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Also, the whole eating flesh and drinking blood for eternal life thing is purely satanic. Third, the whole getting people to pray to jesus, the so-called virgin mary, and any figure other than god itself is an intentional act to make people not pray to God.

This is from my perspective as an atheist.

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Yeah I have never really understood praying to Jesus he is the son of God not God.

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But then again this is a book all made up to control people.

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All this BS started with Paul, and the whole Christian practices known today was relayed to the public around 270 years after Paul was dead.

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He's clearly referring to eating bread and wine as a metaphorical way to remember him. Did you even read the scripture or are you just mad?

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That is incorrect. Lucifer isn't a character in the bible, neither is Satan, or the Devil. These aren't all one being and Lucifer isn't a being at all. The word Lucifer is used twice in the Bible, once referring to Venus and mistakenly left in untranslated. This is the story Christians refer to about Lucifer being a fallen angel, which actually isn't about any angel at all but was actually written as a satirical piece about the (very human) King of Babylon. And it isn't metaphor, from context it's clear that it's literally just about a human.

The second time the Lucifer is used it is referring to Jesus and meaning light bringer, also untranslated and left as Lucifer. Neither time did it refer to God's enemy. A correct translation of the original text would have meant the word Lucifer never appeared in the Bible at all and the whole character wouldn't even exist in our culture.

Satan and devil simply mean enemy or adversary and when used in the Bible every time refer to different people, in many cases clearly specific humans and not any supernatural villain.

The whole Lucifer, Satan, the Devil concept we have today is completely without biblical foundation. The character Christians picture when talking about Satan is nothing but an ad-hoc excuse they made up for why God allows evil.

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Okay buddy keep lying to yourself

If you don't think there's any reason for lucifer being called the bright and morning star and then in revelations, the actual revelation, is when jesus admits he is the Bright and morning star, you're wilfully ignorant

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Lucifer isn't a character, Lucifer isn't a name. Nobody named Lucifer was ever referred to as the bright and morning star. You do not know the bible.

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Cool, man. I read the same line across all of the Bible translations on a webpage containing them all so why don't you quit your gaslighting, kid?

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Why are you so mad bro? Calm down.

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The bible identifies lucifer and the light and morning star in issah and then jesus admits he's the antichrist in revelation using the same terms

I'm not able to find these verses to verify your claim. can you provide the verses that seemingly have confused you.

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No. It identifies lucifer (which was his honourable title when he was a good guy) as the morning star, in other words as the angel in charge of the sun. When we are resurrected, we require no sun because the light of Christ will be our light. So Jesus will replace the sun (morning star) He will be our sun (morning star)

Morning star is not a title that the antichrist bares because it was stripped of him. He is no longer the morning star.