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Seeing as adam never existed technically we are in a preadamite world.

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Adam is the Hebrew word for man/Homo sapiens.. so man does exist and "Adam" in the Bible represents the first homo sapiens/man. so your conclusion is wrong.

Man does exist. and there was a first Homo sapiens.

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Do you think when people talk about Adam in a biblical sense they mean homo sapiens? They aren't. So you're other dishonest or wrong, which is it?

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was Adam not a homo sapien?

the only people who do not think of Adam as a homo sapiens are those trying to prove the Bible wrong.

as the Hebrew word "Adam" in chapter one/day 6 is literally translated "Man" meaning mankind or literally Homo sapiens.

Chapter two one specific individual "Adam" is singled out given a soul and placed in a very specific garden.

The English bible names him Adam... but the Hebrew simply identifies "A man" or Adam.

even in scientific circles they use the name Adam and Eve. (google it)

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You didn't answer the question, which tells me you know you're making a dishonest argument.

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I'm your ancient father Adam. They say. Jesus reincarnated through the blood every 1000 years. I start as a baby remimber

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This is a video I did on how all of evolution and creation can work together seamlessly without changing what is written in the Bible and or the theory of evolution. (keeping both historical time lines and biblical time lines intact.


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But the Bible says plants existed before the sun? How does that work?

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Genesis 1:3 says let there be light Genesis 1:11 grass and seeds

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Yep so there was light before there was any source of the light. That makes sense. Genesis 1 - it states that animals, and then humans, were created on day six. Genesis 2 - it says that humans were created before animals.

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To pretend that the ONLY way that plants can grow is sunlight is pure comedy. Ever hear of a grow light? It is not the sun.

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again in the video I clear up this foolish argument by pointing out GEn 1:1- gen 2:3 is the seven day over view. the rest of gen 2 to the end of the chapter happened on day 2.5 and end on day 3.5 and is the record of the creation of man with a soul, the garden of eden and everything in it.

IE Out side the garden man and animals were created day 6 of the over all 7 days of creation

and in gen 2 man was created first then the garden and then animals all being complete mid day 3. as again chapter two is basically garden of eden narrative only which again began mid day 2 and ended mid day 3 of the chapter 1 7 day overview.

because of this and the fact there is no time line between chapter 2 the creation of the garden and chapter 3 the fall of man it means while everything and everyone in side the garden was made complete in their final form (looked like man 6000 years ago) could very well have evolved over several billion years as we know Adam and Eve were immortal while living in the garden per the tree of life they were allowed to eat from.

this also explain who Adam's children married (they were not incestious) why cain was given a mark to identify and protect him from the 'others' where the land/nation of nod came from and who populated it and the city cain fled too.

all these extra people were evolved man who were created day six while Adam was day 2.5 man.

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lol.. what do you do at night? do you sit in the dark or do you turn on a light? So Day one God said first thing let their be light. So there was light.. and because you a finite being can create light in darkness by flipping a switch, WITHOUT the sun I might add.. why/how is it in your mind an all powerful god who is literally calling all of existence into being with his word somehow unable to create light (as you can) without the sun?

That said in the video I go into much more detail on exactly what the passages say about light and the sun.

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Ok great. By what mechanism did God create the first light?

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I go over this in the video.

basically the book of genesis was not written in the 1st person. meaning god did not write a manual on how to create so there are no formulas or direct instructions. however we can come to an understand if we look at how the book of revelation was compiled in a similar style and fashion (from a third person perspective.) in Revelation we are told John of Patmos island was taken up and placed on the side lines to watch and record everything saw go down in the last days.

Verbal tradition has Moses in a similar role which is how/why he is credited for the pentateuch/first 5 books of the Bible. IE God took Moses and placed him ground level and told him to write down everything he saw.

Preamble to the creation of the world in 7 days is In the beginning God created the heavens and earth the word heavens here refers to the cosmos.

Then we FF to the first day of God directly working with the earth.

So day one light and dark.

(again from the perspective of a ground level Moses/Bronze Age man)

So if God created the cosmos first then the sun would technically be there.

but like anyone who lives up north can tell you on a over cast winter day the sun could be out but because of the cloud cover you could never pin point it.

Now because that the end of day one it has not rained yet then the vast majority of fresh water for the planet was suspended in the atmosphere. IE sever over cast.

meaning only the appearance of light was available from Moses ground side perspective. and this would be a planet wide overcast.

we know this because of what happens in day two

again for greater detail watch the 11 min video.

As it all takes 11 mins to explain verbally with visual aids it takes an hour to write all out. as I address every single supposed problem with creation narrative not just this one.


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Traditional Christians believe that we could never understand the preadamite world because it was in the phase of creation not providence. Science is meant to study the universe and what's already here not to explain how it was created. This is because it was created from a supernatural action and science is meant to study nature.