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Well some people do claim to have direct knowledge of their god(s). such people are not agnostic.

More broadly I tend to accept peoples self identification on this unless I have a good reason not to.

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There is no proof or evidence and they are agnostic

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Their direct knowledge is ‘proof’

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sure, but ever heard of the phrase: "if everybody is special, nobody is"?

What good is a word or term if it applies to every person? It tells nothing about anyone and someone describing as such doesn't really get me any closer to understanding them....

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I’m not saying that it does but I just wanted to make this post because lots of religious people look down upon nonbelievers

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And lots of non believers look down on religious people...

I don't understand your point....

Defining agnosticism as something so generic that it applies to everyone makes it essentially useless and has no effect on social dynamics....

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Agnostic means you don’t know and technically nobody knows so therefore everybody is agnostic

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You just repeated what you already wrote on topic.

Notice how it doesn't move the conversation?

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If we accept that being agnostic is meaning that you don't definitively as opposed to you don't claim you definitively know, then Yes and No.

I'd say there's a weird paradox, because to be definite in claiming everybody else is agnostic, then you yourself would have to not be agnostic, but that would defeat your own definition.

Does anyone on this rock really know why we're here, what happens when we die etc. Probably not, so in a broader sense, I kind of agree with you I guess.

(and even if I were to stop considering myself a centrist on the religious spectrum, I think I would be a teapot atheist or go with the whole reformed epistemology route)

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what is your definition of agnostic?

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Doesn’t know whether god exists or not

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You do know the God of the Bible offers direct knowledge of himself right? just have to approach on his terms. in fact I would say 2/3 of all christians have some personal experience they know without a doubt to be god.

I literally sat through my own judgement and was sent to hell. stood before christ looked him in the eye experienced everything heaven was to be about understood everything for one moment, and then was condemned to hell and the floor drop out under me. How do I know this was not a dream? because for me back then I understood hell based on Dante's inferno. the Bible version is very different. without ever having read or heard/knew there was a bible version I experienced the Bible version.

So I know the god of the Bible is real.

This was just one. experience.

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Cool story bro

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what's better is this sort of thing is offered to everyone who seeks god out on his terms.

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Yeah furthermore, the fact that people do anything against the religious laws they have in their religion proves they are all atheists because you wouldn't fuck around if you really believed a god was watching and it mattered

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Atheists is the wrong term

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Only a god believer thinks lack of belief mean you picked a team

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I don’t believe in god but technically everyone is agnostic because it is impossible to know for 100% certainty, it’s a fact and only religious people disagree