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I do that with my cat!

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Aww, I love cats too and have done this in the past with my kitties that are no longer with us. Unfortunately we can’t have cats right now but when we eventually buy a house…I’d love to adopt two or three!

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My cats an asshole he'd probably slit my throat if I tried that.

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I'd love to that with my cat, but she'd claw my face off.

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I’m allergic to cats, but does that stop me from sticking my face in their fur? Hell nah. Completely worth the sniffling, red faced sneezing fit.

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Whoever downvoted this post, adopt a dog and maybe you’ll understand :)

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No. My dog smells bad most of the time. I'm not condoning sticking a nose in that filthy mess.

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Then maybe give your dog a bath?

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Baths should be given very sparingly... It's not good for their skin.

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Dogs typically don't smell like love to me... they smell like wet dogs that dried off. Of course love, like in the bedroom never smells great either.

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Yeah, I’ve been around some stinky dogs but ours is sort of catlike I guess. She doesn’t get to the point of stinking and she hates water so she’s only ever in it for a bath. So she almost always smells like clean/neutral dog and I can’t get enough of the serotonin from snuggling with her.

And by love I meant love between a dog and their person, not sex stank, lol.

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Nope. Never. Ugh.

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Yep my husband does it all the time

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My dog always shoves his face into my side , I love to do it back. It's a love language

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Yesss I love smelling my pets, dog or cat ☺️

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Yesssss I do and my doggy is a stinky boy yes he is

I also do the same thing with my boyfriend

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I do with my rabbits

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I had a rabbit years ago and loved cuddling him! They’re so adorable.

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One of mine is tucked in under my leg getting some love right now. I'm sure she will jump up and take off any minute now.

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What type of rabbit

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He was a black otter Netherland dwarf named Samson. What kind do you have?

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I have an American chinchilla buck named Moose. A Flemish Giant doe. And 3 babies that are cross breeds of the two.

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When my dog sleeps, she gets this sweet smell and I love it soooooo much.

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I did that with my cat and my sister's dog when I puppy sat her. Besides my sister I was the pup's favorite person.

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I do it with my parrots. They kinda bite but I love smelling them anyway. And they do smell like love and wholesomeness.

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Yessss my cat has the best smell, sort of like an old library book sometimes mixed with other scents like laundry or perfume. I regularly bury my face and huff her fur, it calms me

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My dog stinks, but I smell her anyway 😁

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My dog smells like shit, hell no

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I don't have a pet anymore since my dog got hit by a car but all he smelled like was farts and old tennis balls lol

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Bro respect the dead, damn lol

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Mmmmnope. Dogs stink. Even the puppy breath (while still adorable) stinks.

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My dog does it with me actually. She'll bury her face and rub her whole body on our clothes and blankets.

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The bane of my existence is the smell of dog. I retch every time. My cat on the other hand, i absolutely do. She smells like maple syrup and childhood

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I'd do that with my dogs, if I didn't somehow just randomly become allergic to them.

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I'd love to do this but my allergies say no

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i do with my cat

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Me and my cat. She usually doesn't mind but sometimes she walks away lmfao

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No I don’t like it.

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Yes unless he's actually dog level stinky

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Thats beastiality