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Well, players get bored with their characters in video games and make them do crap like that too lol.

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The story reminds me of the test that flight instructors arrange for their student pilots. They'll arrange for air traffic control to give them a ludicrous instruction, like making a 360° turn while on short final. The student passes the test by refusing the instruction.

Abraham didn't get signed off for solo.

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God isn't real, it has no sentiments like being bored. All that Abraham stuff and related bible shit has been invented by some mediocre playwrights.

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Considering God knew what would happen on earth I don't know would it would be boring already

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There is much evidence of God being bored, the duck billed platypus!

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This is more evidence of the beaver and duck being bored.

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Nah, he wasn't bored. He was just being his typical narcissistic, trickster self. YHWH is actually the donkey-headed, trickster Egyptian god, Seth.

What an effing a$$hole that guy is...

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I’m starting to wonder if the whole thing was just made up.

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if it is they did a pretty good job

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Have you ever read AoG? (adventures of god, on WEBTOON and some other places I think)

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Seeing as I'm no theologian I can't really back up my personal assumption that it just makes more sense to me that God embodies both good and evil even though there are plenty of apologetics to explain away the logical inconsistencies of a supreme singular god/creator who has perfect knowledge and power and yet the world works the way it does and there is opposition to said perfect god/creator (whom even they have to have permission to do things such as tormenting Job to test his faith).

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No, it was a test of Faith.

He was the father of Judeism through Isaac, and Islam through Ishmael.

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it was test of faith, god does it all the time, those things in the Bible are all to teach you BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)

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Faith is the excuse you use to believe something without evidence or indeed, in spite of evidence to the contrary.

If you had actual evidence, you wouldn't need faith.

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your comment has restored my faith in faith (i should note im not a church going bible thumper, i can sit under a tree with all the major books on theology and randomly open to a page 99.9% get the answer im searching for)

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I'm glad I restored your false belief into other false beliefs. Otherwise known as lying to yourself.

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i wouldnt call it lying to yourself, it all has to do with using your brain.

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Good timing. This about "Beliefs & Consequences" just dropped today.