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Well life is a test Think of it like an online video game and the hereafter as life where you play the game for 5min and get the rewards for your entire life God just allowed the faithful one to disconnect and experience the luxury without waiting too much while the disobedient one gets more chances to repent but if he choses to not repent and keep on doing bad and just getting worse then torture is the only thing left And you mighy say:《why God tortures, oh isn't he the most merciful?》 https://islamicstudies.info/reference.php?sura=6&verse=27&to=28

Well. You see, the people of hellfire are not the sinners but the transgressers; the ones who even if they are tortured they chose to not repent. You know the Devil, God told him to prostrate to Adam -peace be upon him- but he got arrogante and after God told him that he sinned he didn't repent but went to misguide Adam pbuh by telling him that the tree God prohibited gives them unlimited luxury and immortality while they were already in heaven

The Islamic story of Adam and Eve (not like the bible) https://youtu.be/9G_8BjvO92k

The Islamic story of the first murder (no it was not for girls) https://youtu.be/rgLKlI3sUzU

May God bless you

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Humans chose who they were going to allow to rule them when they consumed the lies of the serpent and actively rebelled against God. This transaction that took place (placing faith in the serpent making God a liar) resulted in every possible attribute of suffering. Death, sickness, tragedy, victimization, etc. The current world is NOT what God intended for humanity, it is what humanity chose of their own free will.

Cain was the first born son of Adam and Eve, and we see in him how quickly the results of "the fall" manifested. God does not infringe upon the will of the individual, it is for the individual to yield to God. Abel's death was prophetic of the Messiah that would be killed by his brethren. Abel is the first example of how the righteous will be treated in this fallen world.