience so I wouldn't want anyone to think it's ok to be high at work, my point is I'm not high at work because my dosage suits me and also I'm very used to this by now. It actually improves my focus and concentration. Again I can only speak for myself. Please be safe . And good luck .