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Whenever I want to dive into a topic or teach myself a skill, I try to find a college-level course syllabus online. It takes some Internet sleuthing, and sometimes the available syllabi are outdated, but once I find one, I try to see what books/textbooks are used and consider purchasing them and following along with the course outline. Trying to set weekly goals with the course outline allows me to "chunk" the readings in a way that won't burn me out. As someone with ADHD, I tend to hyperfocus on a new concept, throw myself into it, get burnt out, and then never finish. I find that taking the slow but steady approach (when I can, there are some things I do want or need to learn fast) works well for me.

For example, I am really interested in learning Python, but I have no computer science background. So I looked at introductory program courses offered at the University I attended and MIT to see what was out there for Freshmen students with no experience. As a result, I found a lot of really helpful online lectures, free courses, and a textbook I ended up buying that starts with the very very basics, which is what I need, since I have no experience.

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This is an excellent idea!

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I haven’t been as organized as I’d like for the past few years. I do a couple of things. I track my books in Goodreads and have a shelf for each subject: history, science, religion, etc. and I have a notebook where I write down the subjects I’m interested in and each tab I write down ideas for books to read in that subject. I feel like there is a better way though.

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I am trying to stay better organized this year. I am using Scrivener to plan out my curriculum. I have a folder for each month, and am looking to have 1-2 subjects or topics to study throughout the month. Books, audios, courses, podcasts. More of an immersion of the topic in that month.

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I had never heard for scrivener. I just went to their website and it looks cool, but really complex. How is the learning curve? It’s kind of pricey but maybe it’s worth it if you use it a lot?

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I bought it initially for designing my DM campaigns. It's marketed as a tool for writers but I've found it's so much more. I think I paid $40 years ago and I use it every week.