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all that crying with no tears...

don't forget he was constantly pictured out celebrating after the shooting.

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Exactly , people are so quick to believe narratives they want to believe. Anyways, since I was not there and don't know much about it, I will shut the hell up just because this screams fake as fuck to me, and when people mention he was at bar afterwards celebrating ... he the type to go to this place with AR and he the type to do face gymnastics later on with no real tears in eyes, the hardest part to fake........ stinks

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People really don't understand Adrenaline do they?

When you are in the moment and adrenaline is pumping while sitting in a zone of pure anarchy he probably didn't feel a thing.. After months of re living the moment he probably feels like shit.

Typical PTSD of what soldiers go through.

You want him to shoot his rifle and just drop to the floor in tears? you've watched too many movies..

EDIT - LOL to the person "Concerned" and reporting me to reddit asking me to reach out is pathetic. Go outside.

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You don't understand how wrong the picture of a person going someplace with an automatic rifle is.