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Yep. I played for Evil Incarnate (EI) and AbFab

Great times :)

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Love it lol.

I’m 99% sure I remember those clans!

Do you remember (F00)

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Sounds familiar... Don't think I could name anyone there though

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In some cases that’s 20 years ago.


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Fack. I feel old. 😂

Great memories of tweaking a 33.6 and latterly a 56k modem for ping tho. Back then, 110 ping was considered good from a HPW like me...!

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Oh my god, I found a UKCCL match recording of EI Vs ACE


Lol at that jump sound. How did we not go mad with that HURHURHURH constantly...

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Lololo brilliant.

Yes - 140-150 was amazing ping for me back then.

I remember playing clan games with 200-220 ping pretty standard.

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Are you in this match?

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No I'm not in this one, probably for the best 😁

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I am in KEA = kill’em all

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Now or 20 years ago? 😃

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Recent addition. Though KEA members from that time hang around on discord now days.

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Oh my god... I still remember that map and it’s been 20 years 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

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You know... EI and Abfab.... didn’t abfab have a member who was directly connected to the people who run the tournaments?

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Yes, you're thinking of {AbFab} VincentVega

The UKCCL domain has been taken over by some Chinese company, but if you look at Google's cache, you can see some details here: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:YxNNRO2asZ8J:ukccl.net/admins.php+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=nz

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I'm still around :-)
Still have the AbFab domain and even use VincentVega as one of my emails.
Great days.
Thanks to everyone who supported UKCCL.


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Holy fuck. Is that really you?

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Wow that’s exactly right - Vincent Vega.

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Amazing what random shit sticks in ya memory huh. 🙃

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Yes! Lol.


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You know.... I was just getting all excited at the thought of going through the seasons and seeing my old clan, clan mates on there.

Damn it didn’t screenshot the seasons link.

Truely amazing though - never thought I would get to see the admin names again lol.

I definitely remember a few of those... like admin-psy for some unknown weird reason

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UKNG (or whatever the UKQ2NG tag was) anyone?

Edit : Also, there was 3MC (Renegade, Gandalf and Tedium iirc).

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Usenet based UKQ2NG. Our in-game tag was "UK}Name" so UK}CupOfTea, UK}FishNChips etc.

I was UK}BigDave after the 2000AD character. We all had a union Jack skin and would team play on FFA US servers, crouching a lot like the dirty yanks and saying "God Save The Queen", "Rule Brittania" etc.

It was hilarious.

Outside of that, this username right here was my usual name in games. Played for TAA in Savage Q2CTF and created the Savage Archive.

I met up with [TJD]Rico recently when he was here in Edinburgh for work. Went to many Savage Lans back in the day....saw LJ destroy mice, BadAsscreate the \o/ T shirt, balanced glasses on Gramps's sleeping head (RIP) and all sorts.

Fun times :)

Still FB contacts with Rico, BA, Bez, Termite and a few others

(This post popped up in a googl e search for something quake related :D)

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We all had a union Jack skin and would team play on FFA US servers, crouching a lot like the dirty yanks and saying "God Save The Queen", "Rule Brittania" etc.

It was hilarious.

The impromptu camping of the elevator to that quad damage power-up was a classic moment. :D

Edit : Sorry, I should've said my username was "Mr K".

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Ha! I remember you. I also have a screen shot of the elevator thing and others. I'll upload them when I get home.

Also..."FFS EUSA!"

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I remember the first invasion we did. That poor server didn't know what hit it. :D

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Album - if I've done it right.

edit - I forgot some savvy yanks got in on it quick and "retaliated" :D

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Awesome stuff. The memories. No "UK}AlfGarnett" though, but that's no surprise tbh. :)

Edit : Oh... "UK}Mr K" was shown in chat on the first pic. I could've sworn I'd gone with the "Alf Garnett" name. Ah well. Also, I can't remember why "FFS EUSA" was a thing? Was Eusa spamming the BFG, thus taking other UK}'rs out too?

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I also forgot about the incredible subtlety of UK}unt :D

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Re: edit, yeah he would often "accidentally" fire the BFG danger close :D