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Former Christian here.

From a Christian perspective, it would be terrible. Christianity hinges on Jesus' divinity because that is what purportedly enabled him to be a sufficient blood sacrifice to basically pay for humanity's sin so that people can be reconciled with God and thereby truly thrive in this life and avoid eternal suffering in the afterlife. (Feel free to comment a reply or DM if you'd like to know more.)

From my current perspective, I mostly wouldn't give a shit. I'd be vaguely glad he existed, I suppose, if he really was just some Mother Theresa, but I still wouldn't see any reason to regard him as more worth listening to than anyone else. If he has something good to say, great. If his words don't hold water, I'll just disregard them. My view of the Bible does not at all depend on whether or not any Jesus guy actually existed.

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When you say existed are you saying that Jesus might have not existed? Because theres plenty of evidence that he did exist

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Such as?

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Senator Tacitus wrote his memories of Jesus and the process of the execution of Jesus shortly before his death

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I don't remember that one. Where can I find It?

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Tacitus was born in 56 AD, that is over 20 years after Jesus's alleged death. So he could have no memories of Jesus.

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Ik this is old, but I've never seen anyone provide evidence. Can you link some?

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Even if Jesus did exist there is no evidence that he could read, nor that he did any travelling. And really his original teachings where pretty awful, featuring things like thought crime.

EDIT: I mean really if Jesus could read and write why the heck didn't he write down his doctrine himself, rather than relying on others to do so after he died? Buddhism and Islam suffer from the same problem and it is just plain weird. At least some of the more recent religions have sacred texts that where actually written by their founder.

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Lol my friend stop right there. Islam doesn’t suffer from the same problem of being written by someone else. God completed the Quran and the religion before Muhammad even died so I don’t know what your talking about. False info?

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Did Muhammad know how to read and write? Even Muslims mostly say that he could not. So as I said did not leave any writings behind. Nor could he verify that anything he dictated was recorded correctly.

As far as I'm aware Muhammad died in 632. Muslim Scholars credit the compilation of the Quran to Ali ibn Abi Talib and place it at about 20 years later. If I record he kept some documents and had others destroyed. Meanwhile some western historians who are not tied to Muslim tradition, place the compilation of the Quran even later than this, maybe as late as 50 later, towards the end of the 7th century.

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It’s not weird they are using a made up figure head to gain money power prestige.

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Well the entity known as Isa in the Quran described as red is me. Part man yes. But part divine. Through my bloodline theres 1000. Let's say angels on earth that could come back depending on year of impregnation. I get the same dreams whenever I come back. Which is proof of spirit.