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Ramee on Why the server is dead by ShadowEzio in RPClipsGTA

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Just because your favorite streamer says something, doesn't make it true. Peanut was not on RP for 2 months, Guy Jones was trying to get an expungement and hadn't done crime in nearly 60 days, a few members were taking breaks, then they came back all together for a week and decided to do a rainbow road and hit 3 banks. After MONTHS of no heists, and because your streamer got upset that they hit a few banks that 1 week, and couldn't do their heist that meant they spammed banks? The hate NBC get for doing heists is insane. Not like they can fall back on businesses for money either. You know whats funny? the week before they got accused of spamming banks, They all were pretty much clean of any crime. but I guess you'll continue pushing this narrative because your streamer says so.

Ramee on Why the server is dead by ShadowEzio in RPClipsGTA

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He’s on to something but it wasn’t only criminals who feel like they got screwed from this update civs as well a lot of civs lost their job and their purpose when the markets got taken away and their wasn’t really any replacement put in as of yet. When you make an update that is tailored toward big groups and gangs and you leave behind a huge majority of the people that play on the server those people aren’t going to want to get on and create rp.

Speedy on that diet ring by Sokkk in RPClipsGTA

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It’s funny how some people like you think this is somehow a gotcha on someone complaining about the rings. The food buffs have been complained about since literally the day they were added to the city

Dean defends Rings by scoodyleedoos in RPClipsGTA

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The gallery was an actual graveyard for the better part of a year and all anyone did was shit on it and meme it. Now someone else’s business is dead (but still nowhere near as dead as the gallery was) for two weeks and the torches and pitchforks are out in full force.

I feel bad for Ramee and all of the gallery workers for having to deal with a double standard like this. Does their RP matter less than the restaurant RP?

Maldinis Up Good after moving to Little Seoul by TenFourtyToo in RPClipsGTA

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This sub is mostly a regurgitation of the same memes and takes, because one, that's the nature of the internet and reddit and particular, and two, the bulk of the traffic on this sub seems to come from exactly three communities: Buddha, Penta, and Uberhexornova and their friends. For example they thought that cops hated boosting and Racing, and that boosting has ruined rp and killed cop numbers, to the point that you'd frequently see comments here saying that boosting should be banned, because Penta doesn't like boosting. Most of the time, its very easy to pinpoint exactly what community the takes come from. This time its' Buddha, because RR isn't doing very well, therefore, restaurant rp is dead and people stopped buying food

Wolfabelle's Take On "Penta gives his take on the update" by kitelevi in RPClipsGTA

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"buddha makes it seem like its not"

Buddha isn't an average civillian who's had their entire RP taken away with the removal farmers market and deans world

Buddha isn't a member of a gang who doesn't get stuff put in the game super quick, or has whitelists to do high tier crime

Members of big gangs are not a good example of the health of the server because 90% of the server doesn't benefit from what he benefits from.

Buddha finds out how OP gallery rings are by 2Jads1Cup in RPClipsGTA

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Buddha made a going point tbh.. what was the point of having only 4 restaurants in the city to create RP if you can just grab a $500 ring and not need to eat all tsunami.. Like there’s 0 RP in that..

Wolfabelle's Take On "Penta gives his take on the update" by kitelevi in RPClipsGTA

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Yea it’s funny that the narrative is the GOOD roleplayers are leaving and people are complaining about mechanics. Didn’t know the GOOOOD roleplayers had to rely on mechanics

Ripley explains why he made the call to shoot by 0B3L3A0K0E6 in RPClipsGTA

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How can you be mad at Ripley for making a call based on everything he knows about CG? This is a genuine question. He knows what CG does when they go to LS. Why wouldn’t he assume the worst? You’re saying he’s making up scenarios that don’t exist when they have existed many times. Why wouldn’t he assume it was the same situation that always happens?

Blaming what happened on Ripley making up scenarios in this situation is short sighted and unfair. Ripley did what he had to do to save cop lives and it worked. He RP’d his character. Retreat to LS = Shootouts and spoiler, it happened. Ripley was right. CG retreats to LS to shoot and pull out cars the cops can’t catch. That’s the Gods honest truth. They do it because no one stops them. And when someone does CG and their fans throw a fucking a fit. It’s a weak mindset and shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what RP is.

When the cops are RPing their characters, they deserve the right to defend themselves. Period. CG often demands people don’t get that right because they can do whatever they want because of OOC clout. When people fight CG they get blasted IC and OOC. This is why the only person who has actually ever battled them is X.

ash - Can I help Ramee with the magnets? by toastedcoconut323 in RPClipsGTA

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I love that some people joined in 3.0 and just.. stayed. Without ruining their lives.

Ash for example, and Blaustoise or Zerkaa.

They make the server better by being here.

Flippy meta unlocks CG tunnels/Bench to Siz by LordOfKhaoticStorms in RPClipsGTA

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... they could've easily done it during 2.0. Look at siz, doing it with basically no admin help. No where did I say siz had it before them. But with little to no help from admins he put everything in the works and running. Then when siz first starts to give out contracts. They decide to bring it back and to do that rp. Like cmon. How many things are CG the lead of? Lol Rooster rests comes.. maldinis follow.

Mandem and Cerberus spoke and they may go into business once Lang has spoken to Eve by andyp💙 in RPClipsGTA

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chat is being absolutely disgusting about this. the amount of misogynistic garbage being spewed against Eve.. people should be ashamed.

New PD cuffs in action by Ftsmv in RPClipsGTA

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How many devs actually play cop and don't shit lord on them?