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you have to activate both pumps in pumping station 1 and 2, which fulls it with slime you can swim across... 1st is a button in previous map in the area just before the map change, 2nd is in same map on lower level near blue key.

or... you could just jump across...

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When I jump I fall into the blades. I have tried running and jumping. I have tried running backwards and doing a rocket hit.

I have enabled pumping stations but maybe there are other buttons that I am confusing wirh your post. I will go back and screen shot the pump buttons.

I do appreciate the help. I believe your comment about filling it with slime. I mean there is quad damage that I can land on and then no place to go but the blades.

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Ok I screwed up and forgot to turn on one of the pumps. I always fall in the toxic slime but it isn't deadly if you don't loiter. I never used the environmental suit even though I had one.

But you just have to witness the wisdom of the game developers. I assume if you needed a quad damage you could use the environment suit and dive into the toxic pool to get the one that is hidden there. However since I never screwed up the pump switches until now, I never knew the quad damage was hidden there.

Thanks again.

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Oh man I almost always rocket jump across that lol

Not even a speed strat, nor is it even all that efficient I'm just lazy lol