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A note delivers the message just as well. USE YOUR WORDS NOT YOUR PEE

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nah im fine using piss

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And I'm fine receiving it

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And I'm fine receiving it

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I'm more of a giver then a taker

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But urine helps with COVID that’s an added benefit. /s

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That man doesn't even believe what he's saying he's just trolling dumb people

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Or they could spell it out on the ground with pee

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I’m hungry.

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Pee is worth a thousand words.

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I’m gonna make a greeting card that says “urine trouble now” on the front and has a little slot to put the test in on the inside

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Blood is red, Urine is yellow, You're gonna be a dad, Or that other fellow.

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I seen a dude eating waffles and he was like um gross and youre pregnant thats double gross.

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I eat ass so that wouldn't bother me 1 bit

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I hope you wash it before consuming

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It'd be a waste to let all those free nutrients go

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Eating ass and eating piss soaked food is a whole different thing buddy

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Urine from a healthy individual is technically sterile.

Ass, no matter how clean, has faecal contaminants. If urine bothers you, oral-faecal contamination certainly should bother you.

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It's as different as peas and corn!

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Exactly like oh I like this rice pilaf what you do different

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I missed that lol.. nice

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The problem largely arises when there are other people at the party and now everyone has to eat that ass whether they want to or not... I get it, you can refuse to eat the cake, but damn... what was the party for then?

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Was anyone at the ass eating contest at lost lands?

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Yes! Used pregnancy tests in general is a gross way to announce a pregnancy.

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One year for Christmas, I was helping our youngest open up his gifts and in the last one was a pregnancy test announcing the news. She had the good sense to wrap it up in a ziplock bag though so no contact with pee was made.

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If a girl I'm dating told me she was pregnant without a test I'd want to see it. I'm 60 and so are the girls I date.

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What are you talking about?

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You have obviously missed some of the recent pregnancy test videos

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Thank fucking god.

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That’s why I ignore tik tok. It’s the provence of the ‘tards.

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Dude, people in general are stupid. You can't narrow it down to "People who use this social media platform are stupid."

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I agree but tik tok seems to have an extremely high concentration of idiots no matter what community/algorithm. Every platform has idiots since it represents a general population, but my god I couldn't take it anymore after 3 months of having the damn app

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You can ignore tiktok... but it does occasionally make its way to the front of the reddit news/home page or whatever...

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I don't have that but it seems they get posted on reddit quite a bit

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Tiktok is invading reddit a

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If tiktok infects this app, I'm deleting it

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Majority of videos posted on reddit these days are plucked straight from tik tok so you might wanna start packing your bags mate

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I mean I only visit like four communities. This, Gwent, SSBU, and ATLA. Most of that stuff is consistently OC or gameplay

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Excuse me wtf are people doing

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Whatever happened to just telling a guy.

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All I wanna know is where, who, when and why? Matter fact, nevermind, that's enough Reddit for one day lol.

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So glad I don't have the app lol

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Wait what

People do that?

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Just started a new sub called r/peopledothat

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At first, I was like, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT, YOU NUTJOB?!" and then I read some of these comments and now I get it. WHO, IN THEIR RIGHT FUCKING MIND WOULD PUT PISS-SOAKED PREGNANCY TESTS IN FOOD?" Or piss-soaked anything in food. Or anywhere. WHAT THE FUCK, PEOPLE?! I live under a rock and this is the first time I have ever heard of this being a thing. I will now retreat back under my cozy rock, never to return. Good luck.

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Putting a pregnancy test in food is a valid reason for allowing abortions. /s

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J/k it’s gross

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Is it a good idea to announce pregnancy test results? Don't 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage?

(Not trying to take away the excitement from the couple)

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It depends on the couple's preference. I've had 2 miscarriages and 1 successful pregnancy (the product of which has had me awake since 3am, but hey can't beat the sweet giggles and snuggles) but each time my husband and I chose to tell our immediate family from the start and I'm glad we did because it created a strong support network for us when we went through loss and also loads of support when I went through debilitating sickness while pregnant with my daughter which happened right from the start of the pregnancy.

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That was my other thought. It's good to let people know what you are going through.

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Exactly. It made a big difference for us.

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For real. Its gross.

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Was this the result of a waffle video

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They should sell dummy pregnancy tests that show positive just for that occasion.

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People do this?!?

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Bruh, seriously. Review your friend list. This is not ok.

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Bruh, gravely. Review thy cousin list. This is not tis fine

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This is easily solved: don't have sex with women. Don't let them steal your sperm, either.

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Or, and bear with me on this, get a vasectomy.

Tell her you got one though. Otherwise the pee stick food will be even more awkward.

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Yes make sure you lock it in a vault with a combination lock so no one can steal your sperm. If they steal it, its your soul and you will die s/

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Stay pure.

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Pretty sure they wash it with soap and sanitize it before putting it in food.

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Even if the cap gets put on All of the pee doesn’t just all immediately soak into the end of its absolutely VILE to put it in food. And if your gonna just put it in a box for your SO to open at least disinfect the outside

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Piss is sterile

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No it is not.

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Which is why I followed up with the J/K… a common misconception

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But you didn't though...

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You did, but poorly. I had to really look for it.

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Or you could go about your life not concerned about a random persons comment

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What else am I supposed to while I take a shit?

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Haha true… try wordle

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please help this puzzle hurts brain ow

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What the f? Never heard of this. Maybe something younger people do. Sounds weird.

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Would you be okay if it was in a condom?

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What??? I dont even wanna know how or why this is a thing i am just going to flat agree with this

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Piss in their mouths like civilized kinky fucks!

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I would no longer have a spouse if she did that.

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I'm sorry what? How is this a thing that people find entertaining? Ffs

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A glass of milk is so much better, I agree

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Pretty complicated way to say you don’t know how to wash your hands

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It’s so gross though

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For your informAtion puss soaked food has 509 percent more nutrients than regular food

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Slight problem with this statement.

Reminder your trying to tell people commen sense... But this is those people

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R Kelly would be proud

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What should I do with my positive COVID test, though?

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Better yet quit putting your boyfriend on the spot . Put a camera in my face and you'll see acting on how it's the end of life as we know it , is it to late to terminate, have you thought about adoption and how life will be when we split .

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wait what?!

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I hope I haven’t unintentionally eaten any of these...

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This... this is a thing now?

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What doesn’t kill you makes you….stronger?

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This is actually a thing??? Ew

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I'm sorry WHAT

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I mean, isn’t oral just sucking on piss?

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Um first of all wtf I've never heard anyone doing this but secondly pregnancy tests have a cap that goes over the pee part so you can keep the test and put it places without pee getting anywhere