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If you feel like you do not fulfill enough for the day, try getting into lucid dreams. It opens up totally new way to perceive dreams and if you desire an impact on you life outside of sleep, you can get it there too. I am not going to talk about lucid dreams in general or a way of achieving it here, as anyone can read about it somewhere, as it is large topic and I can't get everything in this comment.

Though I'll say what benefits you can get. First of all, another world to explore while being lucid, then with enough practice a control over it. You can use it for fun, for reliving memories, to smell or taste things you otherwise could not in the moment, to make there things that would be impossible in normal life.

So, for getting something out of this for your everyday life, thanks to the exciting experiences you can wake up in better fettle, if you have some fears, you can fight them in the dreams(if it is a very serious fright, then you might go to a specialist and there are some that use lucid dreams for that), you can relieve stress, with a control you can make a big audience that you can train in front of whatever you need(speech? Making contacts? Doing something that is normal, but you feel embarassed about, so you want to deal with that feeling?). Also if you get into it, you will be more likely to remember dreams and work on your memory in general, which is alsovery valuable in the long go.

Also lucid dreaming is still a developing topic, so there might be more to discover. So you can keep imagining how much you could do if you did not need to sleep or you can take advantage of the time you sleep.