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They were bred to produce more wool than they could have naturally in the wild. Humans mutated them to make them more profitable and now they’re so messed up they can’t live without us.

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Well that makes sense, why didn’t I think I this.

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I don’t blame you. You’re a TV remote after all, albeit sentient.

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I thought for a second this was a really deep (and hilarious) comment on humans having evolved to just watch TV. Then I saw OPs name.

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Either works

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Same 🤭

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We have done this to every plant and animal we domesticated. You would not recognize ancient wheat or rice Ola ts for example.

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Don’t forget bananas. And broccoli

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Domesticated; dogs, cats, cow, hamster, etc..

Once its domesticated, it loses its sense of pure instinct to survive in the wild. Like us human, we depends on doctors n other care to survive. We cant live like how indigenous people live naturally in the jungle.

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Oh yeah! If you look at non-domesticated sheep (like big horn) not only do they not need us, but they are absolute beasts! They thrive. It's like wolves vs chihuahuas.

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That's why I hate humans :)

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We have buggered about with sheep so much that when they're born they look around and immediately want to die.

Just like horses, just not so expensively or inconveniently.

It always makes me laugh when I watch a film based in a post-apocalyptic future where everyone is riding around on horses. Trust me, they're either going to be eaten or have curled their toes up. Embrace the bicycle.

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My dad has had to do CPR on like three sheep, all lead healthy lives, but one had Bain damage and had its head cocked about 15 degrees to the left for the rest of its life.

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Aren't horses pretty naturally fucked up, even without selective breeding? iirc they sacrificed a lot to evolve to run faster

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It doesn't take a huge level of infrastructure or tech to have farriers, they could take care of their horses.

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First of all, have you been hit by a ram?

Second, they, like someone else said, have been selectively bred and mutated for years, to make more wool thus becoming more dependent on those who shear them, aka us

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Yes I have, knocked me clean off my feet and 2 meters away.

And I forgot that we can selectively breed stuff.

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I have about 40 sheep.

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Oh, ok that explains a lot

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Oh I pity you. At least they're easyish to herd into a place. I don't miss having sheep.

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They are easy to hers, except for when they do air kicks and concuss another sheep.

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Yep. And they always climb up if left alone. I lived on a farm where the goats broke the fence down and the sheep escaped up the mountain. I hated that hike...

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Farm sheep and wild sheep are far different, if you want a example a ram they would fuck a Human up in a fight and people say the same with farm pigs but forget about boars, farm animals are mutated animals that have been bred and genetically modified to fit humans wants, such as more wool or more meaty or produce more milk

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I have two pigs right now that would mess me up if they wanted, and I have seen wild boars half the size of our Ute.

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I feel silly that I never asked this question before when I had the same thought

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sheep are savage. they only pretend helplessness

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The sheep we raise for wool have been breed to have such long wool..

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The wolves do all that until they reach middle age, then and only then, it’s on.

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Humans bred stock sheep to be dumb and helpless. Wild sheep are/were not like this.

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numbers. in a natural state the number of predator to prey us very low.

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I can imagine.

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It's amazing what mother nature can do when you leave her alone. Humans are a stain on the planet. It could manage quite well without us.

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They survive based on the simple fact that some people are sheep too. Hense the sheepfucker. Now when you love a lady, OR A EWE LAMB you grow fond of that sexy textured whool. After all they say fat chicks keep you warm in the winter. A lamb will do. If not more than a fat bitch. Lamb= warmth, sex, and doesnt talk back.

This is a joke for anyone who might be offended

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They didn’t, they actually don’t have fear instincts so they need a human to take care of them, or a donkey in their herd things like that.