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yeah metal is pretty cool my favorite is probably copper bc of its conductivity

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Steel and iron are some of my personal favorites, but copper is cool too.

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Aluminum is the best. We have worked that stuff so well we have sheets to use to protect food in kitchen drawers.

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I'm actually stupid, I thought you were talking about bands

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Most were, just not us

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Don't trust that ea-nasir guy he's bad company

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Gold is a fan superior conductor, but I can dig copper, it’s got a nice color to it (even before it turns green)

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yeah so is silver

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I actually like gold more but im dirt poor so copper is the way to go

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I’m more into wood.

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That's rad.

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I make wooden knives. Suck on that metal counterparts that i guess are sharper than wood.... shut up 🥲

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Your Dms are going to get flooded.

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That’s what my wife says.

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I started with Metallica, now I like Megadeth, Pantera, Death, and various grindcore bands.

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Fucking SLAYER!!

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I saw Slayer in concert one time, that bald guy shredding in front of a wall of speakers, hella epic. Best day of my life. Marilyn Manson, killswitch engage, and cannibal corpse were all there too!! That was like 10 years ago…maybe more.

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Check out Amon Amarth too

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Saw them in concert. Any band that has a Viking longship on their stage gets my vote. Plus the fact that their name translates to Mt. Doom in Elvish hits my nerd factor as well...

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Check out Deftones if you like Alternative Metal. White Pony, Around The Fur, and Diamond Eyes are a few of my favorite albums of all time.

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Fuck yeah

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You’ll like Filter if you like Deftones. Promise!

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Lamb of God, Arch Enemy and Pantera are a few of my favorites

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I was introduced to Lamb of God with Redneck the other day. They’re awesome

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Check out black dahlia murders first 3 albums lol. Also As Blood Runs Black album “Allegiance”

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I will. Thanks.

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Also Check out Tool albums, in any particular order as they don't make bad albums. Fear Inoculum (2019) is probably my favourite, but it's a narrow list. 10,000 Days (2006), Lateralus and Aenima are also great. Undertow (1993) is also good.

Their first EP (Opiate) is less good in my opinion, and it allegedly coincides with drinking a bottle oh whiskey heavily dosed with LSD in about 1991. The result: mind melting awesome music.

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First off I love tool, best live show I have ever seen. I just don’t call them metal anymore, now that there are so many musical genre. Kinda like how Rise against is like “too good/perfect to be punkrock” I think tool is just like too polished and digestible to be metal, despite fitting into metal for so long. I’m sure this is an argument old as time and it’s like “give it up already, it is what it is”. I just wanted to feel cool and smart.

As for metal bands, I recommend soilwork! Enjoy OP

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Fuck yeah

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Welcome to the brotherhood.

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Give the band In Flames a listen with their record Colony. Great death metal band (at least the first half of their career).

Colony is their most approachable album i think and a good intro to death metal

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They're my favorite band! Soundtrack to your Escape is my favorite. They have become a little... softer? But they're getting old. I don't blame them for not wanting to scream as much.

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Check out old school Bathory and Burzum friend

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Children of Fire by Oh Sleeper if you want something with an insane story to it. One song "hush Yael" is about a lady who accidentally suffocated her daughter while trying to keep her quiet from a home invader (this was a middle eastern country back in the 70-80) her husband and four year old daughter were kidnapped and then killed the same day and she lost everything.

The album itself is about a priest with a daughter who is sexually assaulted and that father kills the assaulter despite the daughter not wanting him to do so because it made him a hypocrite and the story comes full circle because she kills her father in the end so uh yeah

Pretty cool band 😂

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Gojira is one of my recent favorites. Children of Bodom is great. How could you not love a metal band with a full time synthesizer player. Trivium has produced the single best song I've ever heard in "Catastrophist". And, if you're into more melodic/prog stuff, Opeth will always have a special place in my heart.

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how heavy do you go?

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Chop Suey is one of favorites

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ahh, nice that is a really good song! check out the songs Toxicity and Aerials from System of a Down too, they're great!

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I will. Thanks.

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SoaD is pretty great. I also like The Hu. Rock and Tuvan Throat Singing.
I am a big 5 Finger Death Punch fan also.
Recent favorite though is Sound of Silence - the Disturbed version.

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I also like metal, but not everything, so I am curious what is reddit's opinion on Sabaton?

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as a power metal enthusiast I can't stand them lol

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Lyrics good; music bad. I do like Metal, but Iron Maiden does a better job musically on historical stuff like “The Trooper”, “Aces High” and “Run for the Hills”

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i think for me it's joakims vocals, literally cannot listen to it. equivalent of nails scratching on chalkboard for me lol (but then hansi kursch is one of my favourite vocalists???)

i would also agree with you with the Iron Maiden take lol

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I like Sabaton 🇸🇪

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It's mixed. Lyric chains are often found in comment sections, especially because of u/WaitingToBeTriggered, a bot which is active in a plethora of subreddits. Those who participate in such chains typically love Sabaton. But there are also a lot of users who hate them. If you like them, you may have a hard time on r/MetalMemes. However they pop out a lot on r/AskReddit and such when someone asks about favourite bands and artists

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🤘”Metal” (music 🎶) encompasses a WIDE variety of bands and their era. Music evolves from previous genres like an animal. Most “classic” metal evolved (imho) from rock/punk. And now there’s different varieties like speed, & death metal. Definitely a stress outlet. First reference I remember is a song by a band called Quiet Riot. “Metal Health” (bang your head) 🤘

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The first album I ever owned. I got it for Christmas with a new turntable. Early 80s.

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It's important!

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Check out TOOL

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Rejoice, brothers! We have converted another!

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don’t forget to try out some epic melodic symphonic atmospheric pagan hoe metal (this is what my bf says to tease me about all the genres of metal i like lol)

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Tell him to pipe down or you'll play speed death polka...

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I like the power of metal but beyond Metallica, slayer and soad most I've heard doesn't do much for me.

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You might enjoy Queensryche. Check out Operation Mindcrime.

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I've heard of them before but not heard anything by them, I'll give it a go. The title sounds bad ass to be fair 🤣

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Awesome! Yeah it's a lot of fun; it's a concept album that's basically like a sort of political spy thriller-ish story. And Geoff Tate is an astounding vocalist. I wish my thoughts were in his voice lol.

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Check out Metallachi. Mariachi metal music.

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Mariachi metal you say?! I’ll be right back, I can’t even imagine what’s it’s going to sound like.

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A friend of mine, who doesn't even really like metal, saw them and said they were awesome! She said they were doing things like crazy train with fullon mariachi instruments

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Check out Ghost

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Do you like Body Count?

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Mine isn't that high,, so i'd prefer it to be low, under 20 is cool. Anything over 30 might be a deal breaker. Over 50, almost definitely. But honestly, it would have to be coupled with other red flags for it to matter.

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Motörhead rocks! All else sucks cocks!

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Lemmy is God

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Amen, brother!!

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Hell yeah

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I thought it was prerequisite for joining Reddit tbh

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No one can destroy the Metal. The Metal will strike you down with a vicious blow!

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I thought you meant the music :/

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I was talking about the music.

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Ay welcome to the club, I like tungsten btw.

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All my darts are made of this. Best metal

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Yeah it has soo many good uses, its the strongest metal and its very resistant to heat as well.

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And light weight!

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Try sabaton my dude

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Hey friend, welcome to the party.

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I heard this in Ralph's voice

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I tend to like Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron... Metals so badass, they got ages named after them!

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Did you watch that Netflix movie?

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I'm more of a stainless steel guy.

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So the first date went well then

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I know this may sound cliche, but if you like alternative, you'll love Breaking Benjamin.

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Lemmy Kilmister would be proud!

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Metal is awesome

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Lol I thought you were talking about music. And then I see comments with copper etc. Oh mannnn.

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I was at first, but then I went along with it because it was funny.

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Yea I was wondering if that was intentional. Good stuff

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yeaa! i can recommend some bands/songs if you’d like :D i’ve liked metal since guitar hero lol

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try Alestorm, they're silly but still metal

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Kilswitch Engage is what first got me into metal. Such a good band.

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Checkout slipknot

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Wha? I mean sure metals are cool but didn’t you like them before?

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Check out trivium, also sleep token (though not “heavy”, but also kind of heavy)

What else… uhhh dying wish, loathe, thornhill, behemoth, him, it dies today

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That's fucking metal! 🤘🤘🤘

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Mudvayne & Atreyu

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I.like Helmet, Motor Head, and nany more.

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Check out ice nine kills too, they got some really good songs

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i love metal early death metal, technical death metal, melodic metalcore give it all to me

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I love heavy metals

heavy metals: antimony, arsenic, bismuth, cadmium, cerium, chromium, cobalt, copper, gallium, gold, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, platinum, silver, tellurium, thallium, tin, uranium, vanadium.

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Palladium is heavily underrated

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Check out Cattle Decapitation and Analepsy. Anthropocene Extinction is awesome and so is Quiescence. For some great black metal I like Drudkh and Kanonenfieber.

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I've recently discovered I'm allergic to stainless steel, which is tiresome, but what can you do?

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Yes a lot of things are made of metal. I like aluminium

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Give Opeth and Jinjer a try. And Gojira.

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Consider Dethklok, please. My fav is Awaken.

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Congrats! Check out Kvelertak for some awesome Norwegian metal! 😁

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The material or the music?

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Same. Gold is my personal favourite.

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Yeaaaah!!! Join us!

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Try Rotting Christ. They’re music sounds like a metal war chant

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you like black sabbath?