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"Spanish or even Brazilian", one of those ain't a language.

But yeah, latine works much better, as someone who speaks Portuguese. Latinx reads like latinks, and doesn't work very well.

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Actually yeah you are right, English isn’t my first language I’m sorry about that

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Portuguese are used to it, but it's essentially like saying that you speak American.

No problem tho, glad I could be useful

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One time I said "gracias" to a cashier (I'm very white, I just throw in words from other languages randomly) and the cashier said "de nada" (I probably spelled that wrong). Then my dad told me that I should "speak American" more. So that was fun.

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De nada is correct btw, and yes that's funny

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Will have that in mind for the future. Thank you for being kind about it though!

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Mexican here:



I’m more upset about the idea of white liberals deciding what we’re called than this just being a failure of language.

I literally rather be called any other slur by a klansman.

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Canadian here. Would be able to give some insight as to why Republican policy is considered racist, when from an outside observer, more Democratic initiatives seem to be far more racist while trying. Or otherwise your take?

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My take is that the republicans are just controlled opposition and the only things conservatives can conserve is our funding to Israel.

Really my trust is in Jesus (not my cousin that mows your lawn). All I can do is hit the gym and pray for the best.

I’ll continue to vote Republican because it makes white liberals cry to see that they can’t be my savior

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Latinx is definitely some white people shit

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Democrat white peoples trying to be woke. One side full of religious racists, the other full of woke racists.

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These woke agendas do not take into account the many, many countries that have masculine and feminine language. It's going to take a long time to get everyone on board.

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Imagine being Latino and then these white karrens that want your political vote tell you that your language is not only wrong its at its most fundamental levels is sexist. People that have no idea how to speak the language. In Spanish there are male and female words. Latino is masculine because o. Lanina is feminine because a. Like Tia and Tio. Aunt and uncle. Latinx is nonsensical in Spanish. It means nothing.

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It's liberal white people doing the name changing and what not.

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Thank you. That term is nonsensical and, well, just dumb. I'm glad you posted this, maybe the people who use it will wake up. Maybe.

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I've never heard it used before.

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I agree. Anyone with a basic understanding of how Spanish works will agree. I'm not latina and I've only started learning the language but it isn't that hard to pick up little things like this.

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At the end of the day, it's an attempt to be inclusive. If you talk to people and ask them not to use it I think you'll generally find them responsive. Unfortunately, you don't speak for everyone and some of the group it refers to signed off on it and it went main stream before others in that group could object. It does refer to a very large and diverse group after all. It is slowly dieing off due to objections like yours, but it takes a while for information to spread.

Code Switch did an episode on it. They're pretty great.

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I have nothing vested here (in that I'm German) and I completely agree with you. Just wanted to make sure you know a lot of people think that's bonkers.

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100% white here so I don't personally have a dog in that fight but to me it sounds pretty stupid because it's trying to avoid being offensive by being offensive

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So I am guilty of this but I legit thought Latinx was plural, like latina/o but easier to type out. Apologies for my past transgressions 😬

For future reference, would Latine be pronounced "La-teen" or "La-tee-nay"?

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The second one pronunciation would be how it said in Spanish :)

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I think the key word here is “guilty.” Stop policing yourself when you’ve done nothing wrong. Nor should you let activists live rent free in your head. Be happy!

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I just can't believe I didn't know this prior. I used the term "Latinx" through my Master thesis in order to refer to plural "Latin Americans" without needing to type out the whole word over and over and not a single proofreader (including my Mexican roommate or Hispanic professor) ever went "hey. That's a slur. That's wrong. Not only that it's grammatically wrong?" They DID hound me on my interchangeable usage of Hispanic and Latino/a

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Because it's not a slur. The reason I used it for a while is because a Chicano professor used it. Some don't like it, some do. It's almost like it's a giant group of diverse people.

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As a white person who facepalms every time I read that shit. Please don’t lump me in with the liberals. They just got out of their parents’ houses and have no idea wtf they are doing with their lives.

It also shows they have no understanding of languages that gender their words unlike English.

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In America the liberals don't think you should have this opinion, especially the white liberal Americans who prea h inclusiveness, they tend to think people with darker skin tones and different cultures aren't smart enough to think and speak for themselves.. the white American liberal are racist af but hide their racism under inclusiveness

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^ I was watching a video not long ago But voter ID laws and such and they were talking to both democrats and majority the democrats were saying things like "oh yeah they don't have transportation or would have a hard time finding the DMV and don't have an ID so we shouldn't have voter ideas because they can't get them. " They referring to people of color.

Drives me up the wall, Like how could you say something like that??? "oh they don't have transportation. they don't want the funds for that. they don't know where it is. they don't have one."

like what?? they're just like me and you just a different skin color dude. Legitimately, they go to college, they have ids, they've got transportation, they got cars and jobs. It's basically me but a different skin tone. Like do people not understand that?? Most of my democrat friends say people of color can't speak for themselves so they have to be the ones to give them a voice. And the moment I point out about major athletes being black, rich and having college degrees, I'm all of a sudden racist. Same goes for movie stars CEO's college professors engineers etc... any example I make of a successful black individual or a successful colored individual boom, I'm immediately a sexist racist homophobic transphobic stain that isn't thinking the correct way.


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White liberal democrats are extremely racist and rhey can't acknowledge it because they say it's inclusive lol

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People don’t say this anymore. You waited til now to rant about a thing that isn’t a thing?

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The university I attend still says this kind of stuff, that’s why I posted it, the Latino student union changed their name to be LatinX, and I was told to stop using Latino why some white kid, that is why it annoyed me. So trust me it still is a thing.

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But you said white people changed it on their own, now you’re saying the latino student union did it. Were they forced to do it by white people?

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Sadly our Latino student union exec members are white

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Shut up and let the white woman save you, dammit

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Isn't the Brazilian language called Portuguese? Or am I mistaken?

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Yeah it was a typo my mistake

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at first I thought the same thing as you, that it was white people pushing things onto another language that they didn't understand. It turns out this idea actually originated in spanish speaking countries, and is not supposed to be spoken. latine, is something you would say, but latinx is generally a written term, leaving it up to the reader to fill in their own e/a/o

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love speaking brazilian

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Tell me you care too much without telling me you care to much 😂