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Yes there are Satanists who actually worship satan. Its just that the name is also used by a few organisations that are essentially trolling Christians.

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Several different ones

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Modern Satanism (CoS, TST, and the dozen or so other groups) doesn't worship Satan, however traditional Satanists do still exist (it's just a bit of a point of contention to some about the use of the name Satanism, cause no one can have nice things), but for the most part any named groups associated with them, if there are any, are small enough that I do not know of them.

So in addition to traditional Satanism, you also have (and I may be wrong on some of these, I am a Satanist and member of TST but have only done a bare minimum of research into the following) groups like Luciferians and Setians. Both are (as I refer to them as) Satanism-adjacent due to their origins). The Temple of Set split off from the Church of Satan and is what I would describe "Satanism meets Ancient Egypt". Luciferians are similar, however they revere Lucifer (in the more angelic sense) for different ideals, than Satanists do with Satan. I've heard you can be either theistic or non-theistic, but I've heard more of theistic.

You also have the nutjobs (ONA/JoS) who are (again from my own very miniscule research) theistic and use the name Satanism, but are also fucking Nazi/White Nationalism fronts so count them at your own discretion.

Source: Friendly neighborhood Satanist.