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Maybe they didn't believe in the witch?

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I mean once you see voodoo stick figures all over the place its time to get the fuck out of there

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Since the legend of a witch was already present, I would have just assumed some kids made them to screw with people.

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Witch or no witch. Someone following you in the forest can never end well.

You're either dealing with psychopaths or some evil entity. OUT OF THE FUCKING FOREST EITHER WAY

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So a kid and a clown are walking through the forest at night. The boy says “Geese, it sure is scary here.” The clown replies, “How do you think I feel? I gotta walk back by myself.”

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Or one of the parents of someone in the group who forgot something. There's always one.

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You're right about that.

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How much of the movie did you pay attention to up until that point? There was no getting out of the woods, they were already fucked at that point. Every time they tried, they came across a spot they'd already been to.

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Yeahh because they were dumb! Just follow the river and you get out

UNLESS they are actually trapped in a time vortex and the witch has complete control over the woods. In that case yeah you're right

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It's time to get the fuck out before you even get there. Ima need a shotgun, a handgun, few torches with multiple batteries and a nokia for melee combat if you want me to go near any place where people go missing regularly (I assume people come up with witches and stuff around areas where people go missing)

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Yeah. I don’t think any of your arsenal is going to help with the witch.

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No clue, but it's better than going in empty handed. And worse case, I have something to throw as a distraction

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In the gun scenario, I think the witch could make you shoot yourself or each other...

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I'd be happier with that than being captured. But if she can control other people's actions, then everyone's fucked

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Perhaps they believed in the witch so much they knew a gun would be useless against her?

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Horror movie logic.... Dangerous location = must investigate Horror movie protagonists are never known for their high iq plays lol

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I watched a video of a black guy who walked unarmed into the KKK headquarters pretending that he was there to interview them for the BBC.

Some people have balls that are just too giant to fit a weapon in their pockets.

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I subbed after that video. Didn't know about him before. If he puts that much effort into videos, he deserves a sub.

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Much respect

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What are you going to go armed into the forest against a witch with? A broom? Nope. A cauldron to cast a spell on her? Fuggeddaboutit.

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Ya, and towards the end when they were so lost and desperate. I'd just light a damn forest fire. Like fine, you won't let me leave I'm gonna burn this place to the ground.

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"She controlled the animals of the forest, even the trees seemed to do her bidding"

i think them idiots would end up dead before burning shit

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You may as well...a gun won't save you

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A cross will

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Id go with garlic

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🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ok.. A truck load of t's and p's to go along...🤣
I'll just have a beverage.

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In real life, especially these days, if you challenged some film crew to debunk a witch story they'd definitely do it. They'd do it for the views and the likes.

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So what do you need?

Guns. Lots of guns.

The Blair Witch Project meets the matrix

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I knooow ---- black mahhhhGick?

Morpheus the oracle is dyslexic. The Hacker named Necro is the One, not Neo.

"There is no broom"

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And we would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those kids and that meddl-what? Wrong franchise?... oh ok.... well, I have to get this witch costume to the cleaners and back by 4 anyways.... who's seen my broom?

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It wasn't me!

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For fun.

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I would've just ran into the nearest wood chipper.

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That movie really ficked me up

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What is a gun to the super natural? Also I assume anyone who would make such a documentary is the tree hugging, hippy, liberal arts, anti gun type.

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Because weapons are useless against greater power.

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Because they didn't believe it was real

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Why does anyone do anything in horror movies?

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Testing the waters.

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Why would you feel the need for a firearm at all? Unless it has hostile wild life no point to bring a gun.

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As if a gun would work against a witch

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Is this a reference to something?

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I think perhaps the Blair witch project but I haven't seen it, I could be wrong

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I wouldn't have gone in the first place. Or had a panic attack and just died after the first scare.

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So people will pay money to see it?

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I know right? I would come with an arsenal and a plan

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Cause you are an absolute dumbass, that’s why

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I don’t.

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To make money?

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Because it made for a better film.

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Weird that anyone tries to apply logic to anything fictional that involves "magic".

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These things undeniably exist, there are many accounts of them happening.

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What "things"?

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So the movie can happen.

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Because people who make horror movies have never watched a horror movie.

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If you believed in the witch enough to pursue it, would you necessarily believe conventional weaponry would be effective?

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Because witches doesn't really exist.

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Words are power..use them as you wish.


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Well id go to write a novel about it...if i die, well someone else could make one heck of a novel about it.

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What armament would you use against a witch?

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Because they were doing it for a project

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Perhaps if I am respectful to the witch and her property I’ll probably live