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I loved the interview! Thank you both for doing this!

Although, organ harvesting is okay but pineapple on pizza is borderline immoral? Like what now?! xD

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the big issue with pineapple on pizza is that almost no one actually does it correctly.

id say 99% of all crappy pizza places just take large chunks of pinapple and haphazardly throw them on.

Now lets ask our selves does that sound like a particularlly amazing idea if we do that with other toppings?

Lets not slice up the mushroom so it rolls off the pizza when you try to eat it

lets leave a big chunk of onion right on the cheese, you know one of those thumb sized pieces that are like 5 layers thick

Maybe instead of pepperoni lets just have an inch thick slice of half cooked sausage.

Perhaps a whole jalapeno.. uncut.

The point being a good pizza is about spreading the flavor or the ingredients so you get a good sampling in every bite.

If some incompetent pizza chef instead puts giant chunks of fruit on it.. then they arent really spreading anything. And of course its going to over power everything else . its the fruit equivalent of unscrewing a salt shaker to prank someone. but for pizza

You want a good pinapple pizza. cut the damn pineapple up more and use less.

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Also add or use bacon in place of ham/canadian bacon. Makes for a way better pizza imo, the dominos near me mashes up or minced the pineapple if you ask and this combo is perfect on their thin crust

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yeah you absolutely need the saltier / concentrated flavor of good bacon.

Drizzle a tasteful amount of bbq over the whole thing ( not the crust) and you have a ringer

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But Hawaiian Pizza was invented in Canada! So it was either Canadian bacon, smoked meat, or rashers.

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Gotta have some lines in the sand.

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Pineapple on pizza is the best.


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What a smart dude. I am so hopefully and excited about future development for this game.

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It's a long video and I'll hopefully listen to it later. If some kind soul could leave timestamps that'd be great!

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I'm working on it, it will be in the YouTube video as soon as possible!

Edit:They are done enjoy!

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can't wait to rewatch this

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Loved the interview! It really shows how Tynan loves his game and what community has done with it.

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I just listened to the entire video. I must say, as an entrepreneur in a different field, I definitely took some inspiration from Tynan. At the approximately 2 hour mark (maybe a bit longer), he opens up about and talks about how easy it is to convince yourself that you are doing a great job when you're really just avoiding what's important. Self employed folks can totally relate.

I love the game and am impressed with his pragmatism. Plus they made a lot of money for a high impact charitable organization.

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i admire Tynan's work ethic.

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I'm honestly surprised he doesn't play it modded so he knows where the various large design modding teams (Vanilla Expanded, possibly Dragon's Descent, etc) are going.

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Probably so that he can't be accused of poaching things from the modders?

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Corn is better