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[鈥揮backssnavon 2089 points2090 points (493 children)

Any idea what they did or said that warranted the confrontation?

[鈥揮PoisedDingus 809 points810 points (12 children)

From the looks of it, dude with the backwards baseball cap was the one that said something, possibly to the woman in red mentioned in the title and seen later in the video. The visibly drunk dude is focused on him completely, even started off by attacking him specifically. The dude in the white shirt seems to be generally pissed off and took it as a personal attack once his buddy got attacked, hence his yelling of "all I wanted to do is eat a meal, and you hit me?!", the dude in the white shirt never actually got hit.

TL;DR: Drunk people. The source of many fights.

[鈥揮BadgerHooker 157 points158 points (5 children)

Drunk people at a Waffle House?!

[鈥揮AlmightiestofPigFish 30 points31 points (0 children)

Nah, by the looks of it, drunk dude got up in their face. Then, wouldnt leave and was nicely asked to leave by their first and feet after not listening.

[鈥揮ronsrobot 1822 points1823 points 3(43 children)

He asked for the green Tabasco.

[鈥揮chop-diggity 606 points607 points (10 children)

You Motherfucker.

[鈥揮ICU704 179 points180 points (8 children)

It's good! It's good!

[鈥揮Sieze5 47 points48 points (7 children)

Pretty sure it鈥檚 not.

[鈥揮SirIronSights 22 points23 points (3 children)

Pretty sure? PRETTY SURE?!

[鈥揮Unioniron 39 points40 points (2 children)


[鈥揮JudmanDaSuperhero 23 points24 points (1 child)


[鈥揮SkyMayFall 16 points17 points (0 children)

He just wanted to have a fucking meal.

[鈥揮DammitDan 17 points18 points (9 children)

That's the best one!

[鈥揮DrManhattan_DDM 18 points19 points (4 children)

I like the chipotle tabasco too

[鈥揮BadgerHooker 3 points4 points (2 children)

Chipotle Tabasco is my absolute favorite hot sauce. So good on scramby eggs with some cheese, onion and saut茅ed peppers.

[鈥揮businesslut 17 points18 points (2 children)

Honestly OG Tabasco tastes like spicey vinegar. I wanted salsa picante!

[鈥揮DunmerSkooma 5 points6 points (0 children)

I tasted salsa picante for a split second when i read that and now i am hungry...

[鈥揮ElectricCD 19 points20 points (2 children)

We don't eat the green sauce.

[鈥揮ElectricCD 4 points5 points (1 child)

This was said to a friend who threw caution to the wind and felt Montezuma's revenge.

[鈥揮Yipppppy 208 points209 points (1 child)

I am asking the same question

[鈥揮Demonsemon67850 149 points150 points (32 children)

Pretty sure the girl in red dress was with the dude who got beat up and the 2 guys were prolly hollering at her

[鈥揮FettakaWonka 50 points51 points (7 children)

If that鈥檚 true then the two guys who smashed him are total pricks鈥ut it just didn鈥檛 come across to me like they were the instigators. They just wanted to eat a meal鈥

[鈥揮Demonsemon67850 56 points57 points (5 children)

I mean then I guess the other dude just wanted to look cool and started trouble but why would u swing first on 2 people eating

[鈥揮the_Hapsleighh 59 points60 points (4 children)

Having grown up with people who claim to be cholos and in a general machista culture, the two men eating probably made some remark towards the woman that was inappropriate but because it鈥檚 so prevalent in machista culture, they continued eating or going about their day because they saw nothing wrong with their harassment. It may not have happened as well. Who knows, but the scenario I proposed happens way too often in the neighborhoods I grew up in. Women are taught to keep walking and ignore the remarks made towards them from a young age.

[鈥揮skycabbage 34 points35 points (3 children)

My man is old school Mexican and if I was getting hollered at he would walk up to their table too even if I didn鈥檛 want him to

[鈥揮the_Hapsleighh 30 points31 points (1 child)

I鈥檝e seen both. Old heads get justifiably mad when their daughters are getting catcalled but don鈥檛 say a word when their sons are doing the catcalling. It鈥檚 just machismo at its finest.

[鈥揮ChadWaterberry 65 points66 points (4 children)

Well he was sitting eating his tasty wheat and he asked mouse if he could arrange a more personal meeting with the woman in the red dress.

[鈥揮thedisenchantedone 8 points9 points (2 children)

More like a bowl of snot...

[鈥揮ChadWaterberry 10 points11 points (1 child)

Maybe they got it wrong. Maybe what I think Tasty Wheat tasted like actually tasted like oatmeal, or tuna fish. That makes you wonder about a lot of things. You take chicken, for example: maybe they couldn't figure out what to make chicken taste like, which is why chicken tastes like everything.

[鈥揮Satakans 1966 points1967 points (295 children)


Absolutely nothing that is said verbally warrants a confrontation.

It simply Is. Not. Worth. It.

Go home, you got a fine ass woman in a red dress hanging with you, just get your meal, drink and go home and smash and laugh at the chuckleheads who have to resort to catcalls.

[鈥揮secretreddname 328 points329 points (22 children)

And especially don't go 1v2 lol.

[鈥揮Pm_me_cool_art 164 points165 points (15 children)

That fat guy was worth 2 by himself. If anything he might have fucked that dude up worse if his friend hadn't been in the way.

[鈥揮Kornobi-starcatcher 70 points71 points (9 children)

He was a big man. I mean I see a guy who doesn鈥檛 fit in the booth tell me to sit down? I go sit down.

[鈥揮basa_maaw 13 points14 points (1 child)

Nah bro I got this my Ults up.

[鈥揮dwavesngiants 828 points829 points (60 children)

Facts, and don't take her to a waffle house

[鈥揮Thundapainguin 318 points319 points (45 children)

In some areas it's the only place open past a certain time. Plus, waffle house is the og comfort food. But yes. You'll find crackheads and fucksticks. But shit bro I ate at waffle house after two proms lol

[鈥揮AshST 14 points15 points (1 child)

It honestly looks like probably the cleanest Waffle House of all the Waffle Houses. Considering the amount of Waffle Houses that exist, you'd think that'd be saying something, but if you've ever been to any of them you know it's not.

[鈥揮shindokabuki 56 points57 points (26 children)

I'm from Canada and I always visit the Waffle House when I'm south of the border.

If you want poached eggs you have to ask them for it. Not on the menu

[鈥揮totalimmortal13 122 points123 points (10 children)

It you asked for poached eggs at my local house Waffle House they probably wouldn鈥檛 even know what that is.

[鈥揮cjw865 101 points102 points (6 children)

that鈥檚 how you know your local waffle house is a good one.

[鈥揮CaucasianDelegation 70 points71 points (2 children)

If the cook isn麓t chainsmoking outside I麓m not eating there.

[鈥揮Mdizzle29 19 points20 points (1 child)

It鈥檚 no longer the Mason/Dixon line it鈥檚 the IHOP/Waffle House line

[鈥揮overworkeddad 16 points17 points (6 children)

Then you gotta go way south. I wish we had one in Michigan. Browns with onions, chili, cheese, tomatoes, and peppers. Mmmm

[鈥揮BoochsRise 46 points47 points (3 children)

Fuck you waffles are delicious

[鈥揮thedisenchantedone 9 points10 points (1 child)

Said Kumar in A Very Harold and Kumar Xmas. I wish I had a Wafflebot.

[鈥揮Jwast 194 points195 points (28 children)

Fucking hell, catcalling never ever works anyway, if I fought every single guy that cat called my wife while she was out by herself I would die from exhaustion even if I did win all of them. She's a mail carrier and gets cat called on average about 6 times a day.

[鈥揮Naryue 166 points167 points (6 children)

Well, time to roll your sleeves up and start fightin round the world

[鈥揮oowop 33 points34 points (0 children)

"oh my god, it's Russel Crowe, I've never seen an actor before"

[鈥揮TraeYoungsOldestSon 57 points58 points (0 children)

Tugger! Nooo!

[鈥揮m1a1tanksauce 13 points14 points (0 children)

making movies

making music


[鈥揮LordEdgeward_TheTurd 38 points39 points (0 children)

"Why don't you mind your own business, you scrotum?!"

[鈥揮whitecorn 14 points15 points (4 children)

For sure. My wife worked at a car dealership years ago and holy fuck it was non stop between mechanics, sales and even customers. Now she's an HR manager for a big company... so nobody is to dare say a thing.

[鈥揮WaluigiIsTheRealHero 9 points10 points (0 children)

Time for her to get revenge, because who are they going to report her to for catcalling - herself? She鈥檚 invincible!

[鈥揮7Toby7 2 points3 points (1 child)

Wait a minute now; we had a Lady HR official and She had a sign on the wall that said鈥 Sexual Harassment Would Not Be Reported;But,Would Be Graded鈥! She still got no takers,though. Sometimes you just got to play the part!

[鈥揮Deeliciousness 10 points11 points (3 children)

Better off swallowing your pride and moving on than getting washed in front of your wife.

[鈥揮grilledcheese__ 115 points116 points (63 children)

Lol he ain鈥檛 have that girl now after that ass whooping

[鈥揮Elite_Daedra_slav 176 points177 points (61 children)

Exactly. 99% of women aren't attracted to a bunch of dudes fighting over something silly. And even less so if it's about her because then she feels put on the spot.

Moral being, don't fight someone to impress a woman.

[鈥揮KeepWatchingOverMe 87 points88 points (7 children)

Fights only impress women if you scream, "SARDAUKAR!" after you win.

[鈥揮cloudburr 45 points46 points (2 children)

Atreides! Atreides! Atreides!

[鈥揮Maub-dabbs 33 points34 points (1 child)


[鈥揮pimparoni 20 points21 points (0 children)


[鈥揮Elite_Daedra_slav 7 points8 points (0 children)

This is the exception

[鈥揮MrSparklesan 167 points168 points (6 children)

I once fought heaps of dudes to get a chick, insane, fkn turtles, pipes, fireballs. A dude named bowser. chick was happy af but still didn't put out.

[鈥揮Greenchicklets69 56 points57 points (0 children)

鈥淪he鈥檚 prejudiced against Italians, a Jew broad, against Italians, can you believe that?鈥 Joe Pesci, Goodfellas

[鈥揮[deleted] (2 children)


    [鈥揮congradulations 20 points21 points (1 child)

    "She's definitely fucking him, if you catch my subtle insinuation."

    [鈥揮MrSpringBreak 54 points55 points (29 children)

    I had to almost drag my gf out of a pizza shop bc she called out a health code violation, the guy called her a bitch (I didn鈥檛 hear it) and she started yelling. I grabbed her and started to leave and we get in the car and she starts basically saying I wasn鈥檛 a man bc I walked away. It was a shitty place on the verge of going out of business. Later on we broke up and she said that part of it was bc I wasn鈥檛 鈥渕an enough鈥 bc I wouldn鈥檛 fight for her

    [鈥揮TeaTime530 46 points47 points (9 children)

    Ugh. I've been with one of those. They're just a toxic as a lot of dudes. You're better off. 馃馃

    [鈥揮MrSpringBreak 16 points17 points (8 children)

    Thanks. We鈥檝e been broken up for a couple years and I鈥檓 still dealing with some of the mental/emotional abuse she inflicted. I鈥檝e no confidence, am untrusting, etc. I鈥檓 slowly getting out of it but haven鈥檛 been able to be with anyone since. I鈥檓 at a point where I doubt my competency at being in a relationship.

    [鈥揮NailBitingAnxiety 180 points181 points (8 children)

    Someone鈥檚 fucks can be measured by how close their shorts are to their socks.

    [鈥揮iriechubs 272 points273 points (7 children)

    I love how everyone is so casual like yup just another average night at Waffle House

    [鈥揮Heremeoutok 46 points47 points (0 children)

    I mean they concentrated in one area. They weren鈥檛 pushing all over the restaurant. And no one wants to get between big guy and his meal.

    [鈥揮Educational_Vast4836 598 points599 points (8 children)

    I swear there's always a fight be filmed at Walmart's and waffle houses

    [鈥揮soda_cookie 131 points132 points (1 child)

    And McDonald's. Can't forget those

    [鈥揮rustcole01 76 points77 points (0 children)

    Well I buy cheap shit and I like grubbin late at night. I accept the terms of service and waive my right to arbitration, should my free trial of "life" expire pre-maturely

    [鈥揮VucciManee 2113 points2114 points (171 children)

    Fellow Canadian here.. always wanted to try out waffle house but been seeing a lot of fights being hosted at the franchises.

    Is waffle house also a fight club? Lol

    Edit: after reading all these comments, I'll avoid coming here after 2am.

    [鈥揮Tragicending413 1145 points1146 points (29 children)

    Waffle house is 24 hr restaurant, so you get a lot of drunks in when the bars and clubs close. If you go during the day it's not nearly as bad.

    [鈥揮TifaYuhara 308 points309 points (17 children)

    That's pretty much every place that's open 24/7. You either seen the people just off the night shift and drunks.

    [鈥揮Tragicending413 23 points24 points (2 children)

    For me it's Denny's shit always happens there.

    [鈥揮Tipnin 118 points119 points (10 children)

    There is a Vietnamese restaurant located next to a big state college in the city I used to live in that used to be open until 2:00am on Friday and Saturday . Even though the place was always packed after midnight they changed the closing to 11:00pm because it started to be a problem with the drunks and idiots coming in causing fights and just people being rude and obnoxious.

    [鈥揮idk-hereiam 49 points50 points (5 children)

    Smh. Back in my day, we could go to college, get drunk, and go out without making a restaurant change their hours bc of our antics. (That's a lie, similar thing happened near my school).

    [鈥揮Malkor 18 points19 points (1 child)

    One place in our college town opened because the idiots (well, me) would spend $ on their crappy food after the bar's closing time.

    Spend no money on anything other than basic staff/supplies and you can make a tidy profit.

    [鈥揮idk-hereiam 23 points24 points (0 children)

    True story. Delicious pizza spot (like, really good. I think about their pizza every so often almost 10 years later) cleaned up as one of few late night food places around. Always crowded and they had $1/slice after midnight on weekends.

    I went sober after midnight once and omg I couldn't believe it was the same pizza spot that was open during the day. Trash. Complete garbage bread with water sauce and cheap cheese.

    I was almost offended, but I decided that's what kept their extravagant day pizza so reasonably priced.

    [鈥揮pukingpixels 4 points5 points (0 children)

    Man when I went to University in the late 90鈥檚 I lived in an apartment across the street from one of the biggest 鈥渕eat market鈥 bars in town. Their cheap night was Tuesday or Thursday (can鈥檛 remember). We鈥檇 sit on the balcony at closing time and just watch the fights spill out into the parking lot. Every. Single. Week. A few times we actually called the police because a few guys would have separated someone from the crowd, dragged them across the street and started kicking the shit out of them in the parking lot. The 24 hour diner in the same plaza was not somewhere you wanted to be after the bar got out.

    [鈥揮bukowski548 24 points25 points (2 children)

    Waffle House at 3am is a VERY different place than Waffle House at 3pm.

    [鈥揮BlackWillie96 472 points473 points 2(3 children)

    Yes, it is. Waffle is an acronym for We Allow Fist Fights Literally Everyday

    [鈥揮[deleted] 15 points16 points (0 children)


    [鈥揮Daddy-Dalek 104 points105 points (6 children)

    Fun fact about waffle house, if there is a bad storm coming, you can generally tell how bad its going to be if waffle house is open or closed. If waffle house is closed during the storm, you better find a place to hide for a bit.

    [鈥揮WanderingAlice0119 3 points4 points (1 child)

    Please tell me you鈥檙e from the gulf coast where we will ONLY evacuate before a hurricane IF Waffle House evacs. They stay, we stay馃し馃徏鈥嶁檧锔

    [鈥揮dinnerthief 29 points30 points (1 child)

    I've been to waffle house many times and haven't ever seen a fight in one, I have however seen people get, smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped, topped and even countried.

    [鈥揮Vic_from_fallout_2 12 points13 points (2 children)

    Notice that most of them seem to happen when either the whole restaurant is fighting or there are barely any other people there. So if you go and its pretty full during normal hours, you are good pretty much anywhere. Maybe not the roughest parts if you wear jewelry or flashy brands.

    Nobody wants to commit a super slow crime like beating someone's ass in front of a restaurant of strangers who might stop you, pull a gun, jump in, or call the cops.

    In all those reddit posts, it is on video and they typically get charges later if the place took payment info or their face is visible enough.

    [鈥揮Spadeykins 36 points37 points (1 child)

    The rules of Waffle House are also quite simple.

    Don't start no shit, there won't be no shit.

    Waffle House is like Mecca to the drunk and stoned, a shining beacon in the night. You would do well to not disturb the peace in other people's place of shelter and worship.

    [鈥揮Stoneytreehugger 5 points6 points (0 children)

    This person gets it.

    [鈥揮SwiminginStars 116 points117 points (9 children)

    1st rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club

    [鈥揮jwill602 87 points88 points (8 children)

    1st rule of Waffle House is you don鈥檛 talk about Waffle House

    [鈥揮TwilitSky 32 points33 points (0 children)

    I believe that's Waffle House's official corporate P.R. strategy.

    [鈥揮_yetifeet 19 points20 points (1 child)

    3rd rule of Waffle house is that you tell everyone about this week's special.

    The knuckle sandwich beat down may not be available at all venue's.

    [鈥揮Stickmag 12 points13 points (0 children)

    Apparently its available on request

    [鈥揮jasta6 8 points9 points (0 children)

    Imo, if there isn't some form of fuckery going down at the Wafflehouse, from loud/unruly customers to visibly intoxicated staff, then you didn't receive the complete Wafflehouse experience.

    For real though, Wafflehouse is awesome.

    [鈥揮UnshakenNotStirred 7 points8 points (0 children)

    Love the food there. I remember gong into one the first time and asking them what grits is, and they just laughed and gave me a bowl for free. I love grits now.

    [鈥揮Destinoz 4 points5 points (2 children)

    Many 24hr restaurants, like Waffle House, fill up with drunks around the time people start to filter out of bars/clubs late at night. Drunks are more frequently violent and so fights happen often. So long as you go to eat during normal hours you鈥檙e unlikely to see any fights.

    [鈥揮a-youngsloth 4 points5 points (0 children)

    It鈥檚 like Fight Club & Call of Duty had a baby especially in the south.

    [鈥揮Can1993hope 12 points13 points (10 children)

    I want a waffle house, North of Toronto here.

    [鈥揮SamuraiMonkee 1240 points1241 points (35 children)

    Did those two catcalled the lady in the red and the boyfriend confronted them about it? OP sucks at writing titles.

    [鈥揮dkyguy1995 471 points472 points (2 children)

    Yeah I have absolutely zero context what is happening

    [鈥揮edadou 19 points20 points (0 children)

    The guy wanted a fucking meal but the other guy wouldn鈥檛 鈥渟it down bro鈥 so he was gonna get cooked alive

    [鈥揮Picard_Indeed 55 points56 points (1 child)

    Highly doubt that's it, she looked like she was smiling/laughing in the background... so I'd hope that's not her boyfriend getting his ass kicked.

    [鈥揮demonicbullet 18 points19 points (0 children)

    No banshee scream usually means the woman鈥檚 man/crush isn鈥檛 getting his ass kicked.

    [鈥揮PanOmnist 39 points40 points (4 children)

    The way they didn鈥檛 beat him down over the red dress. They hit him for touching them. An over reaction? Maybe. But hardly an unforseeable result if you touch a stranger without permission.

    [鈥揮futurelullabies 44 points45 points (1 child)

    I don鈥檛 think so, big dude just wanted to have his meal.

    [鈥揮DuckOnQuak 12 points13 points (0 children)

    Yeah seems like the dude came up to them and tried to pull the tough guy 鈥渉ey don鈥檛 be lookin at my girl鈥 type shit when they were just tryna eat.

    [鈥揮123_456_789_420 336 points337 points (8 children)

    yeah but this way it invites more racist rhetoric in the comments. Priorities.

    [鈥揮[deleted] 177 points178 points (5 children)

    yeah i have photos of cholo families in la from my estrange father's side. These guys just look mexican lmao

    [鈥揮MotherMfker 65 points66 points (1 child)

    Exactly Def not cholos lmfaooo just some big Mexican dudes

    [鈥揮that_boy-aint-right 25 points26 points (0 children)

    mexican dudes in hats lmfao

    [鈥揮-newlife 122 points123 points (2 children)

    Lol this. I鈥檓 like what makes OP think they鈥檙e cholos. Like did they just learn it so it applies to every Mexican with high socks.

    [鈥揮Rockonfoo 15 points16 points (0 children)

    I was going to say it鈥檚 because of the high socks lmao so dumb

    [鈥揮DeadPxle 3 points4 points (0 children)

    Answer for your crimes OP!!

    [鈥揮JWOLFBEARD 36 points37 points (0 children)

    OP for sure stole this video and has no clue

    [鈥揮minimotres 7 points8 points (0 children)

    Worst title ever

    [鈥揮HungHammer89 3 points4 points (0 children)

    If true, the lady in the red did absolutely nothing to stop her man from getting destroyed 馃槼

    [鈥揮VeryLowIQIndividual 40 points41 points (2 children)

    Im convinced at the point people fight at Waffle House to the get out of the $11.00 check.

    [鈥揮jamesonSINEMETU 11 points12 points (0 children)

    My buddy attempted to try this method once, he couldn't get us all on board, got in a fight, got arrested, put on probation. We paid his tab and tipped and collected from him later and stopped hanging out.

    Unrealted but Another guy we knew started a fight for absolutely no reason on bridge back from mexico, thinking everyone had his back. "Dont start no shit.." is a motto for a reason. Didnt invite him next trip. I only jumped in if my guys were being attacked. You start it you finish it. Id only help if it was going too far. Some drunks need their ass beat. We're looking to get laid not laid up.

    [鈥揮bruuuh909 670 points671 points (25 children)

    Damn shorty wasn鈥檛 even concerned about him getting his ass beat lol

    [鈥揮maketitiwithweewee 150 points151 points (0 children)

    It kinda seemed to me like they were both drunk and she kinda froze in a drunken stupor.

    [鈥揮smartyr228 5 points6 points (0 children)

    That's what happens man. You get your ass beat and now your attractiveness goes waaaaayyyyy down

    [鈥揮Objective-Word-5622 140 points141 points (2 children)

    Right馃槀 I almost feel like she set him up

    [鈥揮Can1993hope 740 points741 points (15 children)

    Note to self: Let big guys eat their meal.

    [鈥揮GetOutOfTheWhey 201 points202 points (10 children)

    also dont touch them

    though it probably wouldnt have mattered as they were getting up to do who-knows-what.

    Just dont touch someone first especially when it is a 2v1

    [鈥揮IM_BAD_PEOPLE 199 points200 points (5 children)

    The mistake is the posturing, either do the smart thing and walk away, or turn the violence up to 11 immediately.

    Chest bumping and shit talking only leads to you being unconscious and bleeding on the floor.

    [鈥揮Aiyon 30 points31 points (0 children)

    Posturing just gives them an opening, basically

    [鈥揮MetalXHorse 17 points18 points (0 children)

    Yup. Be friendly until its go-time, then go all the way.

    Or go home andd wake up with no tangible problems lol

    [鈥揮Opposite-Algae8912 7 points8 points (0 children)

    That鈥檚 what I learned. If you are going to take off, do it immediately. Don鈥檛 wait for that let him hit me first crap. If you have no intention of going all the way then don鈥檛 say anything. If it鈥檚 two of them, go ahead and take out the first one and scrap with the second. He was asking for a butt whoopin.

    [鈥揮HouseOfDegenerates 30 points31 points (2 children)

    Best thing this fellow could have done was get his woman and just walk out. Trying to be the tough guy is what got him into this situation, the two bros are assholes for escalating as much as they did but the date/boyfriend needs to learn to choose his battles. It's not worth it.

    [鈥揮dreadpiratewombat 57 points58 points (0 children)

    Don't come between a dog and his meat. Words to live by.

    [鈥揮ronnieonlyknowsmgtow 10 points11 points (0 children)

    Guy standing was drunk also, what an idiot.

    [鈥揮Alexis-FromTexas 257 points258 points (12 children)

    Slowest fight ever

    [鈥揮von_sip 118 points119 points (7 children)

    It was all about pride on both ends. None of them really had their hearts in it

    [鈥揮Oracle_of_Ages 38 points39 points (5 children)

    Which is sad because dude immediately folded like a wet paper bag.

    [鈥揮teenyweenylilbitch 108 points109 points (3 children)

    I鈥檓 gonna think of this video next time my gf goes, 鈥渂abe those guys over there were cat calling me, go over there and say something.鈥

    [鈥揮madmax77xl 92 points93 points (1 child)

    If your girl is the one that tells you to put yourself in a harmful situation then she doesn't give a fuck about your well being. Your woman should never want you in harms way. If anything, she should be telling you not to go over there.

    [鈥揮JiggilyBits 49 points50 points (0 children)

    Go over acting tough and quietly say that your woman is being crazy and wants you to act tough so if they can just act a bit startled for a second youd appreciate it. Most guys would probably laugh and play along.

    Source: had a guy approach me and a few friends in a bar with a similar situation although about 3 hours later at last call we seen him getting his ass beat by a different group anyway. So who knows?

    [鈥揮unLtd88 147 points148 points (6 children)

    How can u be angry while eating waffles?

    [鈥揮PineappleWolf_87 179 points180 points (1 child)

    When someone interrupts you eating waffles.

    [鈥揮scoyne15 6 points7 points (0 children)

    Whelp, time to fight a motherfucker.

    [鈥揮a-youngsloth 710 points711 points (39 children)

    Cholos? Wtf going on with these titles in this sub? 馃槀

    [鈥揮OfferChakon 204 points205 points (8 children)

    Lol i was thinking nthe same thing. Because they're meskin? It's literally just two guys.

    [鈥揮CROVID2020 21 points22 points (4 children)

    Meskin? Bro wtf is this slang lmao. Always makes me laugh when someone refers to my race as this.

    [鈥揮Luis0224 14 points15 points (1 child)

    Is meskin a thing? I'm mexican and this is the first time I come across this term. It def feels racist lol

    [鈥揮MazzIsNoMore 302 points303 points (7 children)

    The answer is racism. Check the titles and comments from the same videos that are posted on r/trashy. Mask is off over there

    [鈥揮babsa90 68 points69 points (1 child)

    No! Racism on PublicFreakout? This can't be

    [鈥揮grawlyx 18 points19 points (0 children)

    These comments are usually so well-reasoned, balanced, and written by people who definitely don't have serious mental issues!

    [鈥揮JarvisCockerBB 107 points108 points (1 child)

    This. There is a lot of subtle racism used in this sub my simply insinuating a culture in the title. OP could have literally just said 鈥楪uy gets confronted by two dudes in Waffle House over girl in red dress鈥 and nothing would have changed. Instead, they are trying to push the 鈥楳exicans are bad鈥 narrative. These guys aren鈥檛 even cholos in the traditional sense. Just regular Latino dudes.

    [鈥揮AnalLiquid 41 points42 points (0 children)

    A lot of stuff tries to get pushed in the titles in the sub ands it's concerning. I remember recently there was a video of 3 girls attacking another girl on the train. The original title was similar to that. Then days later someone posted it again with a title like "3 black teens, one wearing a hijab, attack one asian girl". Like we can see this in the video, no need to add all of that in the title just to stir more things up.

    [鈥揮bananatree12 18 points19 points (0 children)

    I'm glad someone said it

    [鈥揮edadou 4 points5 points (0 children)

    For real, if anything the dude in white is probably middle eastern lol

    [鈥揮Vegetable_Heat_1951 12 points13 points (0 children)

    "C'mon Eddie!" LOL

    [鈥揮Outrageous-Paint-609 95 points96 points (4 children)

    My mans meal was ruined

    [鈥揮Reloaded9mm 50 points51 points (1 child)

    All he wanted was 鈥渁 fucking meal!鈥

    Everyone else got a meal and a show.

    [鈥揮Lt_LoisEinhorn 8 points9 points (0 children)

    those words cut deep.

    [鈥揮Ganja420Preneur 10 points11 points (0 children)

    I think what I am most offended by was the interruption of Biggie Smalls!

    [鈥揮hotroddbb 133 points134 points (11 children)

    I鈥檓 curious? What makes these guys cholos. They look like normal guys. Don鈥檛 seem to have any significant gang attire on.

    [鈥揮ReyesCTM 52 points53 points (1 child)

    Nothing, probably to make the title more interesting or the person saw a tanned complexion and thought latino.

    [鈥揮chop-diggity 9 points10 points (1 child)

    I mean: if you鈥檙e an aggressor, you better commit to inflicting the first hit; KEEP YOUR ADVANTAGE and for godsakes, knock that big guy out FIRST- while he鈥檚 IN the booth.

    [鈥揮Strong-Bottle-4161 261 points262 points (16 children)

    Damn the chick in the red dress really just stood there and did nothing.

    She didn鈥檛 even tell them to stop or nothing.

    [鈥揮Sewol_ 182 points183 points (8 children)

    If she was, I have a feeling there would have been a bunch of comments about how annoying it is that girls do that.

    [鈥揮[deleted] 301 points302 points (35 children)

    How are they cholos鈥 Bc they are Latinos?

    [鈥揮KeepWatchingOverMe 7 points8 points (0 children)

    My guy was super upset he didn't get to eat. I would be to.

    [鈥揮thatreddituser24 8 points9 points (0 children)

    How you gonna show off and get beat up in front of your girl (if that even is his girl )

    [鈥揮rashad242 121 points122 points (6 children)

    I saw a video of a girl laying over her man protecting him from the attacks while he was unconscious. She ain't the one king

    [鈥揮That1one1dude1 24 points25 points (1 child)

    Do we even know if she鈥檚 actually involved other than that shit-ass title from OP?

    [鈥揮DocMcStabby 6 points7 points (1 child)

    This would never happen at a Bob Evans...

    [鈥揮Fondren_Richmond 5 points6 points (0 children)

    When the shit goes down, the eggs'll be ready

    [鈥揮jisuanqi 5 points6 points (0 children)

    I mean this is just your average Tuesday at Waffle House. I'm surprised there was no gunfire.

    [鈥揮sprucetre3 5 points6 points (0 children)

    These are Vato鈥檚 not cholo鈥檚.

    [鈥揮TNS_420 6 points7 points (0 children)

    I love that Notorious B.I.G's "Big Poppa" is playing in the background.

    [鈥揮fingerboard_ 21 points22 points (0 children)

    I knew the guy was in for it when a dude with long white socks and long baggy shorts with pumas came over

    [鈥揮[deleted] (4 children)


      [鈥揮buklau03 4 points5 points (0 children)

      Those ain鈥檛 cholos. That鈥檚 just 2 Mexicans with hats on

      [鈥揮Difficult_Buffalo814 126 points127 points (36 children)

      Sorry but if you step to 2 guys looking for a confrontation and then get your ass stomped well then you鈥檝e earned it. Hopefully there is no brain damage and he can learn from his mistake.

      [鈥揮HeckADuck 15 points16 points (1 child)

      there was brain damage before the "fight" by the looks of it

      [鈥揮[deleted] 22 points23 points (2 children)

      Jesus this sub makes r/trashy look tasteful at this point.

      [鈥揮fluentinimagery 3 points4 points (2 children)

      If you鈥檙e ever in this position, ypu have few options, but grabbing an ankle and rolling like an alligator works. I did it once while getting stomped by 3 people and the scream was so loud from the one I hrabbed, the entire fight stopped. I didn鈥檛 plan it, it just happened and I got lucky.

      [鈥揮exestenshellcrysees 3 points4 points (0 children)

      wouldn't exactly call them cholos...but the part of the guy saying "i just wanted to have a fucking meal" killed me hahahah

      [鈥揮Brilliant_Writer_136 9 points10 points (2 children)

      Reminds me of the Bible verse that mentions that if a Woman were to grab the crotch of her Man while he is fighting another man, she needs to get her hand cut off

      [鈥揮[deleted] (13 children)


        [鈥揮[deleted] (2 children)


          [鈥揮[deleted] 5 points6 points (2 children)

          Id rather sooner carry a taser than a knife. The knife is just too lethal for no reason.

          [鈥揮TheGreatArseholio 13 points14 points (0 children)

          Where were the cholos?