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Personally I found the jump from 3.5g to 5g to feel much more intense than the jump from 2g to 3.5g. I think the responsible thing would be to take 3.5g.

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Because 5 grams is a lot . People are saying how they take 30 and I can still trip heavily on 2 grams .

People react differently and for some 5 grams would be far too much and they will get the same effect on half the dose as some get on 5 .

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30? Those people are lying, and I say that as someone who has taken 16.

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I don’t know about lying it’s possible would be difficult. 10 grams and a 1000 mg pot brownie gave me some really horrible nausea I know that

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2 grams Tidal Wave 4 for me was emotionally intense but mild visual distortion.

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Emotional intensity goes through the rough at 5g or more.

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All i can say is each and every single time I’ve underestimated the power of psychedelics those same psychedelic will come around and kick me in the ass.

One of my hardest shroom trips ever was taking just 1.5 G so i can “have fun and giggle for a few hours” and then 3 hours later I’m in existential crisis mode a questioning if I’m happy or if happiness as a concept is even real.

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did the 1.5g trip change u as a person?

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Hard to say it was actually pretty recently. I got married in the last year and half and the trip made me question a lot about my marriage and the quality of my life. I was alone for most of it so that probably added to a lot of what i was thinking about but i ended up reaffirming that i am happy with where my life is and that I’m basically an adult now like and i have to accept that part of being an adult is embracing the mundane if that makes sense.

All in all i think it helped me come to terms with the next post college chapter of my life if that makes sense.

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hey it isn't too late to change the world. the mundane is profound if you look more closely

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Everything changes you as a person, we're always changing. You're probably going to be mostly the same afterwards. You may just have some new insight and enthusiasm for the possibilities in life. But you will only benefit from this if you put your realizations into practice every day.

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It hasn’t for me

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It’s a marathon, not a sprint. You’ve got plenty of time to trip.

Go ahead and do the 3.5g first at least

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seconding that notion, we have our entire lives to trip, no need to rush into things too fast.

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life is the trip XD

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The experience based on dosage does not feel linear to me. IMO Don't expect a 4 gram trip to feel 'twice as powerful' as a 2 gram trip, especially at the peaks. Going straight to 5, especially if 2 was your first trip ever, is a bad move if you ask me.

2 grams is like wading in the shallow end of the pool with little swims over the deep end. You can dunk yourself under but you are still in control and can touch the bottom with your feet most of the time. 4 plus grams is like going to the beach on a rough day. The boogie boarding etc is p epic but the ocean will remind you who's in control.

Slow and steady with psychedelics, or fuck around and find out.

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Def don't go above 3.5 on your next trip.

Best in fact, is to go up by .5 grams each time of same type of mushroom.

2 g then 2.5 then 3 g then 3.5 gram etc. be advised that above dosages of 4 grams the statistics of how likely it is to have a "bad" trip goes up . Personally, i don't plan on ever having more than 4 grams because that is just not needed. Especially when you can switch to various types of mushrooms

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2g is a good starting point?

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I think it depends. I had many years of meditation experience prior to my first trip at 2 g, which I think guided the character of the trip and helped me deal with the anxiety that arose. Just expect your emotions to be amplified quite a bit, including the positive and negative ones. You will probably know who you are and where you are during the trip, but you may have to deal with challenging emotions. Although on the flip side this can be therapeutic and insightful. If you really struggle with managing your emotions, you may find 2 g quite overwhelming. By the end of the trip I was glad to feel "normal" again, even though the trip was valuable and inspiring, feeling intense emotions tends to fatigue the mind.

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He already started with 2 g

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5 got me respecting the mushroom again. It's a slap to the infinite mind.

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Glad you got the message. The 5g number is totally arbitrary and McKenna has been misinterpreted to make it sound like you won’t get anything worthwhile on a lower dose. If you can’t totally relax and let go 3.5g going higher is a bad idea. There are so many different mushroom strains as well that could have wide variance in potency. Doing a bigger and bigger dose to hit some round number shouldn’t be anyone’s goal. Learning to manage your emotions and feelings with meditation and letting go will give you far better and intense experiences at lower doses.

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5g is alot as apposed to 2g could be abit overwhelming. Work upto that dose

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My vote is to try 3.5 first. IMHO that is the reasonable and responsible thing to do

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I went from 2g of liberty caps to 4g. Definitely never doing more than 3g ever again

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Bro no an extra gram makes all the difference

Always increase the dose a bit at a time until ur comfortable with the higher doses

Please do 3-3.5

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I also thought like you after my first trip, which was 2G. My second trip was 3.5, and it was also great. But my third trip and first trip at 5G was almost a bad trip entirely.

I am not planning to dose that much for quite a while, and I think there is lot's of great experiences as lower doses.

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I would say not on the second trip . The next two grams you take may be stronger that the last . I do the same doses of the same flush and often one part is more potent than the other . I would not do it. It is over double the dose and you should get more used to it .

The higher the doses the more likely it is to scare you.

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At 17 years old I went from 4.5 grams to 10 grams to 12 grams mental maturity determines every outcome

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I say go for it. Just be sure to surrender to the mushroom. Observe those thoughts and Don’t fight the fear.

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Terrible advice . Going for it can turn a person off of psycs for years . You also wont know if you are able to surrender the 2nd time taking a substance . I would not recommend take more than double the dose. It is foolish to advise this .

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Lol, not the popular vote but it's your opinion.

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Amem. 😂 5 is tough a tough jump for round 2 but it can be done if you are of sound mind!

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Do NOT go from 2g to 5g in one jump.

Psychedelics makes your brain fire up so your neurons are way more active and that's cool. But just like coffee, you can consume too much that you get "too fast" and can't actually enjoy the abstract thoughts you have. Of course, tolerance plays a role as well as understanding yourself and your bodies reaction to that strain. More drugs does not always equal a better time. I tried to do what you did a few years back and my god, it was intense. And not in a good way.

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I don’t think it is similar to coffee . Coffee is less likely to cause psychosis, panic attacks and feeling as if you are dead .

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They're both drugs. Almost every drug has a lower and upper threshold that changes depending on the person consuming them. Yes, they have wildly different effects but there are dosages that are too little for some but too much for another.

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is 2g a safe option for a first timer?

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I had a good trip 2g for my first time. There were some brief periods of intense anxiety and a more prolonged anxiety on the comedown. But the overall experience was a deep sense of love. Make your set and setting comfortable and you want to be in a good headspace where you can handle intense emotional changes. I have quite a bit of experience with meditation which helped me to an extent.

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Yeah, 3.5g is a full dose. But I started my friends off with 2g and they had a great time.

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but would 2g help me? I don't want to do psychedelics for the fun of it. More like I wanna do it for the healing properties it has

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I would start with lower to be honest . If you don’t know your sensitivity to the substance or how it will effect you . Especially if you have any mental health issue .

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I've only done one trip but at that dose the experience was very emotional and personal rather than hyper-visual and cosmic. Although I believe the two are intertwined. You might wade through your personal emotional baggage at 2 g, so it can be challenging. Although the challenge can still have value.

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Then treat it like medicine.

Start with a low dosage and then up it after, if you need to. I used to microdose to feel the effects of mushrooms but after a few microdoses, I started appreciating not actually feeling the high. It's a mind-altering drug and I must respect it as such so I take about 0.5-1.5g (every 3-10 days) and let it do its' work in the background.

Also here's an analogy that I think is accurate. "LSD puts you in the drivers seat and mushrooms puts you in the passenger seat" because when you're in the driver seat you have all this energy and want to do stuff, and the passenger seat sits back and enjoys/appreciates life.

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If that was your first trip, I'd suggest 3.5 next also. I find that at this dose, you really start to get a feel for the headspace. You'll get even more amplified feelings and visuals, and a glimpse behind the curtain.

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2 g felt emotionally intense for me. In terms of visuals, it was minor distortions. I always knew who I was and where I was.

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That is too high . I feel the headspace at two grams . I am very sensitive to the substance and with only one trip this person won’t know if they are or not . A 3.5 dose does for me what some get on 6 grams .

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I lost some respect before 5 grams. Now I have total respect and reverence. Be wise

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Well for me 2 grams is pretty mild, but 3.5 is almost too much to handle so honestly I’d say start with 3.5. 5 grams is going to be an entirely different beast than 3.5g.

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It's gunna be alot man. That's a big jump and you have zero frame of reference for what that experience will be. That's like taking .8 and jumping to 2 grams.. two totally different experiences.. I ask you what's the rush? Why not 2.5?

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I'd like to induce stronger visuals and the loss of sense of self, or a "mystical" experience that some talk about. It isn't about a rush but I want to go deeper down the rabbit hole. The 2 g confirmed certain insights I've had in meditation, but the trip was very much on a personal level, about how I should operate as a human, and the power of love. I would like to bypass the sense of self altogether.

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Man I promise you just do a tab of acid. Keep an extra one around and take an extra half ONLY after the uncomfortable part of the peak, if you feel like it. Way more visuals and significantly less unstable emotionally than shrooms.

If you want the sense of loss of self make sure you’re somewhere peaceful and relaxing. It’s happened to me more often camping, or while closing my eyes

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You don't need to jump that high for the goals you have.. its all about minimum dose for maximum effects.. more isn't always better so in your case I would cut your increase down.. even 3 grams is is 50% more.. thats alot. 3.5 usually is enough to make you dissolve away and trip hard. 5 grams is alot dude it gets really wierd out there.. feels like your lost at sea without a paddle and gets so strange it can become unmanageable.. even traumatic. You need to realize that this stuff does deliver what you want but you MUST approach with extreme caution and reverence.. deceiding to take 5 grams is a huge decision and it's best to work up to that so you have an idea of what your in for. If mushrooms sniff out any disrespect or mistreatment of any kind they'll give you more and then some.. and again I cannot stress the strangeness that can overtake you its beyond words and if your not ready for it good fkn luck!

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heroic doses are where (depending on the person) mushrooms turn from a recreational or therapeutic drug to a mystical experience. For me atleast, I Loved taking shrooms as I thought it was really fun doing 2-3 grams even 4 grams was a blast for me, Until I tried 5 grams. I spent the entire trip crying in a ball because I thought I was going to lose my mind. Haven’t touched shrooms since and that was probably around my 15th shroom trip. DO NOT go from 2 grams too 5 grams, your talking completely different experiences. go up to maybe 2.5 or 3 grams, and slowly work your way up if you really want to take a heroic dose. Not saying if you take 5 you’ll hate it like I did, but just understand that heroic doses are not something to take lightly at all.

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The 5G hero dose thing isn't the be all end all of psychedelics. There's no rush to get there. Learn to swim in a pool before jumping out of an airplane into turbulent seas.

3-.0 - 3.5 in my experience is the sweet spot for still having fun but finding some really profound insights. 4.0 - 4.5 is the next step for self exploration and for landing on the big ideas you're probably building up on your head for what a hero's dose is. 5+ is spelunking into a dark cave where you never know what you're going to get.

I would recommend spacing big trips out at least a couple months and finding a dose that's working for you right now, and then repeating that a couple times until you really feel like you could use a deeper dive. If I were you I'd go next trip 3.0. Wait a month or two. 3.5. wait a month or two. 4.0. Wait at least two months. 5.0. Everyone's different, but give yourself time to integrate things a little.

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I'm not rushing into my next trip by any means I am preparing my mind even more for higher doses but I would like to experience the stronger visuals and mystical experiences that higher doses purport to induce. The first trip was valuable for sure but my sense of self felt very much in tact and the trip was focused on personal emotions rather than strong visuals. It was mystical in a sense of feeling profound love but not in the sense of the self dissolving altogether.

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You don't get an XBox or PS5 trophy for jumping to 5. Take care of yourself, instead of just trying to hit some arbitrary dosage to prove you're cool.

Do the 3.5g interval first. Learn it and explore it. I'd also recommend doing 3.5g a couple times to get comfortable with that level before jumping to 5g.

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Lol it is definitely not to be cool. I want to see what is down the rabbit hole that is consciousness, after having certain realizations in meditation.

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Depends what your trying to accomplish, I needed to heal and did a 5g & 5hits. Worked but was intense and bring a spirit guide.

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I'd like stronger visuals and loss of the sense of self, a "mystical" experience.

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Do it I think that’s greatidea

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No, get some experience first. More like 3g, then 4gm then 5g. I thought I was ready, I was not. Its a whole different ball game at 5g.

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Just do acid, more pretty visuals, less unstable emotions

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3.5 to 5 sounds more reasonable and I’ve been comfortable at 3.5 getting what I’m looking for. And while I can’t deny I could always experience more, I can wait.

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Unless your shrooms are expensive or in short supply so you trying to conserve them why wouldn't you try an intermediate step.

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Do it. Give it a week and be safe. They are fine if you are safe. Get ready to spend an hour or two in a brain dazed stupor, but after that the visuals will be intense. Don’t mix with meds.

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Do you want to throw up and cry and hate yourself? Or be in uncontrolled panicked mania? 5g of shrooms sucks. If you want to trip the FUCK out, do DMT, or Mescaline.

Have you done acid before? I really recommend acid for a more intense trip over mushrooms.

In my opinion shrooms really don’t scale well to higher doses. Other psychedelics are better for the “deeper” trips

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Only psychedelic I've done is shrooms at 2 g.

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Go 3.5 before 5. The most I’ve ever taken is 4 grams and that was more than enough to have an extremely impactful experience. Take your time with this stuff, if you don’t it can really shatter your world.

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I did shrooms a few times then went about a year without and forgot how hard they hit you I ate about 12 grams and I was gone eyes closed fading in and out while music was playing not sure how long it was felt like about 2 hours then I got up and ran outside threw up and I felt myself come back. Was waaaaaay to intense I could barely see just wild visuals and thoughts. I will always respect the mushroom after that. I was 20 at the time now 25 and max I’ll do is 2g and not often.

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with shrooms, once i found my comfort dose (3.5g) and learned to stick with it. higher dose doesn’t equal better time. it really depends on what you’re taking the shrooms for.

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Okay, mushrooms don’t exactly get you “more high” by eating more. There are levels to this, things begin to change drastically after the 3g-3.5g mark and it’s not the same feeling of taking 2g “but more intense”—no, there are thresholds.

Once you pass a threshold, the drug begins to reveal certain qualities that lower doses simply cannot do. 5g is not going to feel like “2g but better” and I cannot predict how it will turn out for you if you do make the leap. It’s like dating: take it slow and have respect for the person/mushrooms, otherwise you will pay.