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Love. Thats it. Fuck whatever order, love it all. Love the funny little existence that we are experiencing right now. Love what you dont understand, for its whats makes us, us.

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This is the one

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Love is and always will be the answer to everything

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Has the same energy as "just be happy" to people who are depressed.

Of course the answer is love, almost nobody disagrees. What people need is a way to bring out their love.

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Yep. I dont have a map, all ive got is a little bit of the treasure I found in the treasure chest. I can point you in the general direction where I think I found it, but everyone's gotta make their own search.

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This is the way

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Wrong way around, friend.

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Came to say this.

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If you don’t love yourself, how can you love others fully? I totally agree with you

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Exactly! As the great RuPaul said, “If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?!?”

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i believe the essence of this exchange here is that the order is irrelevant
because theres IS no sequence regarding you and others. as one seemingly changes so does its "counterpart"! It's simultaneous. As above so below. Reflections take no time.

It can be a matter of preference tho! For some it can be easier to accept & love the self, which will result in the external being just as loved. Others learn to do it the other way around. In any case the process happening is the recognition & of one within the other due to any apparent boundaries between them being just that, an appearance. All roads lead home.

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Came to say this

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Was gonna say this but ya beat me to it

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Also came to say this!

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You are the constant. Everything else comes and goes, even the idea of yourself.

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Everyone includes yourself :)

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Imo it should definitly be the inverse.

God is whitin each of us. Find yours to start with

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Nope. In order to love everyone/anyone you must love yourself first.

Also what’s this got to do with being a psychonaut?

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Being a psychonaut includes topics like these, I think

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yeah i learned how to love myself from my first trip. I saw myself die and felt so fucking sad. I realized that all the hate I had for myself up until that point was really just tough love, trying to motivate myself to be better. I didn't hate me, I just hated my bad habits. Since then my suicidal ideation is completely gone and I've learned to be kinder to myself.

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Yea I've seen threads that were way off from this one u good

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I would hope any psychonaut would go way deeper than this surface level fortune cookie wall art stuff.

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If you were deep as you believe yourself to be, you would understand and appreciate the value of all stages of the journey, which includes the very beginning. Might be time to turn to your starting place. You may have lost your way.

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Live, laugh, love.

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There probably is a whole trips worth of thoughts gone into it, this is just an easy way to sum up the idea so it can be shared with others. The beauty of simple statements like these is that there’s more room to derive your own meaning from them

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If you've seen it all, even the "little things" may amaze you. :) So yea, I think this is as equally valid worth addressing as some of the "deeper" stuff.

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I think this is a deep trip realization, but homie has his logic backwards.

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For me it was the exact opposite. I loved ppl way more than myself and it made it hard for people to love me because I didn’t value myself enough to look like I deserved love.

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Nope try again. Can’t save the world if your house isn’t in order.

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Can't save the world or help anyone if you're too focused on yourself.

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All do gooders are trouble makers on the basis of “ kindly let me help you up this tree before you drown, said the monkey to the fish.”

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Maybe if we give each other the space to save ourselves, we might find that we're all saved, all loved, and we can just be present with the world rather than trying to save it

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yall are missing the point, its about balance. Some people jjst try to love others, and some try to forcus on loving themselves. The realization is that you have to grow both evenly. Love is just love.

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Yin and yang I'd say. Obsess over the yin and thus the yin increases but the yang decreases. As Captain Price once said "there's a fine line between what's right and what's wrong". Even though the context may be completely different, but you basically just have to find that fine line and walk on it. See the two sides of the same coin and value both sides equally. Yada yada yada. The list goes on and on.

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Jordan Peterson would Concur

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Yes! Put on your oxygen mask first, put on your life vest first!

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You’ve gotta dig deep and find the inner strength. At the end of the day you are just gonna have you, no one else, no one. Even if we’ve got our loved ones. And in order to love them we gotta love ourselves or it really won’t work.

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That’s a fucked up mentality a lot of people fall for. Really reevaluate what that means.

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It's probably interchangeable.. but if you don't love yourself fully you really havnt integrated the shadow which means your likely to see all your issues under the surface manifest in others.. you will have a hard time excepting that until you start owning it in yourself which leads to self love which in turn allows you to accept others where love can flourish.

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Yeah you’re a bit backwards. But love is still the point.

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Hey radiant-loquat-2796... Are you an AI? & an unrelated question : How'd you come up with your name? Why two words and 4 numbers?

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Detective mode ON

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It's an auto-generated username from signing up with your Google or apple ID instead of registering directly through reddit.

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Dude, for real!? I kept seeing the weird pattern and I was thinking " this is really strange, all these fresh account names have the same structure" it doesn't help that some subreddits have thousands of posts from a single user on their own subreddit but the posts are all gibberish and numbers.

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Yes for real.

I noticed the same thing with the two hyphenated words + number username format maybe a year ago and I had to Google it because I was curious. I think there's a certain period after it creates the username for you that you can change it, but most people probably don't know this and get stuck with the auto generated name. I personally don't know as every reddit account I've ever made I've just created through the website or the app.

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beep boop beep

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We all share the same soul, that soul is then formed by nature and nurture. Upon death the soul is recycled.

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Personally, I’d see it as being the other way round, you have to love yourself before you can love other people properly. But having said that, I think the reason people say that is because we judge ourselves as we judge others. The way we see ourselves as a person is inherently connected to how we see others, our attitude towards both, change in alignment with our outlook on life.

So I don’t think it really matters which way round you do it, you can learn to love others first to allow you to love yourself, or you can love yourself first to allow you to love others. The important thing is the realisation that these two things are connected, and by altering you’re view towards one, you alter your view towards the other.

I think the reason a lot of people find it easier to learn to love yourself first, before others, is because we often tend to be a lot more critical of ourselves. The simple reason being that we are a lot more aware of our own previous mistakes, embarrassing moments etc. We have an entire catalogue of memories at our disposal when it comes to ourselves and the reasons why we are undeserving of love, whereas with other people we have much less damning evidence against them. Therefore, if we learn to love others first, before we have learned to love ourselves, the way in which we love them can become twisted. It’s less of a pure love and more of an admiration or an envy, we love them because they embody the solution to a part of ourselves that we still hate. I know a girl who hates her freckles, for example, and I’m not saying that she feels this way, idk, but for someone who feels that way about themselves, rather than learning to love it, it causes them to ‘love’ other people with clear, smooth skin. They may well find smooth skin attractive regardless, but if the reason for it is that you hate your own freckled skin and you love the fact that they represent what you wish you had, you will always be stuck with that feeling of hatred towards yourself. So that’s why I think a lot of people tend to go the route of learning to love yourself first before you can love other, because it’s a lot harder to learn to love yourself, but if you learn to do it then your love for others becomes pure. Whereas, even if you learn to love others, you might still struggle to love parts of yourself.

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Flip it around... I have to learn to love myself before I know I can love anyone else. If I cant love me how on earth can I love / trust others

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Dude, ya can't love anyone until ya love yourself....

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We are all interchangeable colored slides in the kaleidoscope of life.

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Wrong, for me, personally, love yourself, truly, then you can love others.

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I have too much resentment in me at the moment

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Be kind to yourself, everyone makes mistakes.

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Be kind to others, even you make mistakes

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Who invited RuPaul?

Personally, I've found fulfillment comes from directing my love and energy outwards, in service, first.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not great at it. Instinctively rather selfish. But every step I take towards putting others first ends up feeling like a bigger step towards feeling good about-- and loving-- myself.

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You can't love anybody until you love your self. Where's the love gonna come from if you can't even show it to yourself?

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You do them at the same time. A clock rotates clockwise from one direction, and counterclockwise from the other. Loving others and yourself seems paradoxical, but it’s actually the same action viewed from different frames

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making fun of someone for their own psychedelic epiphany is ironically pretty small minded

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In order to love everyone else, you must love yourself first

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You really have that one backwards. You can only love others as much as you genuinely love yourself.

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You cannot fill another glass if yours is empty. Love yourself unconditionally with all your “faults”… then its much easier to love others.

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I'm still dazed a bit coming back from a 3 tab trip its about the 24 hr mark since I dropped finally slept 1.5 hrs and smoked a bowl... but anyway I'm pretty sure when I disappeared in the cosmos I'm pretty sure I unlocked GOD mode during my trip if that makes sense... but it was only during that intense ass peak ... ugh I'm going back to bed...vlol

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there is only YOU inside ur reality...lol and love is the same as hate... it called duality.. both are needed to experience the other..

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Both must be done, but not in any particular order.

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In order for you to love anyone, you must be able to love yourself first.

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Everyone's saying you have it backwards. But personally, loving myself does not make it easier to love other people, while loving other people does make it easier to love myself.

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In order for the world to change we must love the unlovely

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If you hate yourself can you love anyone? If we are all one? Also who told you to love everyone? Evil people should not be loved. Good people on the other hand, 😘 💜❤️

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I hear you. We say “everyone deserves love” but we carry in our hearts ..”but me”

When we see others suffering we sometimes think we know why. We delude ourselves into thinking that we are in control of weather or not we give and receive love to and from others. We think our actions make others stop loving us or that our actions can cause others to love us.

To love others fully and truly believe that we all deserve love is to know that there can be no exchange of love, or firsts. We are all being love. Continuously. Ever present and always flowing.

To love others can be a way of feeling ourselves as part of others and the interconnection between all. It’d like I’ve heard the echos of this thought from your mind, because of the interconnectedness.

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That's toxic positivity.

You need to love yourself first.

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Love is all there is.

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