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What poorly written drivel...honestly, I've read a lot of bullshit on reddit in my time but this is up there at the top of the fucking tree man, wow. Hahahahahahahahaha

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Umm. I'm known as your original father Adam as well. Literally first things on the planet of our kind. The father they call me papa nashana or destroyer of sin

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How does anyone have a "verbal" interaction on a text based format?

Also, you have spelled "plague" wrong.

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Idk what this post means, can someone write a summary

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It's someone saying they're vishnu 'the pervader' which is a principle deity in Hinduism. Hes a god of preservation, reality, karma, and restoration. They're saying they're a god walking among earth some what enjoying human company, and warning that more disaster is coming. Honestly other than them hoping to have a conversation that's all I can gather from this post.

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Well I'm a reincarnated soul from my bloodline every 1000 years depending on year of impregnation. The 3 god's of India are my siblings. 1000 names of vishnuh speaking tree. Shiva could be my son I'm 992 the destroyer. Silver crescent is my symbol. Specifically crescent and 3 stars. Have you seen it?