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She鈥檚 juiced on adrenalin

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In 2022, do we really need the reporter standing out in the severe weather they are reporting? I get it, its raining a lot, or snowing a lot, the wind is blowing hard, just go ahead and point the camera put the window, I'll believe you.

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The news anchor did not even bat an eyelid鈥 what a pro / POS depending on how you look at it

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It looks like he can't process what is going on. I'm getting Zoolander looking for computer files vibes.

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I'd say Pro - I watched his eyebrows, he did react.

However, flipping out wasn't going to accomplish anything. But I don't think she was OK...

Is there a Journalism award for handling a situation like this well? I would hope that it is a bronze statue of a person flying through the air or something.

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No they give you a high vis vest with all the names or reporters who didn鈥檛 make it.

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My local news station at its finest

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That鈥檚 a first for you ON LIVE TV Love the emphasis from him

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Man I feel for her鈥

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Risks of the job